Written by Chris

5 Aug 2019

I’ve been in my job for around 4 years. I work in a competitive team and I travel a lot. It’s rare for me to see my colleagues so when I do it’s nice to catch up. The sales executive is very attractive - Debs - but I rarely cross paths with her. When I do we always have a nice chat and a bit of a flirt. Some of my colleagues think Debs is ‘up her own arse’ but I’ve always gotten along with her.

Anyway the point of this account is a sexual experience I’ve recently shared with Debs. It was a Monday evening I’d been away at a meeting but I needed some information for a meeting the next day - so I’d called in at the office on the way home. When I got there it was pretty late and most people had gone. I walked past Debs office and she was sat at her laptop starring into space - she looked tired. I made some comment and walked by. I printed the stuff off I needed and stuffed it into my bag. I popped my head around Debs door to say night. She looked a bit down so I asked if everything was okay? She sighed and said not really. I sat down and asked if she wanted to talk. She just sighed and said it was nothing and not to worry. Get off home she said. I said do you fancy a drink and a chat. There were some ready made gin and tonics in a small fridge in my office - for emergencies- so I got them and some paper cups. I poured us both a drink and Debs told me how she felt a bit low and depressed. She was bored and felt she never did fun things anymore. I said she spent too much time in the office - nothing exciting ever happened at the office - so if she spent last time at work she’s maybe do more exciting things. Debs smiles and said some people do exciting things at work - I smiled at said yeah maybe but not here. Debs said you are right. I said do you think people really do fuck in the office etc when it’s quiet ? Debs said I’m sure people get up to all sorts, she smiled and then said - don’t you ever fantasise about stuff at work? I said yeah sometimes but it’s never gonna happen. I then asked Debs if she’d ever done anything at work. She said she’d had a one night stand at a conference- years back but that wasn’t technically in the office. The drink was kicking in when I asked - so no ones ever ripped your knickers off in this office then? Debs said not to date no. Why are you gonna rip them off? It was getting horny - so I asked would you like me to Rio your knickers off and tongue and fuck you on your desk? Debs looked turned on and said well it would be the most fun I’ve had in ages. She stood up, took her jacket off and sat on the edge of the desk - almost teasing me. I got up and moved closer to her. We immediately kissed - tongues darting around. I squeezed her large breasts before gently pushing her back - I moved my hands up her skirt as she opened her legs and I yanked her white knickers down - I could see her hairy pussy and I put the knickers in my pocket. I immediately pushed her back, pushed her skirt up and pushed her knees apart before plunging my face into my colleagues hairy wet cunt. My god she tasted so sweet and she had big lips and a large clit. I feasted in her for ages before she let out a little scream to say she’d cum. I undid my belt and pulled my trousers open. Debs sat up and pulled my cock out to put it in her mouth. I ceased the opportunity to undo her too and I clip her bra. Her huge tits swung free and she gave me a blow job - working the base of my cock with her hand and licking the head. She was good but I didn’t want to cum - so I pulled back and opening her legs I slid my length into her hairy hole. She was wet and tight, it felt good and I plunged in and out faster and faster. I fucked her hard until it felt like I was going to cum. I made noises about coming and Debs instructed me to cum inside her - which I did - shooting three or four loads into her. As I pulled out I looked at the state of us - both pretty much naked and we weren’t even sure if there was anyone else in the building! Debs said do you wanna come back to mine for round two? I followed Debs home to her apartment where we promptly stripped and jumped into bed for a night of passionate sex. The next morning Debs made it clear it was a one off, not to be repeated and not to be discussed. I have respected her wishes but can’t help hoping it will happen again. She is very attractive a damn good fuck and I’d like to see more of her. I’m trying to be in the office more and she’s really friendly but there’s no hint of a repeat performance so far. I’ll keep hoping.