20 Dec 2016

In our midst is a young man with a tragic past. Samuel lost his parents in a road traffic accident and was seriously injured himself, being brought up by elderly grandparents, the only faction of the family left. His injuries were life changing, a pronounced limp and speech impediment reducing his chances of a normal life hugely.

To his great credit he fought back and got an education and started work immediately after leaving school doing gardening jobs around the area, unable to drive, he walked from customer to customer doing gardening work as taught by his grandfather. A large injuries compensation made him secure for life and a bungalow was converted for him to live independently when his grandparents could no longer cope. For a while he helped them but over a couple of years they died leaving him to fend for himself. Sam was popular and was frequently in one of the pubs locally early doors, but his capacity for drink was small and after a few pints he would struggle home with a worse stagger than normal. It was one of these evenings when my wife and I were having an early jar or two when Samuel took himself back past us and out towards home. He said goodnight to Marie as he passed us as he frequently bought stuff in our shop. Once he was out of earshot one of our so called friends came across and started making fun of him.

Marie was not impressed and told him so especially when he said he would be going home to set up his laptop to talk on a sex site. I had been told Sam was a regular on these sites and also TV late night Babestation when he admitted lots of wanking as well s possessing plenty of porn mags. Marie said she wanted to go home and we left early. This was four or five years ago and from that day she always made a point of being cheery whenever we saw him which was most days.

Now as we were a couple who like threesomes or for her to enjoy other cocks, Sam's plight became a topic of conversation between us and I brought up the idea of her giving him a treat some day. As is normal it was dismissed the first couple of times but a little persistence and a lot of imagination brought her round to view it as a bit of therapy for him. We discussed the dangers like Samuel blabbing in the pub after a few beers and this seemed the biggest danger, then one day he stopped going in for a drink and was not seen after five pm in the town centre. We thought he had found somewhere new but when he came into the shop to order some items, Marie asked him whether he was going in for a drink that night and he said he had stopped drinking as he got bad headaches and the doctor had said it was doing him no good. I learned that nugget that night in bed and as I played with Marie I felt she was a little extra wet. Our conversation brought up Sam's name again and her breathing got heavier I continued saying I bet he would love to see her cunt as wet as it was and that he would probably have a big cock with all that wanking, she grabbed my hand as I played and forced it hard against her mound and came heavily, squirting so much we eventually had to change the sheets. She was red on her chest and weak for a while and had grabbed my cock and wrestled it into her as she went on top and virtually raped me. I was not complaining but realised that she had been harbouring all sorts of filthy thoughts, allowing them to build like a creaking dam before she let the emotion release in this fabulous climax.

As we lay in bed and talked I knew she was on unfinished business and my suggestion that maybe one evening she might get herself invited round to his place and give him a treat. She jumped on me again and fucked me, telling me to tell her what she would do and what he would do. I almost ran out of scenarios but I knew this was something to handle carefully, as did Marie. It took a few weeks with him dropping into the shop and if it was quiet she would talk to him like a friend would, gleaning his likes and dislikes, making small talk and asking if he ever had much company and if he would mind her dropping in to see he was ok. Sam did not twig the intention, taking it as a friendly gesture, just how friendly he was going to discover.

I suggested she called unannounced and see whether his laptop was on or a DVD or evidence of his horde of magazines, which would be a great way of breaking the ice. The autumn had come and it was dark by six thirty. Marie came in with a big grin and a bag in her hand, Samuel had ordered a magazine on Gardens and it had arrived early, she was thinking of taking it round for him after she had a bath to get the grime of the day off her and a change of clothes . I knew what that meant and went upstairs to watch her dress for the delivery. Laid on the bed was her new underwear and a unopened bag of stockings, high heels, a small suede skirt we usually would keep for our special nights in and a low top which always showed her lovely rounded cleavage.

By 7.30 she was ready to go. I drove her round as the skirt was a bit revealing and anyone we knew would wonder what the hell was happening. The two minute drive had me in a tizz as her gorgeous legs were well on display and I knew there was lust in her eyes. I just hoped it would be a success and not a monumental error. I kissed her and we parted. All was silent in the road and I was going to get a call to pick her up when she was ready.

I returned home with a very stiff cock and sat in the quiet, no telly disturbing me as I gathered my dreams of what was happening in the neat bungalow a few hundred yards away as the crow flies.

Having knocked on his side door, Sam opened up and took a double take at Marie looking like a model from one of his magazines. She said his magazine had arrived and she wanted to deliver it for him. He invited her in and they stood in the kitchen as he fumbled in his pocket for the money. She suggested he brought that in as she had no pockets and that she had some time to kill as I was going to meet some friends and would be happy to sit and chat for a while. He then hesitantly invited her in to his lounge. The laptop was on but he shut it down before she could see what he was watching.

She sat on his sofa while he fussed about tidying cups and things. She saw a pile of magazines and the cover had a sexy girl posing, they were only partly hidden but she decided not to jump in too soon for fear of ruining things. It took him around half an hour to relax enough and she noticed he was looking at her body especially her legs as her stocking tops were well exposed, almost to the suspender straps.

She asked for a glass of water and when he disappeared into the kitchen she grabbed a mag and opened it. When he returned she opened the pages for his view and said 'You will go blind if you read these too much' and laughed. Sam said sorry but she said 'don't worry I am not offended' hoping that would break the ice further. She flicked through the pages and asked if she could look at some more. Soon he was sitting next to her as she asked him which girls he preferred. He took a few other mags and flicked through them pointing to some with massive false tits and said 'She's nice' Marie said she could not compete with them, then he showed one of a girl naked except for stockings and suspenders. 'Like her' he mentioned. Marie said she could compete with that and lifted the suede skirt to show her suspender belt. He stared at her thighs and she felt herself getting wet.

She did not fully let the skirt back to cover up, instead she asked if he watched anything on TV and he said about watching the strippers late at night. She said there were some good websites that he might like and he said he used a few. she said 'Let's be devils and have a look now, show me what keeps you entertained' He opened up and showed her a couple of American chat lines and a chatroom. Marie said she was not familiar with chatrooms so he explained that he could put a webcam on and like skype share sexy things as they happened. 'Could be fun' she said in passing but she saw he was looking at her stocking tops again. She knew this was the moment and said 'Sam, instead of looking at pictures and films, would you like to see the real thing? ' He was dumbstruck and she said it was important she told nobody otherwise she would be very upset, but if he promised not to let anyone else know, she would take her clothes off for him.

It took a few seconds for him to reply but his child like grin said it all. He promised nobody would find out and Marie said that I would not know either so they both had a secret to share. I think that clinched it and he said he had never seen a woman like that before. She told him to sit down and get comfortable, then she turned the main light off, leaving just a table light on saying things look sexier in less harsh light. Sam said nothing just held his hand over his bulge. She slowly undid her top and let it drop, he was transfixed on her full bra, red and black flowery with a deep plunge. Her suede skirt next and her suspender belt and thong in matching red and black was now in view for Sam's greedy eyes. She walked around a little, showing off her body which has been regularly worked with aerobics and yoga, the skin soft and smooth, her eyes with a little extra make up, a very fit woman needing some fun.

I could only dream and wonder what was happening but Sam now had a first class seat at his own private strip club. Her hands disappeared behind her back as she unhooked her bra, as she drew it away, her nipples perked up, hard and inviting. She suggested he got a bit more comfortable, telling him he could get his cock out, she would not be offended, in fact it might be nice to not be cooped up. He released his trousers and fished out a very stiff cock which was twitching uncontrolled until he wrapped his fingers round it. She told him to wank it for her while she took off her thong. He obeyed almost too much as he wanked rapidly, in danger of showering her with his spunk. She said 'Slow down tiger we want some fun first' Putting her thumbs in the side of her thong she slipped them down to show Sam his first naked pussy. She removed them and placed them on top of her other clothes then stood open legged in front of him, then put one foot up on the sofa arm, exposing her cunt lips to his view. 'You like?' she asked. He was speechless. 'Give me your hand Sam' he did and she guided it to her shaved lips. She showed him how to finger her and how to lick her nipples. He was a fast learner but a bit hesitant as though some cruel trick was about to be played on him/

She felt very much in control and said 'Are you going to take me to your bedroom?' As he stood up she pulled his trousers down and said 'Let's get you naked too' and proceeded to strip him, not forgetting to touch his cock. At this he came a little bit, some spunk shooting over her hand. 'As it is your first time I understand but you need to try to control that cock a bit or we'll be disappointed. They went into his bedroom, the bed was unmade but that was the last thing on her dirty mind, she bent to suck his cock very gently but said it needed a wash. She took him into his small en suite and bathed his erect cock, a bit more spunk being released, then a gentle towelling and back and onto the bed. She said 'Sam, you are going to fuck me now and shoot that lovely spunk in my cunt, talk dirty to me my cunt needs your cock so let's do it'

She admitted to me later that it was the wierdest but sexiest thing she had done for years and he did not last very long and was a bit too rough first time but by the end of the evening he had managed to make her orgasm once properly and a couple of smaller ones. He fell asleep and she dressed and let herself out leaving a note that perhaps they could do it again sometime.

That was six years ago and the secret has been kept and there are a few more interesting stories to tell. Sam eventually learned I knew all about it but he has kept his promise and been rewarded with an education in sexual technique. Now that is proper work in the community