Written by caz's cuck

17 Jul 2010

Hi well its been a while since i submitted a story been so busy but thought you might be interested in what been happening.

Mistress has been having a few adventures but work just gets in the way. Two weeks ago Mistress said i have been chatting to a guy who wants to meet me tomorrow get the morning off you can drive me to meet him, yes mistress i said. We left about 11 am to meet him, we pulled up and the guy jumped out of his shiny black sports car and kissed her he had an expensive suit on , they chatted for a while then she came over to me and said we are going to find somewhere to fuck then he is buying me lunch , follow us ,i followed them a little into the country where he stopped by a field they both got out , mistress beckoned me and i followed they found a haystack and he handed me his coat and said hold this keep it clean i said yes sir.

Mistress lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down , give him condom slave you idiot she said , i reached in my pocket and found one took it out and handed it to him, mistress bent forward over a hay bail and pushed her ample bottom in the air , he unzipped his trousers and his thick cock popped out he slid condom on and thrust into her she moaned with pleasure.

He grabbed hold of her hips and began fucking her , keep a look out boy he said , yes sir i said.They fucked like rabbits for about 20 mins , Mistress came twice but he kept pounding hard into her i could see his cock sliding in and out then he groaned and thrust really hard and came , he pulled his cock out and it was full of his cum , mmmm mistress said that was nice , slave will get rid of it for you , he smiled took condom off and without looking at me handed it to me , i took it and held it mistress juice was all over it. He zipped himself up and said coat, i handed him his coat , he gave mistress a hug and said that was excellent baby let me buy you lunch, she smiled and said mmm i am starving, they walked back to car i followed behind.

As Mistress jumped into his car she looked at me smiled and said good boy u may go now i will see you later get dinner on when you get home , yes Mistress i said and went back to work with a huge hard on and a used condom .... good morning i think.