Written by Toyboy 96

22 Apr 2017

I posted about a week ago just talking about how me and the wife have enjoyed swinging. I promised I would tell you about a night a few weeks ago but had a busy few days and finally got round to it. Hope you enjoy, please give us some feedback me and Julie would love to here what you think.

So my wife Julie has a few bulls she regularly enjoys, sometimes in our home sometimes at hotels etc. A while ago she was having a bull round, Antony who she has known since her first cuck marraige.

Most nights when she has gentleman guests at the house I'm asked to leave for a few hours til I'm told I can return. Occasionally though I'm aloud to stay and watch the night unfold. She said I would be allowed to stay when Antony came but I wasn't allowed in the room and I would have to get any food or drinks they wanted. This turned me on like hell, Julie is 17 years older than me and I love to be bossed around by her.

She really got dressed up for Antony's arrival, he is one of her favorites. She had a nice slutty flowery dress on with some strappy high heels. I knew are friend would be in for a good night.

Julie made me answer the door on his arrival and I went and opened the door. I have met him a couple of times before but always just a few minutes before Julie has told me to leave. He's a big guy about 6'2, quite muscular and he has the thickest beard I've ever seen.

I took him into the living room were Julie was and she greeted him with a kiss on the lips. I tried to move a few steps across the room to get a better veiw of there passionate snogg but it was over as quick as it began. Julie told me to go and get them a glass of wine each while they made there way upstairs.

I went into the kitchen and found a bottle of red my parents had bought us a while before. By this point I already had a huge lump in my throut and my cock was nearly popping out my jeans . All I could think about was the two of them all over each other.

I tentavily took the drinks up listening for any noice. I didn't here anything but I knocked on the bedroom door anyway. Anthony answered and took the drinks.

I stood outside the door for a bit listening for them but couldn't here anything. In our house we have a broom cupboard upstairs that goes into the bathroom so I decided to try and see what was happening. I climbed through the cupboard and put my head through the opening I could see Antony stood at the end of our bed in his underwear and I presumed Julie must have been lay down so I crawled through into the bathroom.

The bathroom door was already a jar so I crept up to it and peaked through the opening.

Julie was lay on the bed with her legs spread offering herself to him. Antony got on the bed and started to lick her pussy. I love my wife's pussy, two kids and lots of debauchery have gotten her a nice well matured womanhood. She grouned as Antony's beard rubbed up against her sensetive lips and inner thighs. He has a tongue piercing and she always goes on about how she loves that little piece of metal rubbing inbetween her legs.

After a few minutes Julie was nice and wet and I could see her natarul lubricant dripping of his beard. Then he mounted her missionary style and gave her a good fucking. I could see the power he had thrusting his big cock into my wife. Julie had her legs rapped around him taking every thrust in her stride. He grunted and snarled like an animal suckling my wife's breast as he shagged her, I saw his teeth bite into her nipple and Julie grinned with pleasure.

I had my cock in my hands behind the door trying not to make to much noice.

Finally after fucking her relentlessly for what seemed like an eternaty he pulled out and squirted a big load over her tits. They lay next to each other panting for breath. Julie rang the bell we have next to are bed for when she wants me to come up so I had to scamper out the bathroom through my little secret entrance and go down stairs. I quickly cleaned the cum of my pants and ran back up the stairs.

Julie was shouting for me to hurry up when I final got up there. I knocked on the door and was told to come in.

The two of them were lay there under the covers, he had his arm around her and she was resting her head on his shoulder. Julie requested I get them some more wine Immediatley.

I went downstairs and refilled there glasses, I decided to take a bit of time as I hoped they would resume there activities in the meantime.

When I went back up they were still under the sheets so I just gave them there wine. Julie requested that I stay for a while and watch. I eagerly took my place on the chair at the end of the room.

Julie got up and lay on top of Antony slowly lowering her pussy to him. I watched from the end of the bed as his cock penetrated her. Soon she got into a rhythm and was riding his cock masterfully. His hands were all over her tits grabbing at them as she bobbed up and down. I was in awe of her my beloved wife, my beloved whore. There's nothing better than watching your wife be fucked on your marital bed it's incredible.

Soon Antony picked her up and through her on the bed. The two of them dogged furiously, like animals. My wife was shouting and swearing at the top of her lungs.

Fuck me !! Fuck yes !!

I had cum dripping out my hands at this point as I watched her.

He pulled out and wanked furiously while she got in position for another load. He shot cum all over her face, Julie smiled with delight.

They lay there for a few minutes gasping for air. I could see Julie's fanny pulsating with pleasure.

I was made to clean them both of using my mouth. Removing another mans cum from your wife's body really is nice.

He stayed the the night with her in bed and I slept on the floor next to them. It was a great night and me and Julie both had an amazing time.

The night after Julie let me reclaim her after a nice meal out.