Written by kik richardtracy1

31 Mar 2016

A young couple moved in across the street, they were about 30 ish, I'm 48 and wife is 43. The husband is Italian and works for a company that requires him to travel. His wife has great tight body and I have spend time watching her in the front garden and wanking as I do!

After a while I we got talking to them and saying hello etc they appeared friendly. I work shifts so home a lot during the day. I was out in the garden doing some work when my new female neighbour came over and called my name, she seemed a bit harassed. She told me her sink was leaking and could I help cause her husband was away.

I went over and couldn't help notice that her are looked great in tight jeans! Her sink was leaking so away to work I went, it was an easy fix. She made me a coffee and we chatted. I asked if she missed her man when he goes and she told me that she missed the sex most ! This came a a bit of a shock but I kept the conversation going asking how she coped?

She said her toys help, well I was getting turned on and think she sensed it. I said that I bet her man missed the sex too as she was a very sexy lady. She told me thanks and then took me by surprise by saying to me that she would love sex now!

This was my chance, I told her I was horn too and could go some too. Then she walked over to me and began rubbing my crotch, then she kissed me,fuck I was so hard. She unzipped me took out my cocktail and went down and sucked me hard. After a few minutes of face fucking her hard I pulled her up and kissed her again while undoing her jeans and pulling them down.

I turned her around and bent her over pulled her panties to the side and rammed my cocktail in her wet puss and fucked her hard over her sink. I was pulling her hair and spanking her tight are, she was making all kind of noises, I lasted a few minutes then shot a hot load of cum in her.

as I pulled out she pulled up her l jeans and said "thanks, i needed that I said it was my pleasure and told her anytime!

Now when I see her she is still very friendly, the wife thinks she is full of her self.......but I know she is full of me!