Written by sexysubmissive

3 May 2011

.Withdrawing his fingers from inside me Mike pulled my skirt back down as if to protect my dignity. Mike suggested we go out into the garden for a bit of fresh air. As we walked across the car park towards the now dark garden in total silence, my heart racing at the thought of what would happen next, my pussy still dripping wet from earlier in the lounge Mike took me by the hand and lead across the garden to a nice secluded picnic area lit up only by the bright moonlight, in the corner sat a wooden picnic bench, Mike ordered me to sit on the bench seat and face him, the bulge in his crotch getting bigger, still in total silence Mike began to unbutton his jeans, once open I reached up and pulled Mikes boxers down “fuck you are a big boy aint you” I said ”nearly 10 inches and good girth when fully erect now stop talking and start sucking”, Although taken aback a little by the change in Mikes manner I duly obliged. Moving my hand onto his thick shaft, I opened my mouth wide and directed his erect cock inside my mouth as I licked and sucked I could feel Mikes erection growing bigger with every mouthful, almost chocking on the sheer size of his cock I sucked as if my life depended on it, Mike was now holding my head with both hands pumping his fully erect cock in and out of my mouth, I in turn had managed to pull his jeans and boxers down around his knees griping tightly his well toned buttocks. Without warning Mike pulled his cock out my mouth, and taking one step back, beckoning me to stand up, Mike stood in front of me now massaging his thick fully erect cock, “I want you naked Kat he barked” almost immediately I began to strip, my fingers fumbling with the buttons, as i removed my top and bra exposing my ample 32dd breasts then unzipping my skirt and letting it fall to the ground Mike quickly removed his boxers I could feel my heart pounding once more, shaking with anticipation at what was about to happen,