Written by Nearly cucked

31 Jan 2009

This is an account of a one night stand with a jealous, volatile lady I used to date many years ago. It is of how a chance meeting at a Christmas night out gave me one of the best sexual thrills of my entire life.

The relationship had been one of the worst experience of my life and perhaps still is. She is the type of person who tried to dominate you and control your life. She was never a lady to depend on and would do the exact opposite of anything you wished. If you liked something, you were either rationed or totally deprived of it. If you made it clear you did not like something, It was rammed down your throat on a daily basis.

The reason I did stick it out off and on for a couple of years was plain and simple, great sex. It was few and far between but when it did happen it was the best, despite the control element in her behaviour. She is now a woman in her early forties but at the time of the chance reunion 3 years ago she was 39-40. I had successfully avoided her in our home town for about 2-3 years when I accidentally bumped into her at a night out some 50 miles from home in the city of Edinburgh.

When all was new she shifted through the gears way too quick for my liking and seemed to have me ear marked for a pipe and slippers within the first few weeks. The sex became an end game too, too little, way too little, like a stale twenty year marriage. She did like to flirt with anyone who looked her way and revelled in seeing me squirm. The reason for my anxiety was I suppose my growing insecurity and sexual frustration.

She was and is, a total exhibitionist and the thought of being watched or caught by anyone turned her on to another level. She enjoys casual flashing and frequently did. Her face used to flush when she did, thus betraying her \"oops, I never meant that\" excuses. She loved nothing better than when her breasts were \"accidentally\" exposed to someone, usually a lucky stranger in a shop or swimming pool.

To me a natural progression in a relationship would have been to have security first, when that has been achieved, a broadening of horizons. ie sexual fantasies and perhaps realising those fantasies? The problem with this woman was the early disclosure of her past and a desire to pick up this relationship where her previous long term affair had ended. A month or so into the relationship and she was talking of fucking other guys, and not in a fantasy sense.

This was a one way street though, I was forbade from even talking to other females. It had all the makings of a cuckold situation that for me does not appeal. She could cut you off mid stride in sex at the time you were about to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. The excuses as to why \"not tonight\" came thick and fast. The only sex she was ever showing a little interest for was of the high risk variety. ie in car parks, at work, in shops and most public places, do not get me wrong, I loved this, but it was only once a month at most and hard work at that.

If she had just wanted me as a fuck buddy, I would have been all to happy to oblige. If she had wanted security, initially, it did appeal. But to want security and sexual freedom for herself as she suffocated my life and restricted me, no. She would also flirt with guys I did not like and had issues with, there was no taking your partners side or loyalty from her in any shape or any form. I am liberated and have a past, eventually we would have had a bash at the adult clubs etc if the ticks were in the right boxes, they were not.

When the ration of passion is on drip feed and your partner is flirting with other men then denying you sex, you start to feel pretty bad about yourself. My confidence had taken a serious knock and was ebbing away as the affair dragged on. I made the decision to get out but even then, the wrath of the spurned woman had serious implications to every area of my life thereafter.

For the purposes of the story, I will call her Rosie. She was as I have described 39-40ish when at a Christmas night out in a vast venue 50 miles from home, as I literally bumped into her as I left the toilets. The place was on 3 levels and perhaps offered 5 bars and function suites split between them. You would have not been able to find someone if you tried, yet I managed to meet her. Oh fuck, was all I could say as we eyed each other after the collision. Then, within seconds, cheerio.

It had been about 3 years since the parting of the ways, even so, I did not feel comfortable to be in the same post code as her, never mind under the same roof. I was least pleased to see her and decided to offer my apologies to my company and excuse myself. I hate lying but said I felt queasy and sick and despite it being 9.30 I left the party. I was fuming, but also relieved as I walked outside and waited at the taxi rank. I lit a cigarette and breathed a sigh of relief.

The relief was short lived though as I felt a hand on my shoulder and heard the all to familiar voice ask

\"If you are leaving, can we share a taxi?\"

I was gutted to see her as I turned round. She was smiling and had tilted her head slightly to the side as she repeated the request. After a short exchange and several excuses as to \"why not\" I must have reassured myself that it would be safe. She offered no reason as to why she was leaving early and so keen to share a taxi. I was really unenthusiastic and flat with her as we waited and I offered her no cause for optimism.

I played the card that her man would not be too pleased at her sharing a taxi with her ex, she retaliated that her fiance lived in Aberdeen due to work commitments and would never know. As inappropriate as ever, she immediately expanded and offered,

\"He is not very good in bed but his late night phone calls make me cum buckets, he is good at talking me off, he has a great imagination\"

\"Fuck sake, I really do not want to know that, too much information!\" I objected.

Rosie dropped her keys as we spoke. She turned away from me as she bent over to pick them up and blatantly flirted as she pushed her bum in the direction of my body. She appeared to be offering her bum up to me in the fashion a bitch offers a dog? Sex was the furthest thing from my mind, for tuppence I would have kicked her up the arse as she bent over. A smile did spread across my face as the thought entered my mind. She was now trying to engage my eyes as she flicked her hair and began casually touching me. I did not respond and continued to cold shoulder her advances.

She had made an effort that night and was immaculately dressed. She had on an emerald green skirt with a side split to mid thigh, it came to just above the knee. She had on what appeared to black stockings, she usually wore hold ups. Her blouse was also emerald green with six silk covered buttons tightly securing her 36DD breasts, with only the top button undone. She had on really sexy black ankle boots and carried her short black jacket over the arm she clutched her bag in.

Her features are well defined and she had lost none of her looks, pretty, not beautiful. Sexy though, definitely sexy. Her brown eyes had a wicked look to them as she seemed to think she was in control, again. Not so. Rosie had put on a few pounds, her waist was no longer narrow but the extra pounds were doing her no harm. It made her look more of a mature woman rather than the yummy mummy I had left behind 3 years previously. Her bum was still wonderful and her legs looked so long and slender in the sheer stockings. Her hair was now dyed blond form its natural brown and gave her a slightly tarty appearance. I love tarty.

A black hackney taxi pulled into the rank about 9.45 and I asked the driver if he wanted to strike a deal. I asked if we could negotiate a price and turn the meter off as it was a long journey and would be worth his while. He was a really obese but pleasant guy about 60 years old and said he would not do it for under £80. I offered £70, he laughed and agreed. We were not surprised when he said we would have to show him the way. He had never heard of our home town, it had once been a little mining community, though now redundant, located on the outskirts of Glasgow .

40 of the 50 mile trip is on darkened motorway so the driver said he would have to refuel before leaving Edinburgh. He stopped at a station on the outskirts, as he refueled Rosie said she would get the price down a wee bit more. I told her not to bother as it was already more than fair. I sat in the taxi with my back to the driver and she sat facing me looking at the back of his head.

The conversation between me and Rosie was strained but she had hit it off with the old guy. They chatted away as the taxi snaked its way through the streets to the motorway as he asked all the usual taxi driver standard questions. Where have you been, are you married? etc. Rosie told him we were good friends on a night out. I was hardly paying attention as she reeled him in like a fish. She loves flirting with older guys and he fitted the profile beautifully. Rosie was full of innuendo and he was well and truly hooked.

He said his name was Willie, Rosie got down and dirty immediately and asked, \"is that big Willie, does the name describe you well?\"

Willie had the bit between his teeth now and replied, \"Do you want modesty or the truth, I am hung like a donkey pretty lady\"

I was laughing and the mood had lightened considerably as they toyed with each other. Willie asked Rosie what our plans were for later and she bluntly replied,

\"I was hoping to fuck my friend here but he is playing hard to get\"

\"Fuck me, why, are you fucking gay buddy\" was the comment aimed in my direction.

We were all having a good laugh and the talk was definitely weakening my resolve when Rosie dropped a bombshell and said,

\"I have a proposal for you big hairy Willie, if I sit topless in the back of this taxi all the way home, will you half the fare, forty miles of you looking in the mirror at my titties Willie, what do you say?\"

Willie and me sat in stunned silence as Rosie enjoyed the power of her statement. It seemed like longer but it was perhaps only fifteen seconds before a stunned Willie replied,

\"If I thought you were serious, I would say yes, but what does your friend in the back with you have to say about it?\"

If it was anyone other than Rosie I would have thought it a joke, not so her though. I was really turned on now and I did want to see those perfect tits again without compromising myself,

\"Hell yes Willie, why not, I could be doing with an eyeful too?\" was my stuttering response.

Rosie had a wicked look in her eye as she seductively opened each button on her blouse and giggled. She peeled the top off and turned to me and asked if I could undo her bra straps so that Willie can collect his fare. It was fairly well lit in the taxi from passing headlights as we meandered down the motorway towards Glasgow. Willie gasped as Rosie let her breasts free from her bra and asked him,

\"What do you think Willie, did you think I was kidding, do you like my big tits?\" she said as she sat back so casually.

She eyed me with such a cheeky look and asked, \"Have you missed them, do you like me showing Willie my tits and making his big cock hard?\"

\"I have to take the fifth amendment, I do not want to say anything that may incriminate me, is your cock hard Willie, will you be wanking to this tonight pal?\" I said as I turned to see Willies excited face in his rear view mirror.

The thrill was tremendous, more so I think because Rosie was so matter of fact about it all. She sat there smiling in the semi darkness as she teased Willie and me and tweaked her enormous pink nipples and occasionally licked her huge swollen breasts. I knew then my resolve had gone and I would once again be pushing my cock inside her glorious pussy when this journey was over.

She looked so sexy sitting there as the movement of the taxi caused her wonderful tits to sway and jiggle. I undid my zip to free my stiff 7 inch and slowly stroked and wanked it for the remainder of the trip. I did not want to cum until later as I wanted to enjoy the mad tension that had been generated. Rose looked thrilled as she smiled and nodded her approval while staring at my erect cock in my wanking hand.

Willies constant praise from the front and seeing his expression in the rear view mirror were priceless. I was adding fuel to the fire when I suggested to Rosie to remove her skirt too. Her eyes lit up as she cooed,

\"Do you want to see me in my little panties boys, do you two want me to show you my stockings and my little lacy knickers?\"

\"Oh fuck yes, take the skirt off Rosie\" was Willies plea from behind me.

Rosie locked eyes with me as she undid the zipper on her skirt and raised her bum to slip it off. She was wearing black hold ups as I had hoped. Her legs looked so smooth and slender as she parted them slightly and stroked the front of her tiny black lace panties.

Her face was a picture of pleasure as she teased us by opening and closing her legs, from time to time dipping a finger inside the panties to her lustful pussy. We were nearing the end of the motorway when Rosie said she would have to put her top back on as the cops might be prowling in the towns we had to pass through. She lifted her blouse as we exited the motorway and noticed a lay-by just after the roundabout.

\"Pull into the lay-by Willie, I want to offer you a proposal\" she said.

The taxi stopped and for the first time Willie was able to look directly at Rosie. The lay-by was lit and the headlamps of the few cars that passed illuminated the scene further. Willie turned round as she was doing up the top 2 buttons of buttons of her blouse with her skirt and jacket still sitting on the seat beside her. She said that passing motorists would only see her shoulders and they would appear covered this way. She had stuffed her bra in my jacket pocket to keep for her until we got home.

Willie laughed as he poked his head through the opening and realised I had been sitting with my cock in my hand for the entire journey. He was kneeling on the seat with his head sticking through the little glass hatch and said,

\"Open your top and let me see your tits for real, then tell me what are you proposing pretty lady, hopefully something dirty?\"

Rosie opened her top lifting it up to expose her beautiful tits for him, she then opened her legs as she panted a little before hesitantly offering,

\"We can call it quits on the fare if I show you my pussy big Willie, I want you to wank to it\"

\"Oh fuck yeah\" was the all to predictable response from Willie.

I felt like a side dish at times, you were there only to compliment the main course. It was surreal and almost dream like being part of this situation, especially so as you had no control over it and really felt unsure how you wanted it to turn out. Willie got in the back of the taxi as I sat beside Rose so I could see point blank what was happening. Old Willie sat opposite and undid his zip before dropping his trousers and old fashioned y-front pants to his ankles.

It was only then that I realised how old he looked and how fat he was as his big belly hung over his fat 7 inches of manhood. Rosie again undid the buttons and separated the fabric of the blouse to expose her tits, she also slid down in the seat pushing her hips towards Willie. She smiled at me sitting next to her as she slipped her hand inside her panties and teased us,

\"Do the boys want to see my pussy, do you want to see what Arthur is going to be fucking later Willie, do you want to see where he is going to stick his big cock?\"

\"Oh aye\", were the only words Willie could muster as he kneeled on the floor stroking his cock.

Rose pulled the fabric of her panties to one side and showed us her pouting dripping pussy. She breathed deeply as she inserted a finger and we looked on in awe.

\"Fucking take them off, take them right off\" was my plea.

She lifted her bum and removed her panties giving us a full on of her shiny shaved fanny. Her labia were split and her juices were gushing as she reinserted her finger and wanked herself. She was in her glory, an audience of 2 men with their stiff cocks to wank and she revelled in the attention. She made constant comments urging us on as she gasped and panted to an orgasm.

\"Lick my pussy you old fucker\" she gasped as she fingered furiously.

Willie bent down and gave her swollen clit one lick that sent her over the edge. She pushed his head away as she let a trickle flow from within and panted,

\"Let me see your spunk Willie, wank on your prick, wank hard and spunk on my pussy lips Willie, look at my young pussy Willie, squirt your spunk on it\"

I looked on mesmerised as old Willie wanked furiously between her legs and their wanking hands bumped together from time to time. His old cock was touching the fanny I had tried to protect and make my own for so long. I was loving the thrill of seeing its sticky knob bump against her moist swollen petals and would have loved to see it enter her body. He wanked with his right hand as he held his heaving gut slightly to the side with his left hand. I was kissing Rose and plunging my tongue as deep as I could, I squeezed her tits when we heard Willie grunt,

\"Oh fuck, here it cums, oh deary me, oh fuck Rose, hold it open, please\"

Rosie sat back as the first spurt shot up her body then impulsively guided old Willies cock inside her pussy as he unloaded the rest inside. His old cock was only half inserted at best, but what a sight. This was the pillow talk that had never quite got off the drawing board 3 years ago, but here I was less than 2 hours into a fateful reunion watching my ex lady take a spurting sixty year old cock in her pussy. Too mad to be real surely, It still does not seem real. As Willie rested his weight back on his kneeling legs, his cock flopped clear and the deluge of spunk ran from Rosies open pussy. She was still in the midst of orgasm and reinserted her fingers to finish off as she kissed me and uttered,

\"I owe you one for this wonderful night, I will do anything you want Arthur, anything\"

There was a short silence before we all started laughing, we quickly tidied up as Willie jumped in the front and drove us the 4 miles to my house. Rosie sat all the way home in just her open blouse and black hold ups but gathered together the rest of her clothing as we arrived. I had zipped up my cock and could not wait to get inside, her and the house.

As we said our farewells to Willie, Rose had a look around then casually walked up my drive in only her hold ups and blouse that was flapping open in the cold winter air. I admired her beautiful bum and subtle wiggle as I followed her up the drive. The blustery night air lifted her loose blouse almost to her shoulders exposing her flawless back and stunning bum.

Willie waited until we were inside before tooting the horn and driving off, presumably feasting his eyes for one last look at her perfect body? As I closed the door behind us Rosie turned to face me and embraced me, she also allowed the blouse to slip from her shoulders and fall to the floor. Seeing her in her wonderful nakedness, and seeing her so happy brought a lump to my throat to match the one in my trousers. She looked sexier than anyone ever has, before or since.

I started dropping my clothes on the floor as we entered the living room and pushed her down on the couch. The room was dim as the only light was from the flashing Christmas lights framing the window. I stroked my cock as she looked up at me and said,

\"Do you believe what we just did, we fucked someone the way we had always fantasised, I feel brilliant, how do you feel?\"

\"Kind of in a daze to be honest, the whole thing seems like a dream, I feel sort of confused in a nice sort of way\" I blurted out.

\"Do you want to help me live another dream, I think you will like it too, I know I will\" was her counter.

\"I think you could get me to go along with anything tonight, what is it?\" I replied.

\"I want to phone my fiance and tell him in a half kidding kind of way of I just did. I want to tell him what just happened and fire him up for phone sex, and I want you to be you fucking me when I do\" was her proposal.

\"It sounds mad to be honest, but I think I like your plan, you must have thought of it before, it is not the kind of thought to just pop in there, is it?\" I asked.

She smiled at me and shrugged her shoulders before suggesting she took a shower as she wanted it to be \"perfect\", as she described. I asked Rose to put the black hold ups back on after the shower though as they turned me on like mad. Ten minutes later we sat petting on the couch as my still full balls begged relief. She looked so sexy, her breasts were swollen and her labia more puffed up than I have ever seen. Her deep brown eyes and soft smile seemed so betrayingly innocent. As we kissed and mutually masturbated she said,

\"Shall we?\" as she lifted her mobile.

Rose scrolled the address book then dialed. She asked me to be quiet throughout as she spoke to her fiance. She then put the phone on loudspeaker as she started to tell him of our earlier exploits. She dressed it up in a fantasy as she described meeting me, flashing her tits to get the fare down, me wanking as she sat topless in the taxi, offering her fanny to an old man, demanding to him that he wanked on her, taking his spurting cock in her swollen pussy and walking almost naked to my door.

She then described how she had showered and was sitting naked on my couch with her legs open rubbing her shaved pussy, waiting for my big stiff cock to fuck her.

\"Fuck me, you are on form tonight baby, you make it sound so fucking sexy and real\" he said.

\"Will I ask him to lick my shaved pussy honey, will I ask him to finger me as he licks my love juice and nuzzles my clit honey, you have to tell me to do it honey, will I let him explore my pussy hole?\" panted Rosie with the phone at her face.

\"Fuck yeah honey, open you legs and take your ex boyfriends tongue in your beautiful opening, make him bring you off with his fingers, pull his head hard against your flaps and take his tongue deep inside, do it now\" he demanded.

Rosie opened her legs wide to accommodate the order, she pointed to her swollen pussy indicating I take my place between her open legs as requested. I did, I tasted her moist pussy for the first time in almost 3 years. I parted her flaps with my thumbs and teased her rigid clit with my tongue before slipping 2 fingers inside her wet warmth.

Rosie held the phone and continued the commentary,

\"Oh darling, he is licking my little pussy and stretching my hole with his fingers, his tongue is tickling my clit and he keeps nipping it with his teeth, I am going to cum and I want you to listen, I want you to hear him licking and fingering me, ooooohh ooooh oooooh.

The phone was placed against my face as the squelching sounds gained in volume and I increased the speed of my fingering. The slurping squelching noises were all to audible as I lapped my tongue ever faster on her soaking squidgy pussy. Rosie shook out an orgasm as I peeled her lips farther apart with the fingers of one hand and thrust the fingers of the other deeper inside her. I licked her clit continually as I did so. The phone was silent for a moment before his voice said,

\"That sounds brilliant honey, it sounds so real, you must be soaking, your wee pussy is needing a good fuck, tell him to fuck you, take his big cock honey, take it now!\"

Rosie slumped back on the couch then teased back,

\"It is real honey, you are listening to Arthur fingering me and licking my fanny, you heard my pussy getting licked and finger fucked and you heard him make me cum for him, I promise I will let you listen to him ride me, my pussy is still twitching so I will suck his big cock first honey, tell me to\"

His gasping response was,

\"Suck his cock baby but dont make him cum, I want him to save his spunk for your darling little pussy hole, I want to hear you shout when he shoots his spunk inside, I want to hear your fanny squelch again, suck him honey, now\"

I stood in front of Rosie as she handed me the phone and I placed it at her mouth as she began one of her fantastic blow jobs. She slurped loudly as she licked my knob and worked my foreskin back and forth to keep up the effect. Between licks and sucks she said,

\"Are you listening, do you hear his big cock all wet with my saliva, can you hear his skin wanking back and forth in my hand, I can taste his pre-cum and if I dont stop he is going to cum on my face, he is standing in front of me holding the phone at my mouth, he is holding the phone to let you hear me suck his cock, he keeps reaching down and squeezing my tits too honey, I am going to fuck him now, tell me to\"

He sounded close to cumming as he said,

\"Fuck him honey, let him stick his big cock up you, let me hear him ride you, fuck his big cock now, do it\"

I was a bit taken aback but stayed silent as Rosie said out loud,

\"Sit in the middle Arthur, he wants you to ride me, he wants your big cock in my little pussy, he wants me fucked hard\"

\"This sounds so fucking real honey, too real\" said the voice on loudspeaker.

\"It is real, do you want me to fuck him like you say in bed, do you, do you want my pussy to be satisfied by his big cock, he is going to ride me now and I cant stop until he cums, I do not need your approval, it would be nice though, tell me again to fuck him\" she gasped.

She placed the phone next to me on the couch as she panted and straddled my throbbing cock before the silence was broken by a voice saying,

\"I am starting to believe this, it sounds too real not to be darling, take his cock and let me listen\"

Rose whimpered,

\"oooooh thank you,

I am on top the way we like and his cock is going to be up my pussy in seconds,

oooooh that feels good,

oooooh his cock is right up me honey,

oooooh it feels so good,

oooooh hold my bum Arthur,

oooooh ride me hard,

oooooh fuck, hold my bum,

oooooh fuck, I forgot how good it feels,

oooooh I am holding my tit to his face and he is sucking my nipple hard, I want a love bite on my tit to prove to you this is real,

oooooh I can feel him cumming,

oooooh no, I cant talk now,

Our bodies were slapping together as I slammed her down on my cock with all my might. The phone was inches from Roses pussy and the squelching sexy noises were obviously being heard at the other end. We came together as I squirted a massive load of spunk inside Roses pussy and struggled to maintain my silence.

\"oooooh honey, I am full of spunk, I am so happy, thank you both, thank you so much\", whimpered Rose.

There was a short silence before the voice on the phone said firmly, \"We need to talk, I will call you tomorrow\"

The phone fell silent as a grin swept her face,

\"I will tell him tomorrow it was just role play and not real, no worries honey, eh, we have too much to catch up on and only tonight to do it?\"

she said with a wicked sparkle in those deep brown eyes.

I looked at the clock as we cuddled together and realised it was only just after 1am. The entire events had unfolded in about 3 and a half hours since we collided in the night club the evening before. Happy to report, they did marry and now live in Aberdeen but there is not a day passes that I dont think about the madness that is Rosie.

I have learned one thing though, you should always accept when you are out of your depth and quit while you are ahead. She would have devoured me if we had stayed together, I am big enough to admit that.