Written by Misdaft

16 Oct 2015

I have had a hell of a shock this morning. Like a daft lass usually does, I left myself open to discovery. I normally close down and delete the site but last night I was rushed into a shopping frenzy when a friend dropped by and I clean forgot the sensible close down procedure. when I got back it was late and a few wines had passed the lips. My husband returned from a long day at work but was due out next day again.

However he came upstairs with a cup of tea and woke me, then sat on the bed and asked if I needed to tell him anything. He looked very serious and then the penny dropped and I felt completely lost for words. He said he had read the story I had sent yesterday and asked if it was true. I nodded my head, my throat refused to operate. I was cornered by my own confession. He asked for a full explanation and he was not going to work until he had one, then said 'Drink your tea and compose yourself, I will make breakfast and we will talk, I love you and do not want to lose you, are you seeing him again' I said 'No'.

I showered and joined John for breakfast. he was relaxed and said he had been noticing a change in me but had no suspicions, but the disclosure on the laptop. I said there was more and maybe it would help explain things if he wanted to read them.

We went into the office where the laptop lay open like my mouth was when he revealed my silly mistake. I read with him and he said nothing until he had devoured it all. His first words were 'Sorry' What did that mean, then he said he had been neglecting me and that I had found a new thrill. I felt trapped, but then he said 'Now it is in the open between us, would you like to continue, I would love to keep us together and if it means you are happy, which the stories indicate, then I would be happy to help you enjoy life and keep you safe if you feel daring' I was stunned, from the nightmare of impending divorce as well as stopping my fetish, I was being handed a lifeline I never expected.

John said he too had sexy thoughts many times when away and had always dreamed of me being with another man. I contributed at last saying I was not looking to replace him as I loved him dearly and did not want to hurt him but my excitement was amazing when doing naughty exposing, showing men my body and not necessarily indulging in activity. he talked for a long time, a couple of hours at least and our marriage bond was obvious and we relaxed and he smiled and asked if we could choose clothing together and go places where i could do what I loved doing.

So far from the fearful events of discovery, we have our love and trust intact. john must have been shocked when he saw the script in front of him, naughty details of a very naughty wife, but I think his own balance of mind sought out a solution whereas broken windows, black eyes and all the terrible accusations and hurt of divorce could so easily have been the result. I say this because I am lucky and yes I did harbour guilt in the afterlight of my exposing my body, but the desire overcame the fear of telling him much sooner or even discussing before I did it. But maybe the secrecy fanned the flames and made me do it in the first place. Needless to say it is very early days but I feel an enormous weight has been lifted from my mind. We kissed passionately as he left for work albeit three hours later than normal and we promised to resume our discussions and plans for the future on his return this evening.