Written by Squrtandticle

3 Apr 2016

We started by paying to join SH. we wanted to play with men without much hassle. We joined in some of the chat rooms on here and looked for a man she liked the look of. Then we invited him to a private room to play. She had dressed to excite but because she is 60 she was a bit nervous. She is still a size 14 and when wearing the cupless corset and lace top stockings with heels and nothing else, she is a little sex goddess!

Stan thought so as well. we chatted and showed ourselves a bit more and because we did not have a mike we rang Stan and with him naked as well we played. I sat at her side and watched and listened to the pair of them as they showed their bodies to each other the way they wanted, he asked her to rub her clit for him she asked what his cock thought and he twitched it at her with buttock's clenched. he asked her if she would suck my cock for him? so she obliged with myself only to happy to show how much I was enjoying their performance. He thought she was a very sexy girl and he was going to show her his swollen end spunking for her when she wanted it. She came very quickly and loudly talking really dirty with and watching him playing with his cock. He also shot his spunk onto the saucer we had asked him to shoot into so I could see how much he liked my wife? I then shot my load on her breast's and we said goodnight and thanked all concerned. We did this several times on SH and might start again soon? It,s that Feeling when another man wants to do your wife? I see men looking at her often (nice butt in jeans, Blonde hair etc and it's so so good.