Written by Tongue Ready

24 Jan 2018

Recently some stories have talked about licking cum from their wives pussy. I have also heard some say that they lose the urge to lick their own cum out after they had just fucked their wife. That’s a pity when the wife enjoys that and expects it. My wife experiences some of the best orgasms when we do that.

I do both, that is licked my own out and that from someone else. I have to admit I don’t mind the taste at all of cum especially when mixed with the juices of a very excited cunt. Truth is I love it.

When it’s your own cum, I find if I wait about five minutes I then feel good and ready to give her a good licking. Any sooner and I don’t feel like it.

It goes without saying, the only thing better than a blowjob from my super sexy wife, is a kinky cum kiss right after.

My situation is that I have a very accommodating wife who loves sex. To explain further, she loves cock and she loves to be eaten. She loves my cock and fortunately for both of us she likes others. She has regulars and they don’t use condoms.

There’s no place I’d rather be, as when my wife’s pussy is full of someone’s cock and I am licking her puss, ready to catch the creamie. I get the perfect view as he brings her to another orgasm while my tongue flicks her clit. Soon, he’ll explode inside her, emptying his balls and flooding her married cunt with his hot cum. I never tire of that scenario. As his cock slides out of her, my tongue will be plunged deep inside her, tasting their combined juices.

She often pulls my face closer to her sex. I lick her clit as his cock pistons in and out of her cunt. I’m so close I can see his cock twitch as he empties his balls inside her puss as my tongue flicks back and forth over her clit. This brings her to another orgasm then as his dick slides out and his cum begins to slowly drip out.

If I am not with her and she visits one of her lovers I get instantly hard when I receive a video from her. I’d have my cock out immediately, stroking it while begging her to send more videos of him pounding her married cunt. They usually comply which makes me very happy. I am so rock hard imagining my wife taking his cock and filling her married pussy.

I’ve had sloppy seconds many times. It’s not really correct to call it sloppy as even full of cum she has fantastic muscle control and still milks my cock. But plunging my cock into my wife’s cum filled pussy right after her boyfriend has pulled out is incredible. It’s the best feeling ever.