29 Apr 2016

Many years ago I gt a job as an Assistant Manager in steak house chain, I had to leave my beautiful girlfriend and moved to Taunton, where I got a bedroom and bathroom suite at the top of the building, next to the management offices, I was 21 at the time and sex was in my every waking thought, although I "loved" my girlie, being away 5 days and nights a week was killing my right arm and wanking wasn't enough, so I started looking for pussy, it wasn't difficult in Taunton, I picked up a couple of girls in the local club (88400 I think it was called) for one night stands, they loved being with somebody from out of town and told me the local guys were more into getting pissed on cider & having a quickie than giving a girl a good fucking, things were cool and I really didn't want to play at work, but....

We had an absolutely beautiful woman start working as a barmaid, she wasn't experienced so we put her on a restaurant bar rather than a public bar, she was about 5'8", dark curly hair, size 10, and a great personality, restaurant bars were quiet so I had more chances to chat to Julie (not her real name), she was 27, had a young baby who her mum looked after on the 3-4 nights a week that she worked, her husband worked 5-6 nights a week doing recovery on the Motorways...One night I took my time cashing up her till and asked her if she wanted to go for a drink with me, she said she would like one but prefered to stay in the bar so hubby's friends wouldn't see her...I turned all the lights out and we sat chatting, eventually I put my hand on her knee, which her short skirt had risen over while we were sitting on bar stools, we immediately started snogging, her knees opened wide and my hand went up to her stocking tops and suspenders (this was in the 1980s), I quickly slipped a finger in her panties and felt a very wet and hairy pussy, I pushed 2 fingers up her and she moved forward for more, her breathing was ragged, she was squeezing my cock through my trousers and I knew this was a woman needing sex, "let's go to my room" I said, she nodded and we went up to my bedroom where we tore each others clothes off, she had gorgeous tits with dark small stiff nipples, I tweaked and sucked them but knew her cunt needed my attention, leaving her sussies on I pulled her onto the bed and stuck my tongue right up her love hole, it was full of juice, in almost no time she grabbed my hair and was screaming "Yes,Yes....YES!" I put 3 fingers into her cunt and my mouth over her clit, sucked and licked it, and she came, screaming all the time, she tasted divine, my cock was throbbing so I moved up and slid it in, in those days I was over 9 inches in length, she took the lot with ease, we then started to fuck hard, to be honest she was so wet I wasn't getting much sensation, she came quickly again and held me tight, "I really needed that" she said "You're going to get more, whether you need it or not" I replied, with that she flipped us over and started sucking my very wet knob, it was divine she sucked it like it was the last cock she was going to have in her life, the tingling started and I shouted "Fuck!.. I am going to cum", she then deep throated me, squeezed my balls and sucked hard on the head while wanking the shaft, I knew she wanted to swallow it so pumped as much cum into her mouth as I could...She really licked my cock clean, opening my end to lick and suck it out, we then snogged for a while but she was so hot and ready that I was stiff in a few minutes, she said she wanted to be on top, I wanted that so I could enjoy her beautiful face and tits, she got ontop and after rubbing my cock around her cunt she leaned back and gave me a show of rubbing her clit, with her lips spread wide, she then leaned forward and we started to fuck hard, kissing and pinching each others nipples, my cock and balls were soaked in her juice, I reached around and got my fingers covered as well and started licking them, "you dirty bastards. ..I love it" she said, I reached further around and stuck my wet middle finger deep into her tight asshole.... an animal sound came from her and she cum instantly...When she came down to earth I flipped her over and did a doggie, as I got to my orgasm I again pushed a finger into her ass, again she cum...we collapsed for a while and she said she had better get home as hubby would probably ring, as we kissed goodnight she said nobody had touched her ass before and she had loved it...No prizes for guessing that we got together at least once a week after that and I got to pop her anal cherry, I think she told a friend about us, who blabbered, and hubby found out, so she had to quit the job...A shame because she needed fucking a lot more than that cider swigging twat could manage!