Written by Wigwar

24 May 2016

This follows on from my posts of a few months ago.

My daughter was away on a course for a few days, so her partner James and I arranged for him to come over for a couple of days to help in the garden. James arrived mid morning on probably the hottest day of the year so far. My wife, Helen, was out at her part time job so James and I started straight away to clear the garden. After a few hours hard work we were both stripped to the waist and very sweaty.

We decided that that was enough for the day and we wanted some shower fun before Helen came home. A great time was had by both of us, with lots of mutual sucking and wanking. It was fantastic to have James’ cock down my throat once more! We must have been longer in the shower than intended because, after we’d dried each other and opened the bathroom door, we had a bit of a surprise! My wife, Helen, was standing there!

Helen is 10 years younger than me and is my second wife, she is brunette, 160cm, has 36C breasts with nipples like cigar stubs (her words!) and her silky smooth size 12 body is to die for! She had always thought my daughter was so lucky to have such a hot partner and had said to me more than once that she would love to fuck him. She was so green with envy when I told her that he had fucked me more than once!

Anyway, Helen looked at both James and me and started to smile, “having a good time?” she asked and walked up to me and gave me a passionate kiss, tongue to tongue, and she then treated James to the same thing! She broke away and, pointing to the bedroom, told us to carry on whilst she had a quick shower!

Helen and I had had quite a few 3somes before, both mmf and mff, and loved every one of them, so this was not a new experience for us; it was for James though, because he was totally gobsmacked! I soon calmed him down by saying that Helen knew about us and she was cool with it – I just didn’t say she also had the hots for him! Whilst Helen was in the shower James and I got back down to business, with James sucking me whilst slowly fingering my anus, I told him to slow down because I wasn’t ready to cum just yet! We lay down and gently licked, kissed and sucked each other, just enjoying each other’s cock and body. James was otherwise occupied with my cock in his mouth and was facing away from the door, so didn’t see, or hear, Helen come into the room completely naked!

She lay behind James and started to caress his body, he stopped sucking me and slowly turned to face Helen, her hands stroked him, gradually heading towards his cock and balls. James held his breath as Helen’s hand encircled his rampant cock. She kissed him and pushed her tongue deep into his mouth, he responded by feeling her tits and rock hard, aroused, nipples.

He moved his down her stomach, down to her totally smooth, aroused and wet fanny, first 1, then 2, finally 3 fingers were inserted, finding her clit and making Helen arch her back in ecstasy! James continued finger fucking her while Helen wanked his cock and I put some of Helen’s love juice on my fingers and slipped them into James’ arse!

Helen then lay on her back and James, rampant cock at the ready, easily slipped it into her waiting, juiced up cunt. Helens mouth was also busy as she gobbled my cock until she suddenly arced her back in a long, intense orgasm.

That orgasm sated Helen and we all settled into a long night of mmf sex – if you want me to give details please comment!