Written by helen

17 Mar 2009

well its been 6 weeks since i let saras partner have me,and the more the reality of what had happened the more shocked i was at what i had done,i had risked everything,and the fact of it being if i had got pregnant it would have been a mixed race baby,and by a guy i did not even like,i was sure it could never happen again,so when i went to visit her again this weekend,i was adamant i would not stray after all my partner is a good man,and we are still trying for a baby.i was a bit shocked when only al picked me up from the train and he was his usual arrogant self,in fact the first words out of his mouth was how many blk cocks had i had since he had me,i told him that he had been my first and last,and it wont be repeated,to this he just laughed and said nah as i was now a blk guys plaything,and wont stop i swear if i was not going to see sara i would have got out the car there and then,even though i asked him not to he kept on about that time and how much i enjoyed it,and for some reason i had to admit it was having an effect on me and he knew it,when suddenly he pulled the car over and moved to kiss me,i swear every bone in my body was saying push him away but i could not instead found myself responding,his hand moved up my top to and he had soon lifted my bra to caress my breast,and i was doing nothing to stop him,he removed himself from his jeans and i just found myself going down to take his blk cock in my mouth,my head was screaming stop,but i just could not,it was as if it was someone else in my body he held on to my head as he cum and once again i felt the warmness coat my tongue as he emptied himself into my mouth which i automatically swallowed,we adjusted our clothes and drove on god what had i done seeing my obvious guilt instead of even attempting to be nice he just said face it,you hate me but love blk cock,at that second i wanted to punch him but the fact was as much as i wanted to deny it,it was true,then to make matters worse he added that i had better have gone on the pill as he was going to use me as his dustbin and empty his waste in me,as i said this guy is a pig,but part of me knew he was telling the truth,and i could just not stop myself,i said it cant happen as sara is my best friend to which he replied dont you think she knows i fucked you then,