Written by Debbie

12 Jul 2016

Hi my name is Debbie, i'm a divorced mum aged 38, a petite but curvy brunette, with two boys aged 11 and 8 and after an initial bad time when my husband left me for another woman, i've been seeing my lovely boyfriend Dave for a year. Dave is also divorced with two kids and a kind, sweet man who i've known since my schooldays who would do anything for me. Last week though, my ex husband had the two boys on holiday with him for a week while Dave was away with his daughters at the same time. I work in a busy office and am usually quite cheerful and bubbly at work as I like my job a lot, but last week I was feeling sorry for myself and a bit miserable. One of the blokes in the office Don , a good looking, well built guy in his early thirties remarked on me looking a bit glum and when I told him the reason said why didn't I go out with him for a drink after work to cheer me up. Normally I would have said no but I really had nothing to rush home for so accepted. After a few drinks I began to feel a bit better as Don made me laugh by telling me some funny stories. When I made some disparaging comment about my looks , Don shushed me and told me I was wrong and that I was a stunningly beautiful woman and that he hoped my boyfriend appreciated what a lucky man he was. I responded my kissing him and soon we were locked in a passionate embrace, all thoughts of Dave going out of the window. Don asked whether i'd like him to spend the night with me and I said yes. On the way to the tram station he stopped at a chemist, when I told him he didn't need to buy condoms as I was on the pill he replied that he was going to buy some baby oil to lube me up and that I could flush my pills down the toilet as he intended to fuck a baby up me. I immediately said i'd changed my mind and was going home alone as I didn't need to put up with talk like that, but when he unzipped his trousers and his huge cock sprang out I was soon on my knees like a slut sucking it hungrily. When we got home he proceeded to fuck me gently at first but with increased savagery for the rest of the night, he was insatiable and so was I. The following morning, I rang work and told them I wouldn't be in as I was sick, Don arrogantly told me he'd already booked the day off as he knew he'd be spending it fucking me. He then lubed my arse gently before stretching it a finger at a time until he had his whole fist in my previously virgin arsehole. When it was well stretched he buggered me, painfully at first , but after a few minutes I was loving it. After spunking up my arse, he took me into the shower told me I was now his slut and telling me to open my mouth pissed what seemed like gallons of hot piss into my open mouth which I wantonly gargled . When I told him this was a one off and couldn't happen again because I love Dave, he just laughed and proceeded to stretch my arse again with his monster cock. Dave and my husband and the boys are due back tomorrow but Don said that he was taking me to a vicars and tarts fancy dress party tonight. He called for me half an hour ago having told me that he would provide my costume. When he arrived wearing a bishops outfit I asked him what my outfit was and he told me that my costume would consist of spray tan , baby oil, nipple and labia clamps, love bites, dried spunk and an enormous butt plug wedged up my arse because I was going to be gangbanged at the party. I think he expected me to be shocked and protest but I just groaned "yes please".

to be continued