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Debs is back for black - Part 1

"Meeting a big lad in the gym and knowing he’ll fill Debs to satisfaction!"

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Author's Notes

"Let me know your thoughts folks… part 2 to follow soon, when I share Debs taking every inch of Bens meaty black alpha dick!"

Debs has a taste for chocolate, and not just in boxes and bars! She said to me she fancied some more black cock as it’s been a good several months since her last. The only question was where to get her some new prime beef? I asked Debs’s what kinda man she wanted, to which she simply answered “big-dicked, one that can fill me full!” So I put my thinking cap on.

About a week later I was in the gym locker room and bumped into an old friend and he was with his training partner, Ben, who just so happened to a big black shaven headed fella with huge beef shank arms sticking out of his sweat soaked vest and a nice smile.The two guys chatted to me as they stripped for the showers - I quickly realized I may have found a possible bull for Debs, as the guy pulled his vest over his head and yanked his shorts and damp boxer trunks down to reveal a big fat, soft uncut cock! Thick black pubes and ridiculously huge hairy legs, and nice sculpted big chest with just some wet hair on his lover abs. His cock hung down and I noticed it was slightly blacker than the rest of him - as black as coal! Debs will fucking love this, I thought. Both said their goodbyes and went to the showers. Ben had a really big muscular arse as I watched him strut towards to the shower, his towel over his shoulder, big sweaty cock and insanely large balls swinging from side to side for all to see. What a show off I thought. I could already picture Debs hands squeezing that bum. Enjoying the contrast of the colour difference.

The next day I text my mate that I saw in the gym to try and get Bens number. My mate knew we were swingers and so I could ask him pretty direct questions about how interested Ben might be.

He reassured me that Ben would probably be keen, but he’s married. “But he does like a bit of white pussy!” He said.

When I got home I told Debs about Ben and she soon had her fingers down her thong and was squeezing her swollen clit and I could see her juices starting to flow.

So with Debs clearly onboard I messaged Ben, knowing he shagged about according to my mate, this gave me the confidence to get straight to the point and explain what we liked and what Debs wanted. He said we should meet for drink or something first. I suggested at the coffee shop at the gym as we were all members. We decided a few days time and I knew Debs had a yoga class that day and Ben said he was training that day too. So Debs was on heat for the next few days leading up to our meeting. We arrived and Debs did her class and I went swimming. After, we met in the coffee shop after Debs had showered and redone all her make up and hair but she’d put fresh tight pink leggings on that looked incredible and in walked Ben looking quite the hunk for Debs in a tight white t-shirt and grey joggers. His arse was ridiculously beefy and those joggers did nothing to hide his lunchbox at the front, having just pumped his body and showered, he did look good.

I introduced them and my wife was clearly taken by him. I could even make out her large nipples hardening through her Lycra top. After a short chat Ben went to get a coffee and Debs stood up, she moved her groin to face me and said “look how wet I am” she then discreetly showed me her obvious damp pants on her pink leggings. She went on to tell me how she craved what’s flopping about in his joggers!

Ben retuned and we chatted about the gym and his work and the conversation quickly moved to our swinging life and he was bold and confident about his sex life. Explaining that he enjoyed threesomes and had fucked several men’s wives infront of the husband as they were tied up or wanking. He said he found it hot. So, after a barrage of flattery for Debs, we set a day. He said afternoons were best as he had his kids in the evening most nights and so he gave my mrs a long lingering kiss on the lips before we both watched him strut off with a fat semi trying to escape his joggers. Debs held her rolled yoga mat and towel infront of what was now a very wet fanny patch… she was so excited. We left, got home and fucked like rabbits. I was even more turned on and when I was inside her, I knew that the next time I’d be doing that, my wife’s cunt would be wet and already be saturated with Bens potent mass of black sperm!

Let me know your thoughts folks… part 2 to follow soon, when I share Debs taking every inch of Bens meaty black alpha dick!

Written by Debs

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