12 Feb 2017

Hi, myself and Denise met up with the other couple we met in Chameleos Newport. We arranged to meet up last Friday in a pub just outside Newport.

Den dressed in a pair of holdups, no thong, a quarter cup bra, which had her nipples on show and a complete see through blouse and a denim skirt with buttons down the front. When we got to the pub, Jan and Mike were there, so we had a drink, and Den showed Mike what she was wearing, Jan did the same, no bra, a low cut top, and a mini skirt. She looked stunning just like Den.

We drank up, and they followed us to our house, when we got in I put a porn film on, opened some wine, lights were turned down. The girls took off their tops, and skirts, we undressed, very hard when you have a hard on. We all sat on the couch, Den was wanking me and Jan was doing the same to mike. We started to rub their tits, and Den started to give me a blow job, Jan did the same. We then swapped wives, with Jan rubbing and sucking my cock, it was very horny seeing Den do the same to Mike. I then started to fuck Jan, next to Denise, Mike did the same. We were fucking each other's wives lying next to each other. After I came, I put my fingers into her and pulled out some cum, which Den licked off my fingers.

Den and Jan started to rub each other's tits and cunt, I got out some Dildos that we had, Denise put the black one into Jan, I put my cock into Jan's mouth, Mike got behind Denise and put the slim pink one into her bumb. I wish someone was there taking photos. We all swapped around again, with Jan fucking Denise with the black dildo, while the pink one was up her bumb.

After that, we had a break, drank some more wine and got hard again. We had the girls licking each other's cunts, sucking on their nipples, and sucking and licking both our cocks together. They stayed the night with us, and we fucked each other's wives in the morning, it was a fantastic night. We hope to do it again soon, we are toying with the idea of setting up a video camera to get it all recorded, the fucking, sucking, licking and kissing. Den would love the comments, and I have told Jan and Mike I am sending in the story. They can't wait to read it.