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Desert island dicks

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Author's Notes

"As always, a true recollection of my sexual life with my wife"

We’d enjoyed nudist beaches on several islands, but never had a proper sexual encounter on one.

A favourite of mine was in the Caribbean.

We were staying in a resort that was next to the nudist beach.

It was just a beach, no facilities, I liked it for that, a bit like a desert island.

As there was no shade, my wife wouldn’t sunbathe on it, but did accompany me a couple of times, for an early morning walk.

We’d go through the gate, I’d slip out of my trunks, leaving them on a convenient rock, up off the sand, C would only go topless, but she’d pull her bottoms into a thong. So walking behind her was a very pleasant sight.

The only beach rule was no cameras, but as there was no one on it early in the morning, the next time we went for a walk I took my new digital camera.

I had persuaded my wife that it was a fantastic opportunity to take some pictures of her on the rocks and in the surf. She always hated having her picture taken, so when she agreed I was very excited.

We got to the far end of the bay, the surf was lively and I got some good shots of her frolicking in it.

Her 38 DD breasts looked fabulous, and her nipples were hard enough to hang a towel on.

She was doing all the typical model posing, laying in the surf, then on her knees, the waves breaking around her.

I was finding it all very erotic and had was achingly hard.

She laughed at me, and said, “well it’s nice to know I can still turn you on”

“Will you take your bottoms off for me please” I begged.

She had said that there was to be no open leg shots, so again, I was rather surprised when she went over to the rocks and rather seductively removed her bikini bottom.

She bent over the rocks, showing her arse and smoothly naked fanny, that had been freshly waxed for our holiday.

My cock was throbbing with lust and I desperately wanted to fuck her.

But when I went to try, she said, “no, not on the beach, the sand will get everywhere, you’ll just have to wait”

As she said this, I noticed someone walking towards us, behind her, from further up the beach.

He was a young Caribbean guy.

He’d come out of the trees that edged the beach.

I carried on taking pictures, thankfully I’d got an extra long memory card in the camera, and thought how sexy it would be to have pictures of her posing naked with a man watching.

“If you won’t let me fuck you” I said, “will you make yourself cum for me”

She smiled sexily, leaning back, she spread her legs, and I snapped away as her fingers went to her smooth mound.

She had no idea she was being watched by a stranger.

A young stranger, at that.

The guy walking, slowed, he stopped, and slipped off his shorts.

I think I must’ve said “fucking hell” out loud, because my wife stopped what she doing, and sat up, arms across her magnificent breasts, and hand over her mound.

“What” she said.

“There’s a guy behind you, and his cock is fucking enormous “

She went to get up, “oh no, please don’t stop, he’s only watching “ I said.

He was near enough to hear our conversation.

“ yea man, I just come to watch, unless you want me to perform “

C looked at me, and shook her head.

As you’ll know if you’ve read my recollections, we were no strangers to mfm, but these were always planned and even if C had not met the guy, I’d always checked the guy out.

“I promise you be safe, lady” he said.

He was stood next to me now.

My cock was still standing, and his was on the rise.

C relaxed and her breasts were once again exposed to our gaze.

Looking at him, she slowly started to finger and open her fanny.

It was so horny, her right leg was slightly up, her left, bent but wide open.

“Yea man” her admirer grinned appreciatively.

She was looking directly at his cock as he started to rub himself and it grew at an alarming rate.

The fucking thing was enormous.

I’m a good average size, but his cock was twice as long as mine.

He was in his mid twenties I would think.

My wife was in her early 50s, and I could only imagine how horny it must be making her feel, to see a young man so visibly excited by what she was doing.

We could see how wet she was, her inner pink, clearly visible as she teased and stroked herself, the noise of the surf was drowning out the squelching sounds her cunt was inevitably was making.

She wanted to throw her head back as she was frigging herself, but she couldn’t see what we, well, what he, was doing.

I was too excited to touch my cock, I’d been turned on taking the pictures before he got there, now things had really ramped up.

“God your cunt looks juicy “ I groaned. “I’d love to suck it”

“I’m not stopping you” she moaned

I put the camera on the rocks, fell to my knees, and clamped my mouth over her flooded cunt.

Her soft thighs gripped my head and she started to grind her cunt into my face.

I was aware of movement, pulling my face from her eager cunt, I saw that the guy had moved next to us on the rocks. He made no attempt to touch either of us, but kept steadily rubbing on his thick prick.

His nob end was a dark plum colour, he had heavy bollocks and tight curly pubic hair. It was very impressive.

C pushed my face back into her cunt, and was mashing her clit onto my mouth.

I could sense her imminent orgasm, “oh yes, oh fucking yes, yes yes yes”

She pushed my head into her, and my mouth was flooded with her juices.

I pulled myself up from my knees and as she continued to convulse from her climax, I frantically rubbed on my cock.

I was desperate to cum, our new friend was moaning and pumping hard, and as I started to cum, he turned slightly and his enormous prick erupted like a volcano, he was gripping it tightly and spunk started to pump out of it.

He was aiming it towards my wife’s spread legs.

Jet after jet of impossibly white spunk spurted across my wife’s belly, it splattered on her naked cunt and even across to my cock, and I shot my pathetic, by his standards, load, over my wife’s visibly pulsing cunt.

“Thanks man, she’s one sexy lady” he said.

With that he turned and walked away.

We had a dip in the sea, to wash the spunk from our bodies.

When we got back to our cabin on the beach, we fucked like teenagers, not that I had much cum to give her.

Written by Septagenarian

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