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Desperate houswife seeks relief

"Husband tells meto take a lover, instead I become a porn star."

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Hi my name is Lana. I am 38 years old and this happened to me two years ago. My husband is 18 years older than me and his sex drive has diminished to once every few months. Even then he is unable to get an erection without the little blue pills and they seem to last for less and less time, leaving me very frustrated. He is not without understanding and has often suggested that I take a lover or two. He even said that if possible he would like to watch. This was far too clinical for my liking. Then I was a few friends and the gossip was that one of our friends has appeared in several porn film. Just the thought of it had my pussy swimming. Most of my friends called her a dirty slut, but one defended her and said good luck to her, if that is what she wanted. I spoke with this friend later when we were alone and asked why she had supported her. It took some pushing for her to eventually tell me that she too had been in a porn video. She was a bit embarrassed in case anyone especially her family found out. I was in a different position altogether as my husband and I have no immediate family. As for work colleagues mine were all male and would definitely enjoy any films and my husband had retired early with ill health, so had none. I asked how she got into doing the film and she told me she had an advert for adult models. I pressed her to find it and give it to me. A week later she handed it to me, telling me to be sure it is what I want before embarking on something you cannot take back. That night in bed I talked to Hubby about the add and that an affair was not what I wanted as I did not want any entanglement with other people. He also asked me was I sure as it cannot be undone. I told him I was. He gave his blessing as long as he got a copy of the film. Next day I rang the number and was surprised that a woman answered the phone. I explained that I had one of their adds and was interested. She made it clear from the start that it was porn and not girly stuff or simulated porn. I told her I understood. She gave me a time and date for an interview. The image of being fucked on the casting couch came to mind and my poor pussy flooded herself and my panties. I arrived at the time given and was placed by the receptionist in a waiting room with two young girls and a man of about thirty years. She had given me a form to fill out which I did and returned. The first girl went in, she didn't look old enough to be out of school. She was only in there three minutes when she came out and left. Visions of the director having his way sprung to mind. Poor pussy you can guess what happened to her. The second girl went in. It was a good fifteen minutes before she came out handed the receptionist a slip of paper and the receptionist handed her an envelope. Then the man went in he was also in there about fifteen minutes. When he came out I could see a damp patch on his jeans. He just left. Then I was called in. The man was well dressed in a suit and was quite good looking. Well if this audition was on my back I was going to enjoy it. "Lana, can I call you Lana," he asked. I nodded in approval. What makes you want to do porn." Well he was to the point if nothing else. I explained my situation and that I was frustrated at the lack of sex. I half expected him to jump me then and there. Instead he said softly, "well you'll get plenty of that if that is what you want." He went on to tell me of the dangers of regretting it later. I told him that wouldn't happen. He asked me to my blouse and skirt off. Here goes I thought as I removed them. The had me walk round the room a couple of times, in bra and panties, and then had me getting dressed again. I was dis appointed, I was expecting to get fucked over his desk or something. He asked for the ID I had been asked to bring. He stood and went to copier machine and photostatted them. He stapled them to another sheet he had been writing on. "Very nice," he said, "We will look forward to working with you. He then went through terms and conditions with me including the pay. I told him I had a condition of my own. "What would that be?" he asked looking suspiciously at me. I told him that my husband insisted on having a copy of any and every film made. He laughed and agreed and wrote an extra note on his sheets of paper. "Good now that's out the way, you will have to have a medical and STD checks before we can use you also if you are not on contraception you will have to start on some and wait until it will have kicked in, "he informed me. I told him that was not a problem as I wasn't able to conceive. "Good, now take this slip to the receptionist and she will give you the details for the medical. Then I found a disappointed me leaving his office with a very damp pussy. I handed the slip to the receptionist and she handed me an envelope. Back home I told hubby all that happened. He was sorry that I was still frustrated and gave me some oral relief. You girls out there will know, while that is nice it never satisfies like a stiff cock can. I digress. I went to the doctors and he had me strip and examined me and took various swabs and some urine. Then told me that the results can take up to three weeks. A little over two weeks later I got the letter saying I was clear from any STD's and that I was medically fit. I rang the receptionist and told her my news. She told me that they would be in touch soon. Two days later the man that interviewed me rang, "Lana. Glad your medical went well and that you called back. There are just a few things to go over with you before I can offer you some work." I said yes. "First obviously you are happy to have sex with a man." I agreed. "Are you happy to have sex with more than one man at a time." I agreed again. "Good, what about several men." My pussy was swimming again, and I told him yes. "What about with a woman." I had never thought about that, but the idea did not repulse me." I suppose so was my response. "Good we ave a couple of parts for you this Friday if you can." I told him I could and we agreed the time and the location. I told hubby and he was pleased for me. Friday hubby dropped me at the house that I had been told and left saying, "Enjoy and ring me when you've finished." Then he drove away. I walked up the steps and rang the bell. A security man answered the door and asked for my name. He looked on a list he had and then welcomed me in. I was directed up some stairs and told that I needed the second door on the right. When I got there that man that interviewed me was there. "Hello Lana, ready for this," he asked. I told him I was. He call for Sofie who came and took me to a changing room and handed me a very small bikini and told me to change and she would be back. I changed and waited. Sofie returned and said I had to go to makeup. Looking on her sheet she said, "First time?" I nodded. "You'll be ok, in fact your lucky your with Larry. Have you met him yet?" I told her no I hadn't. She took me to another changing room and introduced me to Larry. I was shocked and also excited. He was a big lad, well over six feet tall. The other thing he was probably half my age. I was getting a toy boy. Then into makeup. They fussed with my hair a bit and added a bit more makeup than I would normally wear. Then said I was ready. I was taken to a small room beside what looked like a huge bedroom, but with lots more lights and several cameras and other people fussing around. I was surprised how many people were in the room, I had only expected a director, Cameraman and the other actor. I was left to sit on a chair, there was already a young girl in her early twenties sat there and Larry. He looked pleased with himself. Larry and the girl were called in. I watched around the door frame. I was handed a script by Sofie who returned to see I was ok. The script had a few words few words and Sofie pointed out the Tele-prompter where the words appeared when you should speak. Then the director shouted quiet. Larry was trying to get into the girls knickers and she was having none of it and stormed off, as per script. Your up I was told. I walked into the room and read the first few lines and the banter between myself and Larry started. The script basically was that he screwed his girlfriend step mom. I was to be the step mom. Then the acting if you can call it that started and Larry was touching my arse and kissing my neck. With the lack of servicing that I had in recent times, I almost came then and there. Larry soon had my tits out and was sucking on my large nipples. The director was nodding at me and looking down at Larry's cock. My god had it grown. It was hanging out the bottom of his shorts. It must have been nearly ten inches in length. I had never had one this big. I put my hand down and touched it. It jumped as did I. Larry kept hold of me and read his next cheesy line. I read mine and the prompter told me to get on my knees. On my knees, Larry pulled his shorts down and stepped out of them. It was huge and quite thick. How did they expect me to get that in my mouth. I did my best sucking and licking his cock and balls. I could only get a couple of inches in my mouth. Then the director shouted take and Larry stepped away from me. I still hadn't received the fucking I so desperately needed. Then we were placed on the bed. Larry read his line and we were off and he had the bottom of my bikini pulled to one side and his face was in my pussy He was doing long deliberate licks, for the camera, but I just needed a good tongue lashing and then a good fucking. As he licked he played with my tits. I groaned. The director nodded at me to say yes more. With or without the director I couldn't help but moan as Larry was beginning to get me there. Take and we were all stopped again. God I was even more frustrated than I normally was. Fortunately I was put in the doggy pose on the bed and Larry was up behind me. Thank god I was going to get some cock. Then the director had him hold whilst they got in closer for the penetration scene. Then Larry was pushing it in. Several years of pent up frustration came out all in one go. "Fuck me, screw me, harder, Yeeees," came out my mouth as Larry sunk his cock in and started to fuck me. The lines were not in the script, but the look on the directors face said he liked it. "Get all that big cock in me, harder, Arrrrgh." came from me as I came thrashing about on his cock. Larry struggled to hang on to me and when I had calmed a bit, Larry slipped out and it was clear that he had come in me. Now the director was annoyed, mainly with Larry for coming. "We'll have to do that again," he complained, "Get that bloody thing hard again." I tried to help Larry get hard again, even sucking it as I tried to wank a limp cock. It wasn't happening. "Get Nigel the director shouted. I wondered what Nigel could do, would he suck Larry passed my mind. Then Nigel arrived sporting a cock almost as large as Larry's. I was placed on my back and Larry read some lines as Nigel thrust his cock in my wet fanny. He had a lot more control than Larry and slammed away at my fanny for quite a while. Then cut. The cock was taken away again, just as my orgasm started to build. I was now on top of Nigel and riding his cock in a position where his face was obscured. They took mainly shots of my arse bouncing on this young mans cock. there were a few shots of my front as I rode Nigel showing my fanny wrapped around his cock and my tits bouncing. At that point The young girl reappeared on the screen. "You dirty bastard," she shouted. I climbed off Nigel when the director shouted cut. Then Larry was on his back with me astride his still limp dick. Action. "Oh my god, I'm sorry I read from the prompter as I climbed off. Then there was an argument between Larry and the girl which rolled of the prompter. I was left standing, felling a little deflated at not reaching a second orgasm. Then the argument finished and the girl was sucking Larry's cock. This time he did get hard and I was put back on the bed and the girl watched as Larry gave me a damn good fucking. To make it even better, for me, I was moved back in the doggy position and the girl was below me sucking my clit as Larry slammed in and out. I had my first taste of pussy. Not my favorite but the shagging I was getting and the stimulation of my clit from the girl's mouth had me wailing and coming in no time. This time Larry held on and when I was finished the cameras moved in as he slipped his cock back out and sprayed his come in the girls mouth and all over her face. CUT. That was my first film that day. I went on to make a second one with Geoffrey, Tim and Shaun. I went home with a very satisfied pussy and much better off. Since that day and up till lock down I have made one or two films a month. Hubby now has quite a collection of films as they honor our deal and I always get a copy sent to me usually about six weeks later. Hubby still can't satisfy me, but is more than happy that I get what I need. I have performed with Nigel and Larry many times now. They seem to have a nucleus of about ten men. They're all good.
Written by Lana

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