Written by zzz

22 Sep 2015

As I revealed in an earlier post, my wife Diane had been active with a rep from a firm which supplied her company. They had been out the once and she had been nicely fucked and returned to me looking very happy. He repeated his lucky streak fucking her at work two days later and had a few more adventures with her, one with his brother joining in and giving her a double fuck which she loved.

I brought things into a different sphere when i suggested she invite him back for dinner as I knew she had told him I was cool with their activities, we talked for a long time discussing whether this might scare him off, but my gut feeling was that he would be brazen enough to go through with it. A couple of weeks passed and then she told me one evening that he was going to come for dinner the very next night, a saturday when we had no problems with work the next morning. We had plenty of drink in, wine for Diane and beers or whisky for us lads.

Saturday was a day for preparation and we had the house sparkling clean, the curtains drawn and the bed turned down Her clothes lay ready to put on after a long bath. She called down to me asking if I would help her choose the undies I would like to see her in. Upstairs in a flash and we rummaged through her underwear drawer and I soon fished out a new white suspender belt from Rigby Peller and some new Black seamed stockings, I thought maybe commando for her Brazilzian trimmed pussy which she had specially shaved leaving her lovely cunt lips exposed completely. A bra for her 36 D breasts was unnecessary as she had firm breasts despite their size and her nipples though small were very hard and showed beneath the see through blouse she picked as an instant attractant. A button through skirt with all but the top two buttons left undone, she tried them on for maximum effect and my face was an obvious mirror of my delight at witnessing my wife of two years as a sex mad slut waiting and wanting her new cock to fill her, I could hardly wait.

Our phone rang and I made her answer it. He was on his way and would arrive in about half an hour. I had done the meal so she could have a glass of wine and get mentally prepared for her lover. She kept returning to the kitchen, nervous but excited, her skirt gaping as she walked showing her Brazilian quite blatantly. I said how ravishing she looked and she said she hoped all would go well. I replied by saying something I felt but had not passed on. 'If you want to sleep in our bed together it is ok with me'. I was shocked with what i said, but i felt it a relief that I had stopped bottling up what might have been an awkward situation if I had objected if the subject had been raised by either of them rather than me.

All was ready and our door bell rang, I had not heard his car pull into our drive. Di jumped up, her eyes wide open, almost startled, but really excited, I mean really excited, I swear I could smell her sexy musk from five yards or was that just my mind?

He walked in, smart and looking almost arrogant as he kissed my wife and stroked her left breast as they stood in the dining room. I shook hands and offered a beer. He passed a bottle of wine he had brought and we smiled at each other, Diane's nipples standing more erect than I could ever remember. We sat in the lounge for a while chatting before i suggested we sat up for our light dinner, the excuse for what lay ahead. We ate and talked, Di sat close by him and I was certain their hands were wandering onto each other's laps. i pretended not to notice and took their starter plates and said the main course would be a few minutes, purposely leaving them together and partly closing the door behind me, but not fully of course. my voyeur instinct was running in overload, heart thumping, knowing she was going to be fucked very soon and I was complicit in it all. my cock was bursting but my mind was on what they might be doing.

Creeping back across the hall, I sneaked a look through the crack in the hinge end of the door. Diane's top was missing already and he was feasting on her breasts, mauling them and licking the nipples, making her moan quietly, possibly so as not to disturb me. His other hand was busy in her skirt, no panties to prevent his fingers probing into her lips and spreading her willing cunt in preparation for his cock. I saw him tell her to stand up and remove her skirt. without question she complied, slipping the two buttons undone and letting it drop to the floor. I took a deep breath and watched her showing her naked body to him, a broad smile on his face and a wicked grin on hers. He stood up and unzipped his trousers, his cock spilled out, he was commando too. Diane said it looked lovely and put her hand round the shaft and wanked him gently. I heard him say she looked gorgeous and he could not wait to fuck her, she replied with 'I need that cock fucking me all night if you want me, he has said we can'. I fled to the kitchen. He led her from the room, leaving her clothes on the floor and dinner untouched.

I entered the hallway again as I heard them in the bedroom, nothing much said but a lot of moans and groans of delight. I knew the stairs creaked on the bannister side but not on the wall side so I stripped naked myself and mounted the stairs, my cock swinging crazily as I mounted two treads at a time and got to the top feeling elated at the incredibly sexy feeling I had. They were into each other big style, a classic sixty nine position, her with a mouthful of cock and his brimming with cunt, the slurping sounds a legend in itself if you are listening. I had already seen his cock when he fucked her in our lounge the first day he fucked her and then brought her back home and shagged her again while I was supposedly asleep. I judged him around half an inch or so longer than mine when in full fuck mode and probably a bit thicker. We both seemed to eject similar amounts of cum according to diane, but this time as I saw him mount her with her ankles over his shoulders, ploughing into her deep and fast, making her gasp with every thrust. This first fuck of the night was only disappointing because i shot my cum before he did, but I remained stiff, still turned on watching my lovely wife being screwed deeply and urgently before he shot his come in her unprotected cunt.

The union remained as they came down, his cock gently easing in and out in very short almost imperceptible movements, his arse was the main focus as he squeezed his buttocks together, showing his muscles were still directing deeply into her welcoming cunt. I went back downstairs and waited. An hour passed and they were still not down. I went back upstairs and asked if they wanted a drink bringing up, Di said they would come down. I said I would pour them a drink and come down as they were. They came down a few minutes later, both still naked, his cock lazily erect, semi stiff and her suspender belt bore some cum stains as did her Brazilian, her cunt lips puffy and pink. She kept letting her hand wander onto his cock and she began to get him harder as they sipped their wine. Then he put his hand round the back of her head and drew her face to his cock. 'Suck me off Di' he said, 'And swallow my spunk'. As if in a trance she obeyed and i saw the satisfaction rtegister on his face and I was immediately very proud of my sexy wife doing his bidding. That moment I remember thinking I wonder how many other men will enjoy having her body in future. I know now almost exactly how many it is and it is impressive even though we have had two kids now grown up. Our love is still very strong and I am glad we found sex with other guys a turn on for over twenty years. I will reveal more of this stunning night, it is far too much for one short revelation, suffice it to say I will give you more of her lovely naked body and the fun we had as she used it.