Written by sgl5glr

26 Apr 2013

We had been seeing each other for a while, great fun too, when she decided to come to me for the day. She made her way over and when she saw the Caravan in the drive, she said “you never said you had one of those”, then told me theirs had been stolen from their driveway.

After coffee we decided to make plans for a weekend away in the 'van but for now it was some serious sex. We kissed and I made for her boobs, lovely 42DD's and she whimpered as I released them from her pretty bra and brush and tweaked her nipples, she kissed me harder and we continued to run our hands over each other. I decided then that I had neglected her pussy and released a hand from our embrace and slipped it up her maxi skirt to find she had no knickers on and she had some suspender tights on....what a nice surprise. Immediately my fingers got to work and eased inside her, as I did her kisses released a bit and a muffled moan came from her.

After a minute or two of 2 fingers plunging in and out of her wet hole I rubbed my thumb over her clitoris. That had the desired effect of making her want to lay down as her legs were beginning to buckle and she wanted to spread her sex wide so I could pleasure her more. I used my fingers and thumbs more and eased a third finger inside her. Considering she had born 3 children she was still quite tight, not teen tight but she wasn't loose. I then got some KY and rubbed it over her clitoris and inside her pussy hole, she moaned and wasn't sure what I was up too..... I then worked her hole some more, the KY made it easy for my fingers to slide in and in no time, 2 became 3 became 4 and my thumb was wiggling across her now hard clit, she moaned and then she clamped her thighs together, clinging onto my arm and she came. She said “fuck me” but I wanted to see If I could get all of my hand inside her, so I continued with my fingers and she said again “Fuck me now”. Quick thinking from me said..... come back to fisting her later...so I removed my hand positioned between her open legs and slipped my cock inside. After 3 position changes she got onto her knees and I fucked her doggy style and shot my hot semen inside her. She was like the cat with the cream.

She did check the clock by then as she needed to be back to school for her dinner lady duties. We cuddled and I started again, a kiss on her nipple and fingering her, she said, not too much now as there is only 45 minutes before I need to leave....... I knew I didn't need that much time to get what I wanted that day.... to fist her. Her pussy was slippery with her juices,KY and my semen and in went 2 fingers, she purred and in went another 2 a minute or 2 between each finger going in so as not to be too obvious and my thumb did it's magic before I suddenly added the thumb to the 4 fingers already inside her twat. She said “what are you doing”, I said “enjoy” and I eased my hand slowly inside a little at a time and with using a little more KY …..10 minutes later and my hand was inside her , moving it around I found her cervix and brushed it with my finger tip....it wasn't too deep inside her either as she enjoyed the feeling of cock banging against her cervix....she loved it. It was surreal, her pussy lips engorged my hand..... she came again and sadly we had to call it a day as she was off to school........ but there are more meets to come and the weekend away in the caravan.....

I'm now looking for my next Dinner Lady,Door Step Loan Lady....