Written by Mel A

18 Apr 2017

Hi all. This is going to be an odd one and I’m not sure if it comes under swinging, in fact it’s a bit naughty more than swinging but writing about it makes my heart race.

My husband Andrew and I are both 23, we have been married for just over a year and alouth I’m a little on the skinny ide and have tiny tits we do have a great sex life. We toyed with the idea of swinging but never got further than me letting a stranger suck my tits whilst I give him a hand job. Andrew has cum over a neighbour’s tits but that’s as far as it went.

But things changed when Andrew wanted to improve his position in work. The chance of promotion came up which would have meant a massive pay rise and a chance for us to travel the world with his company. The only issue was that his bosses (a husband and wife team) thought he didn’t have the experience.

His boss is probably going to retire in the next 5 years because he’s in his late 60’s already so it was important for Andrew to get the promotion now so he would be in a good position to move up the ladder and maybe take over the running of the company in 5 years.

So Andrew and I put together a plan, I knew his boss was a bit of a dirty old man and was always being suggestive when we met and I know for a fact that he and his wife who is also in her late 60’s used to be a bit naughty when they were younger so it was decided that I would flirt back and if it came to it I was prepared to let him fuck me a couple of times.

So, one thing leads to another and his boss takes Andrew under his wing to help him improve his management skills. We end up going to their home for meals and we all get on well. Then Andrew tells me I need to make a move because he thinks someone else is in the running for the position and He thinks that the guys Mrs is trying it on with him so Andrew thinks it would work out is I could get the old guy to shag me.

So one evening after we had left their home Andrew tells me that his wide had her hand on his knee and once or twice her hand moved and brushed his bulge, we laughed because he didn’t’ really fancy fucking a 68 year old woman so I had to get on with my end.

A week later Andrew is being very sheepish and admits that he let her take his cock out and give him a hand job and that he had a feel her tits and that he thinks her husband knew about it and was o with it. So we blag an invite back to the house for a meal and I wear a really tight red dress, no underwear so my small tits are pretty well on show. We have food and the Mrs insists on taking Andrew on a tour of the house (again).

The old man is being his usual dirty self and is commenting on my chest so I’m thinking ‘what the fuck, its only sex and it gets us what we want’ so I whisper t him and ask him if he wants to see them. Of course he says yes, in fact his exact words were ‘yes dear, that would be very nice’.

I unzip my dress and slip it down so my tits are on show. He takes my hand and leads me to the settee where he has a good feel.

In seconds, he’s having a good suck, grunting and trying to get his hand up my dress. I tell him that we have to be careful in case Mrs ***** walks in and he tells me not to worry and that she will be busy. So I tell say to myself ‘just do it’ and I pull back, open my legs and list my dress to show him my smooth pussy.

The old guy gets up, takes off his shirt and drops his trousers to reveal a half decent cock. Then, he spreads my legs and is eating my pussy. ‘Oh fuck did this guy know what to do, I was half way to an orgasm within a minute and even more so when he slides his cock into me.

My dress is on the floor and this old guy is fucking me hard. I couldn’t help myself, my hand was squeezing his huge balls as his cock was sliding in and out of me and I wrapped my legs round his arse to make sure he didn’t’ stop.

It did cross my mind that he might have a heart attack but he was fucking me so hard but what the fuck, I was well on my way to Cumming, I just wanted his cock in me and to feel hot cum pour into my pussy. Rather than be the old guy who fucks like an old guy he was very impressive. He fucked me doggy style then I rode him before he throws me onto my back and carries on fucking me. I had the deepest longest orgasm of my life when he shot his cum into me and fuck did he fill me.

I gave one deep long scream which apparently, Andrew heard, who by the way didn’t fuck Mrs ***** but she did suck him off and let him cum in her mouth.

That happened three times over the period of two weeks but that’s not the wicked bit.

Andrew is going for another job. He decided that letting the old guy fuck me wasn’t what he wanted so applied for a job with another company in the USA. He’s got the job but it won’t start until next December so his boss doesn’t know anything. So what I hear you ask.

Andrew is just biding his time, making excuses not to go to the house in case the old guy wants to fuck but my nights out with the girls aren’t nights out with the girls.

I go to Mr **** house and I’m fucked hard. In fact it’s getting very dirty. They are a couple of dirty old people. His cock is either in my pussy or my mouth and although she doesn’t enjoy penetrative sex she does enjoy watching her husband fuck and cum in my mouth whilst she has a little suck of my titties and then enjoys me spitting his cum into her mouth or letting him cum on my chest and she licks it off.

It was a bit weird at first because her tits have seen better days but fuck do I cum!!!

He has so much cum in his sack that he can cum in my pussy when in my mouth and again on my tits, and she will clean me with her mouth, sicking and biting my nipples and he’s STILL hard enough to be inside me fucking.

Andrew doesn’t know and I feel really bad about that but when am I going to get the chance to be this dirty again. They let me shower so I don’t go home smelling, sometimes they join me but we are all to knackered to fuck by then.

I know I’m a dirty girl but at the end of the day its my body and its just sex. I know they are a bit old but the orgasms are worth it. And Andrew was ok with it when it served his purpose.