Written by Sandra

17 Jul 2017

Im Sandra, 46 years of age, married to a lovely man called Steve for 26 years, with 2 grown up kids. I'm not unattractive, but my best years have gone! I'm a size 16, long brown hair, brown eyes, and my best feature is my 38f boobs!

Last week I got a call at work from Steve asking if I'd mind his uncle (Ray) staying over on the Saturday night as he was in our area visiting friends for the day. I said we hadn't seen him in years, and also expressed concern that it would just be me with Ray as he was on a night shift on Saturday. Steve gave it the old, "he's got nowhere else to stay etc" line and as I was busy trying to work, I gave in and said yes.

Bit of background on Ray. Having known him since I was late teens, I knew he'd always been a bit of a player. Always unfaithful, very tactile but not in a lechy way. Always underlying sexual tones. Hadn't seen him in 10 years so maybe now that he was 66 he'd quietened down!

Ray turned up at 5pm, we said our hellos, and he then chatted to my husband before Steve said it was time for work, and headed off at 5.45pm.

I'd made Ray & I some dinner and we sat down at the table with our food, a beer for Ray, and a wine for me. We chatted easily, easier than I thought we would. The wine and beer probably helped that! I'd opened another bottle of wine as we headed into the lounge, and Ray carried in his 4th bottle of beer. We sat next to each other on the sofa.

Chat got onto his marriage to Dawn, and he said how she'd finally had enough of his ways over the years and had left him 4 years previously. She'd settled down with a friend of his and was very happy apparently. I asked him if he'd felt guilty about his affairs over the years, and he replied, "no, I had good fun!" He hadn't changed!

He told me about a few of the women he'd slept with over the years, and then shocked me by saying he'd been fucking my sister in law (hubbys brothers wife) for around 20 years. She is a proper stuck up bitch and very moral! Not that moral after all! Said she's a dirty bitch in bed! I had to laugh at that.

He then said that he'd always fancied me but as I was a bit feisty he was always a bit wary. I laughed and said I'd have probably have punched him in the balls if he'd tried back then. Ray then leant in towards me, said "how about now" and proceeded to kiss me very gently on the lips.

I'm not sure if it was the nearly 2 bottles of wine, his confidence, or the fact that I was horny as Steve hadn't fucked me in a while, but I found myself kissing him back.

The kissing got a bit more frantic as Ray held my head from behind, pushing my lips tighter onto his, before opening my mouth with his tongue. Our tongues meeting and flicking at each other. I hadn't been kissed like that in years and my knickers became extremely wet.

My hand went down onto Rays crotch and I rubbed what felt like a very nice sized cock through his trousers. As we kissed more I felt him getting harder before telling him to stand up and get his big cock out for me. I was so fucking horny and there was nothing stopping me now.

Ray stood up, unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly, and pushed his trousers and boxer shorts down to his ankles. A very hard, big, thick, veiny cock sprang out. Ray said, "like the look of that, do you?!" I didn't answer him, I just looked him in the eyes as I grabbed hold of that lovely big cock, and run my tongue over his helmet. I slowly started sucking his cock but could only get about half of his length in my mouth. I was wanking the bottom half as I sucked the top. Ray was seemingly enjoying it with the noises he was making, and then said, "Steve told me when he first met you that you sucked cock good. He weren't wrong!"

That just made me hornier to know that they'd spoke about me years back. Ray grabbed my hair into a tight bunch and lifted my head up and down on his cock. Pulling my hand off his shaft he then started fucking my mouth and throat. The spit was running out of my mouth and covering his cock. I was gagging but loving it. No one had ever used my mouth like that before. Ray was saying, "take it all down you fucking dirty slut" "suck that big cock of mine"

Ray pulled me up by my hair and said, "you better show me where your bed is"

I walked in front of him and said it didn't feel right to use mine & Steves bed, but he just laughed and pushed me into my bedroom. To be honest, I was too far gone to even argue.

Ray laid back on the bed, slowly wanking his big cock, and told me to undress. I took my tee shirt and jeans off and stood there in my knickers and bra. "Get those big tits out" he demanded. I unclipped my bra, releasing my tits out on show for him. "Mmm, I bet they've been fucked and cum over a lot?" Ray said. I just nodded and then slid down my knickers. "Give me those" he said, and I handed him my soaking wet knickers. "Get on your knees and suck me again"

I knelt over him and took his big fat cock back in my mouth. The first lick and suck I gave him made my cunt gush again. Ray was licking and sucking my soaked knix as I sucked him. It was so horny. I'd never seen a guy do that before!

After a few minutes of sucking Ray, he told me to put my tits around his cock as he hadn't fucked a big pair in a long time. I wrapped my tits around his cock and proceeded to give him a lovely tit wank. Licking his helmet as it poked through them.

He then told me to ride him. I went to straddle him facing him, but he said he wanted me the other way. I slowly eased my wet pussy onto his shaft. Fucking hell did it stretch me. The few inches went in ok and then he told me to sit right on it, take all of it. I'd never felt so full. I slowly started to rise and fall on his cock. Literally after a couple of seconds, I cum. Boy did I cum. He waited until I'd stopped shaking, then he grabbed my hips and pulled me up and down hard on his big dick. My pussy was being pounded and I couldn't get enough. I screamed out to him that I wished he'd been fucking me like this for 20 years! He told me to lean right forward so my arse stuck up in the air as I rode him. Ray then pushed a finger inside me alongside his cock, pulled it out and pushed it into my arsehole. When I didn't resist, he pushed a second finger in. My moans told him that I liked arse play.

We then moved fully on to the bed where he got me on my knees and slid inside my pussy doggie style. My hair pulled back in one hand and his other pulling and twisting my left nipple. I came again. Hard. Pushing out more pussy juice onto his already soaked cock and balls.

When my orgasm had subsided, he pulled his cock from my pussy and held his helmet onto my arsehole. Pulling my hair back really hard so my face came up towards him, he said, "You look like the type of whore who'd like a cock in her arse. Tell me you want it"

I replied, "Please fuck my arse Ray"

I hadn't done anal in a few years. I'd had a fling with a guy I worked with, and that was the last time. Steve is a bit vanilla when it comes to sex. I was so horny right then and just wanted my arse fucked.

Ray held his cock and pushed slowly and gently on my tight puckered hole. I felt him dribble spit onto my hole and his helmet as he slowly broke the seal and he popped into my arse. I gasped and told him gently. He'd managed to slip about three inches in before I'd relaxed enough for him to start fucking me. Ray pulled my hair back hard again and told me that he was going to fuck me like never before. He certainly did. He pounded my arse making me cum and cum. I'd never felt anything like it.

When he finally cum, he'd pulled out and covered my face, hair and tits with his load. He cum so much.

We fucked once more that night and I made him cum again in mouth in the morning before Steve came home from work.

He lives 70 miles away but I've promised to meet him soon.

Steve asked if we'd got on ok once he'd gone to work. I just said that we'd "had a great night"