12 Jul 2016

We had been looking forward to our naughty weekend away from the kids for ages; I had kept the destination secret, which was a swanky hotel on the waterfront in Liverpool.

During the build up to the weekend, we had both suggested one or two kinky ‘dares’ to each other to spice up the nights away. We had even abstained from sex for a few days, to ensure that on the first night my balls were full up, since my wife loves a big delivery - wherever it goes!

We arrived at the hotel, and found our room, which was even better than the website description; it was a converted dockside warehouse, with high vaulted ceilings and a huge bathroom. We got ready for the evening out together, whilst sharing a bottle of fizz. I had dared my wife to go out that evening wearing seamed stockings and a suspender belt, but no knickers, whilst wearing a skirt that was just a little bit too short to preserve her modesty. She was a bit reluctant at first, but after a couple of glasses of Prosecco she relented, and she looked gorgeous when she was ready to go out, wearing a slighty see through white blouse, covering a matching black half cup bra - and the black short skirt I had chosen for her, paired with our favourite FMBs that reached up to her knees.

Her dare to me for the evening was for me to also be wearing lingerie under my jeans; that was hardly a dare for me, since I love the feeling of sheer stockings on my legs, and I have a small collection of knickers, stockings and suspender belts in my size hidden at the back of the drawer at home. However, up until this weekend, they had only ever been used occasionally for ‘bedroom use’ only.

So for this evening, I had chosen a lacy black pair of French knickers, which left very little to the imagination, a black satin suspender belt and I’d also gone for black seamed stockings - but my stockings had a red seam. Slightly paranoid about other people seeing ‘our’ secret, I wore long black socks to cover the sheer stockings, and ordinary shoes.

I’d got dressed in the bathroom, so my wife wasn’t quite sure what I had put on under my jeans - but she had a fairly good idea when I came out and she ran her hand over my thighs, feeling for the bump caused by the suspender clip.

It was difficult to keep our hands off each other - both dressed for kinky sex, and desperate for each other; we were mad for it. But we agreed to go out for something to eat and maybe see a bit of the city’s night life - and secretly I was getting turned on at the thought of onlookers getting the occasional flash of my wife’s stocking tops, and maybe a bit more...

This was causing my cock to be huge all through the meal, allied by the fact that I was thoroughly enjoying wearing the knickers and stockings.

The meal was great, and I’m sure that the waiter had clocked my wife’s stocking tops whilst she was sat at the table. We were in two minds whether to go straight back to hotel, and fuck each other’s brains out, but we decided to have a little wander around looking for a lively bar.

It didn’t take us long to find a crowded bar; it was noisy and lively, and had booths hidden all round the rooms. We pushed through to the bar, and eventually ordered our drinks. Whilst waiting, I had a good look around the bar, and something didn’t seem quite right. Suddenly it clicked, and we commented to each other that many of the couples were same sex; it didn’t seem to be a gay bar because there were also several mixed couples, but it seemed to cater for both persuasions. There were certainly some very slutty outfits on display, which made us feel slightly less self conscious!

The only place we could find to sit in the pub was on the end of a long table in a booth - we sat opposite each other at one end, with the rest of the table taken up by three boy/girl couples (well we guessed that that was the case), who seemed be getting on very well with other and were quite raucous. They all looked fairly similar ages to ourselves, from what we could see; one of the guys was a big black man, who was sitting between two girls and holding a good deal of their attention.

We tried to maintain our own chit chat, but we gradually got dragged into the group’s conversation and banter - and like us, they seemed quite sexually charged, and it wasn’t helped when I admitted that we were away on a ‘dirty weekend’. Once we’d finished our drinks we were trying to leave, but we then got involved in drinking a couple of rounds of shots - and before we knew it the time was midnight.

The group started making to leave, but they then invited us back to one of their houses. We were initially a bit reluctant, but we were both tipsy, they were very persuasive, and I wasn’t quite sure where the evening might go - but I was interested to find out a bit more.

We all piled into two black cabs - we were in the first car, with the owners of the house we were going to. I noticed that his wife (Carole) had purposely sat next to me on the back seat; she was quite tipsy, and her blouse was gaping slightly, showing off a fine set of breasts. I thought that she looked pretty fit. Her husband, Adam, had sat opposite Carole on a flip down seat. He looked a tall, smiley kind of guy, but he had been very attentive to my wife as she got into the taxi - her skirt had ridden up showing a good deal of thigh above her stocking tops, which he had clearly noticed.

It wasn’t long before we arrived at their house - it looked like one of those tall Victorian town houses with several floors, set on a leafy avenue. We both managed to see more of each other’s wives as we clambered out of the taxi; as we walked up the path I idly noticed that one the flower beds was full of stinging nettles. We were invited into their kitchen, and the wine was soon flowing. The occupants of the second taxi also arrived, looking even more dishevelled than we did.

I thought nothing more of it at the time, but after a few slurps of wine the girls offered to take my wife on a guided tour of the house and disappeared upstairs, their slutty heels all click clacking on the wooden stairs.

Once the girls had clattered upstairs, the blokes all shepherded me into the front room, and closed the door; we all sat around the room. Adam then put the big TV on and found a porn DVD to play. At first, it was a normal film, with little plot but a lot of fucking. After a while though, Adam announced that he was bored with that film, and put another film on that appeared to be much more hardcore. Although I still had a huge erection from both watching the porn and the slutty undies I was wearing, I started to get the first idea that something wasn’t quite right when the DVD seemed to feature a lot of gay sex. It started off with some girl on girl action, but then switched to two teenage men sucking each other’s cocks. I have to say that although I was a bit quizzical about where the night was going, I was also a little intrigued since I had never seen any gay porn before. I have to admit that I probably class myself as ‘bi-sexual curious’, but I had never had the bottle to go any further than curiosity.

The action on screen became heavier, and as two more men started stripping off, one of the teenagers was held down over the side of the chair with his naked bum in the air - it was clear that in the film he was going to be taken anally.

I became transfixed, until the tension was broken by Adam who suggested that we play spin the bottle. The others eagerly agreed - so I slightly naively asked what we were playing for. It was easy, Adam explained; whoever the bottle pointed towards had to take off an item of clothing. He pointed out that he thought that all of us were wearing three significant items of clothing - a shirt, trousers and pants - and then announced that there would be a special prize for the first to end up without clothes.

I figured now that things were definitely not going the way I expected, and I suddenly went bright red as I realised that what I was wearing under my Levis was not necessarily going to help my slightly precarious situation.

Adam spun the empty bottle first, and it ended up pointing at the other white guy, Dave. He was a tall, thin bloke, and as he willingly unbuttoned his shirt I noticed that his chest was well tanned but completely shaved smooth.

Dave was then responsible for the next spin of the bottle, and this time it ended up at Mike, the black guy. He stood up, and he pulled his sweat shirt off to reveal what even I thought was a particularly impressively muscled torso.

I was briefly distracted again by the DVD; it was quite graphic as one of the men was slowly pushing his erection up the arse of the teenager who was being held down over the chair, whilst the others on screen cheered and encouraged him - I had never seen anything like it.

I was brought back to earth as the bottle was spun once more; since there were only four of us, I reckoned that it would be me soon. However, it stopped pointing at Dave again, and so he stood up from his seat, and slowly dropped his trousers to reveal a small black thong. It looked as if he was completely shaven, to match his chest; it was also clear to everyone that his cock was erect - quite long but thin, I thought.

I really didn’t want to be here, but I couldn’t escape; I made to get up to visit the loo, but the others told me that I could wait for a while. The tension was unbearable, certainly for me, but I thought that at least I wasn’t going to the first to be naked, and maybe my jeans would stay on, preserving my modesty. Just then I heard from upstairs the unmistakeable scream of a female orgasm, and the other guys laughed; ‘sounds as if your missus is having a good time’, they remarked.

What had we let ourselves in for, I wondered, and then as if to compound things, the bottle ended up pointing at me. ‘Fuck’, I thought, but with shaking hands I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and tossed it to the sofa, hoping that the top of the suspender belt couldn’t be seen above my jeans. I quickly sat down again, and spun the bottle once more. This time it ended up facing Mike, who immediately stood up to unbutton his trousers. He was wearing a shiny white pair of lycra shorts, and - Jesus - it certainly appeared as if he had been at the front of the queue when cocks were being handed out - it was as if there was a huge German sausage stuffed down the front of his pants!

So now, Dave and Mike were down to their pants; I had only lost my shirt, and Adam was still fully clothed. Things were evened out slightly when Adam lost the next round, and he removed his shirt. He spun the bottle again, and it landed back pointing at himself. Get in - I was winning at last! Adam stood up, and unbuttoned his jeans, revealing a pair of navy blue lycra shorts, covering another bulging erection.

As the buggery continued on the DVD, the odds were now slightly with me - the other three guys were all down to their pants only, having shed their shoes and socks too. Adam gave the bottle a good spin, and as it slowed down, I froze - it stopped between me and Mike. ‘Dead heat’ shouted Adam, and he spun it again. This time I remained frozen as it stopped, pointing right at me.

‘Off, off, off’ they shouted; ‘come on, let’s see your pants’ said Adam.

Shaking even more, I stood, and started to unbutton my Levis. I had no choice now, I had to reveal my underwear. Adam whistled quietly as he saw my stockings and the black suspender belt; ‘wow, you kept that quiet!’ said Dave. ‘You kinky bastard’, said Mike. My huge erection was plain to see to the others through the flimsy black lace of my panties.

‘Right then, honours even’ called Adam; ‘we’re all now at the same stage - winner takes all!’

My hands were almost shaking too much to spin the bottle, but the others shouted at me to give it a good spin. I did so, as another loud female orgasmic scream came from upstairs. In my mind it was inevitable what was going to happen next, and of course, it did; the bottle slowly stopped spinning, and there it was, facing me.

The others cheered loudly, and all stood up. ‘Yeh! You win the prize’, Adam said; ‘are you going to remove those girlie knickers, or do you want us to?’

In my mind, there was no point trying to escape; Mike was standing close by, his huge cock looking even menacingly bigger in his snug shiny shorts. ‘I give in’, I said; I sat up and removed my socks and shoes, and then stood, and moved to the middle of the room. My cock felt as hard as I had ever known, as I put my thumbs into either side of the waistband of the lacy French knickers. I very gingerly pulled them down allowing my erection to spring forward, and tossed them aside. This seemed to signal the others, because as the other guys gently shepherded me out of the room, they started stripping off too. I noticed that Dave was indeed completely devoid of body hair, whilst Mike had a great bush of jet black hair surrounding his absolutely huge cock.

I was guided out of the room and into the hall, and was lead towards a dark stairwell. As I reached the top of the staircase, behind me I heard the front door of the house open and then close - was it more guests? I walked down the steps gingerly in my stockinged feet, the others following me close behind. We reached the bottom, and as the lights were flicked on ahead of me I could see what looked like a cellar, but one that seemed to have been converted into a sadomasochistic dungeon. At this stage, someone slipped a blindfold over my eyes, and then my wrists were gently cuffed behind my back with some very soft restraints; I was now completely powerless to resist.

I felt hands gently stroke my erect cock as I was lead forward into the dungeon. They left me standing still for a while; a voice in the distance told me how good my stockinged legs looked. Music started; the loud rhythmic beat of trance music, which meant that now I couldn’t hear anything else either.

I was then lead further into the room, and then helped to bend forward; my tummy felt what seemed to be a high but narrow cushioned bench and I was encouraged to lie face down on it. They arranged me so that my head and neck was over one end, and the other end reached my navel. A voice whispered ‘this is your surprise, you’ll love it!’

My wrist restraints were disconnected, and then they seemed to be clipped to what felt like the legs of the bench; whatever the case they were stretched wide apart and firmly attached. Someone then grabbed an ankle, and gently another soft restraint was fastened, before my leg was pulled wide apart and fastened to something in the floor. The same happened to my other stockinged leg, and suddenly I felt very vulnerable; I was blindfolded, I couldn’t hear anything but trance music, and I was now firmly attached face down to a bench with my bottom sticking right up in the air.

I had a strange feeling that I wasn’t going to be an anal virgin for a lot longer...

I was left for a while, contemplating my situation, before I was aware of movement around me. Suddenly I felt what seemed to be plant leaves being brushed against my nipples, and then an intense stinging sensation - I presumed that they must be giving me a stinging nettle treatment, the bastards. That’s why there were nettles growing outside the house.

Well, if this was their surprise then at least it wasn’t going to be too bad for me to cope with. That idea was soon dispelled when a male voice whispered ‘this will make you feel tender and tingly for what’s coming afterwards!’

Both my nipples were stinging and I wanted to scratch them but couldn’t, but my thoughts were averted as I felt the nettles being gently brushed across my full testicles. I heard quiet laughter - my bollocks were burning, but my cock seemed more erect than ever.

With that, I could feel the plants being gently whipped all across my bottom cheeks, and then I could feel gloved hands pushing the fronds as deep as they would go into my bum crack - I was on fire!

Suddenly, taking my mind away from my burning arse, an erect cock was pushed against my face, and I opened my mouth letting the penis inside. This was all new to me, but I had no choice; I licked the erection, tasting male pre cum for the first time. I was then aware of the nettles being removed from my bum, and I felt a lot of cold lubricant being poured onto my throbbing arse - it was heaven after the intense stinging sensation. The gloved fingers rubbed the lovely cool fluid all over my sore arse, but then they started to concentrate on my anus, and I felt a finger start to penetrate me, probing inside. One finger became two, and once more I was in pain. I wriggled as the fingers slowly pushed to open me up, slowly moving and rotating.

After a while, I felt that fingers gently slide out, but there was to be no respite, because the fingers were replaced by what felt like a thin dildo in my anus, and it suddenly became very painful again; I shrieked...

‘Relax, relax; you’ll really enjoy it once you relax’ was whispered into my ear; but it still hurt. I was disorientated; were the girls down here now? Would my wife witness me losing my anal cherry?

Finally I did try to relax a bit; I remembered that I’d read somewhere that you have to make as if you’re trying to push downwards, and suddenly the dildo slid further inside - oh my God; it felt so deep inside me. I continued to suck at the cock in my mouth, as the dildo was withdrawn from my arse; more lub was applied, and I thought I knew what was coming next. ‘Please wear a condom’, I tried to shout, but the cock in my mouth stifled my words. But this time it felt if another, much bigger dildo, was being inserted up my bum. If the thin dildo had felt deep inside me, this one went further inside, and had more girth too. It really took my breath away.

Then things went quiet; the cock in my mouth pulled away, and I was left just with the dildo in my bottom. So, I thought, maybe the surprise is stinging nettles and dildoes?

But after maybe five or ten minutes of getting my breath back slightly, the action hotted up once again. A cock - I couldn’t tell if it was the same one - was shoved into my mouth, as the dildo was pulled out my arse. More lubricant was applied, and then I was aware of someone being close behind me, and then suddenly I felt what I thought was a real warm penis slowly penetrating my anus, and I writhed against the restraints. ‘Relax’, I was reminded again, and slowly the cock slid further inside. It didn’t feel any bigger than the second dildo, so I guessed it might be Dave who was taking my anal virginity.

He slid his cock all the way in, until I could feel his bollocks against my stinging bottom; I couldn’t feel any pubes on him, so that reinforced my impression that it was Dave. He then started to fuck me, very gently at first, then a bit harder. The cock in my mouth was suddenly gone - had I been starting to enjoy that? However, I then felt hands playing with my cock instead, and realised again that I was rock hard. My balls felt as tight as ever, and I guessed that it wouldn’t be long before I erupted, since I had little control over it.

I was being fucked harder now. I was in a place I had never been before; not far from orgasming myself, I was also starting to feel a lot of pleasure, but pain also, from the pounding my arse was taking. Suddenly I felt him stiffen and push against me, and I guessed that he was about to finish me off and cum inside me; and by the feel of things, he hadn’t followed my request to wear a condom... I heard a shout behind me, so I presumed that he had indeed just shot his cum right up my virgin arse.

Then the movement stopped, and before long I felt what I thought was Dave’s cock slide out of me, and relaxed slightly; my arse was sore as anything, but maybe my ordeal was over. Then I remembered how many guys had been playing spin the bottle, and I wondered what else I was going to be put through. The decision was made for me, when I felt another, slightly fatter cock, probing at my bottom, and starting to penetrate my anus. I was guessing that this was now Adam fucking me anally - and then the thought hit me that if that was case, I still had Mike’s monster cock to take afterwards...

Adam fucked me more gently than Dave; he slid his cock in and out of my purposefully, and I guess that I started to enjoy the experience. There were hands, several of them, playing with my cock now, and before I could shout, I exploded massively. I could feel cum pouring and pouring out of my cock; I have never felt so much cum in one orgasm - and secretly I hoped that it was spraying all over someone’s face and hair...

My orgasm seemed to spur on Adam, and his strokes became more forceful inside my bum; then I heard him gasp, and he too stiffened and shot his load deep inside my most private place.

I was shattered; I was being restrained, and had already been fucked anally twice. I was still wearing seamed stockings, and I was surrounded by bum hungry bi-sexual men. I could feel warm cum oozing from my bottom; yet somehow I knew that it wasn’t over yet.

But then I was left alone for a bit, contemplating my situation again. I was aware of activity around me - in a lull in the music I could hear what sounded like a woman being given a hard fucking, and I heard male voices that I hadn’t heard before. Thoughts crashed through my mind - what was my wife doing? Had she seen and witnessed my predicament? Was it her I could hear being fucked; and what about these extra voices - who were they, and was I going to be forced to take even more humiliation and anal fucking?

My thinking time was broken as I was aware of hands stroking up and down my stockinged legs, before I felt hot lips encompass my now subsided erection, licking the cum from it. The sucking I was receiving was fantastic, and I felt my cock growing again, almost straight away. I had this weird feeling that my cock wasn’t playing the game - here I was, tied up, humiliated and full of pain, yet he was up for more action!

I was aware of more movement around me, and then more cooling fluid was poured onto my throbbing bottom. I was fingered again, and it seemed as if I was being lubricated again - whether I needed more lubrication was debatable since my arse felt to be full of cum already. But then I heard Mike whisper in my ear ‘are you ready for the big one?’, and I knew what was coming next.

The fingers withdrew and then I felt another cock touching my arse. This cock pushed and probed - and oh my God it was fucking huge. I felt my body being stretched in every direction. I had, after a while, sort of enjoyed Dave and then Adam’s fucking, but this was unreal - it felt like a donkey was penetrating me. The pain was intense as Mike’s black cock slowly filled me until once again I could feel his body against my bum cheeks, and I knew that he was now all the way in. He stayed that way for a while - fully inserted inside my arse - as if he was letting my body cope with his girth and length; I could even feel his bushy pubes pushing against my bum.

I felt even more lub poured down my bum crack, as he very slowly started to slide his black meat in and out of me. Amazingly the hot lips on my cock combined with the anal action I was getting meant that my cock was fully erect again, and so I started to experience the double pleasure and pain of being masturbated whilst my arse was fucked. But this cock was unreal - it was so much bigger than the others, and every thrust of its black length made me gasp, as he used my body for his sexual gratification. The other two had ended up fucking me quite hard, but this was different; slow, gentle but very big...

He kept going for what seemed like ages, slowly fucking me - letting his cock almost withdraw, then pumping it back in like a piston.

I found it difficult to concentrate on what was going on around me, bearing in mind the fucking I was getting, but I was aware of movement around my head. Then things started to happen at once; I couldn’t hold back any longer from my second orgasm of the night, and I shot my load straight down the throat that was sucking me. As I came, I could feel Mike’s thrusts getting faster, then someone gently lifted my face upwards and held my mouth open, and suddenly I felt warm cum cascading all over my face and blindfold. It seemed to be coming from two directions - it went everywhere, all over me, and I was soaked. I couldn’t help feeling that it was a strange way to end up tasting another man’s cum for the first time.

I had just got over my orgasm, and then my double facial, when suddenly Mike thrusted harder and harder - his bollocks were slapping against me, then with an almighty roar he went completely rigid behind me, and I sensed for the third time that night that a man was cumming in my arsehole. His orgasm seemed to last for ages, and then once he was complete, he just held his monster erection deep inside me. ‘Wow that was good’ he whispered, ‘and I love the stockings!’

I was totally exhausted; the position I was restrained into was getting very uncomfortable, I was still stinging from the nettles, never mind having been fucked three times. I had been masturbated to orgasm twice, and my face and hair was covered in two men’s cum. What more was to come? I figured that there were extra men in the room now, so if that was the case, maybe they were about to have their fun with me?

I could feel Mike’s erection subsiding slightly, and at last he slid out of me; I could feel cum dribbling out of my arse, but could do nothing to stop the flow, which was soaking my stockings. I remained quiet for a while, gathering my breath and trying to work out what was going on around me. I could still hear sexual activity around me, but couldn’t work out who or what it was.

Suddenly, my wrists were released - I stretched my fingers to ward off the cramp, and then my ankles were also released. Still blindfolded, I was helped to my feet, and as I stood up I was conscious of more cum dripping out of my bottom. I was lead to a leather sofa, and was helped to sit down; my wrist restraints were connected again so that I couldn’t remove the blindfold. ‘You felt fantastic’ Adam whispered, ‘I hope you enjoyed it’.

I was completely spent, and I was just able to sit quietly, trying to work out what was going on around me - the sounds of sex could still be heard at times, and I wondered where my wife and what she was up to. But after a while, a hand reached mine and helped me to my feet; I was lead upstairs out of the dungeon, into the front room where everything had started. My wrist restraints were removed, and I slid off the blindfold - blinking in the dim light, it was my wife; ‘come on’ she said; ‘there’s a taxi outside!’ I quickly slipped on my shirt, jeans and shoes, and we quietly left the house.

The journey back to the hotel was quiet; I was very conscious that I could feel more cum leaking out of my arse, and I wasn’t wearing any pants. I noticed that my wife was not wearing her bra, nor her stockings; what had she been up to?

Once we reached our room, I ran a deep bath for us to share, so that we could recount what had happened. Like mine, her hair was matted and messy, and so I presumed that she’d received at least one load of cum over her face.

It transpired that the girls had disappeared upstairs, and they had had a similar elimination game to us boys to see who won the ‘special prize’ and, what a surprise, my wife had also ‘won’. She had been stripped of her outer clothes, tied down to a bed, and the other girls had used a variety of vibrators and dildoes on her, making her cum again and again. She mentioned a time when she had had a huge dildo in her pussy, a vibrator in her bottom, and she was licking out another girl all at the same time, whilst still tied down; the orgasm, she explained, had been ‘explosive’...

She HAD been down in the dungeon, so she had witnessed some of my ordeal - she remembered taking most of my load all over her face and hair the first time I came. But she had also been blindfolded for much of the time; when I asked her if anything else had happened in the dungeon, she was a bit sheepish; ‘Well I guessed that it was you who fucked me from behind’, she said; ‘I have to admit that I was a bit surprised when you came out of my pussy and entered my bottom!’

When I told her that I had been restrained over the bench for the whole episode, she went very red, and then admitted that it may have been more than one man who had enjoyed her body from behind.

‘Well at least we won’t ever see those people again’, I told her, in a relieved manner.

‘But I’ve got their phone number’, she smirked...