Written by dirtoldguy

8 Aug 2013

My 32 year old workmate is a very dirty girl that lets me take pictures of her in any poses I like and of course lets me abuse her (in the nicest possible way) As I have stated before, she loves to tell me about other lovers she has had and all of the filthy thinks they did to her. As I am married and she is single, I think that there is a chance she is seeing other guys behind my back without telling me as well. She has a couple of fantasies that often come up when we have been out for a drink. One is her being examined by the gyno while her feet are up in slings on the gyno couch and the other is being tied up and left for others to find her.

While we were talking about her dirty fantasies, she said that she would like to be blindfolded so that she did not know who was in the room with her. This gave me an idea.

I told my workmate about this and he jumped at the chance of seeing her stripped off so I organised him to hide in an area on the day I was taking her there.

When we met up in the morning at work, she had a shortish skirt on with tights and a blouse. I took her to the bottom of an old stairwell in the building which is in the basement. I tied her up in a doorway with her hands above her head and her legs tied apart to the bottom of the doorframe. I then put her earphones on her and blindfolded her. Mmmmm.

My workmate came out of an old store room as had been agreed and sat on the stairs about 3 metres in front of her.

I started to play with her tits through her blouse while my mate watched which made me even hornier than usual. The strange thing was that although I was very jealous, it made me as horny as fuck!

I undid her blouse and revealed her sexy little floral bra which was barely covering her nice firm titties, then I hitched up her skirt to reveal her matching panties through her tights. My mate was signalling me to show more and more and when I eventually pulled her bra down to reveal her brown , I think he nearly cum. I know I did!!

I hitched her skirt up and then ripped a hole in her tights and then pulled her panties down a little bit exposing her bald pussy. I then sucked her nipples and fingered her while my mate stood nearer to get a closer look. I know that he wanted to do the same but I said no. After a few minutes of being fingered, she cum hard and relaxed. I took some pics of her in this dirty position and then when my mate went off (I presume to have a wank)I undid her ropes and took off her blindfold. about a week later, I told her what I had done while we were fucking and she came really quickly. Just to tease her though, I have not told her who it was that was watching her. This has made her feel so dirty and slutty.

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