5 May 2016

I have been a trucker for 45 years and married to Sue for 43 of them. We have a great relationship, we have always made sex a big part of our life, she has always been open to new ideas and we use fantasy scenarios regularly, often dreaming up scenes where she would be fucked by other men. Sue has always been keen on this side of our sex life and has often come up with her own wild ideas of what these other men would do to her. Nothing new l hear you saying, about many of the women you read about on this site. The difference being that Sue has always been adamant that as far as she is concerned this is just fantasy and that there is no way on earth that she would ever go with another man.

I have told her many times that l would be happy for her to try other men, pointing out that my cock is not particularly big and that she might enjoy trying one of these massive 10 inchers that seem to abound on these sites. Her reply has always been that she didn't marry me for my cock just like l didn't marry her for her tits. This has always been a source of laughter for us as she knows l love big tits, no matter how big or how much they sag, as long as they are natural. Sue on the other hand has been a size 12 ever since we met with 32B tits that are hardly less firm now than 42 years ago. The only thing to deduce from this is that we love each other very much.

Throughout our marriage my job has meant that l am away from home for days on end, l used to do a lot of continental work and sometimes away for two weeks at a stretch. About 10 years into our marriage we were watching tv one evening, a drama involving a trucker. In one scene he was parked up when a prostitute knocked on his door asking if he wanted company. Sue asked me if that had ever happened to me, and when l hesitated she immediately sensed that l had a problem. There followed an awkward conversation with me being quite evasive until Sue stopped me and said that she understood that l liked a lot of sex and that being away from home for long periods caused problems, but she was not happy that l could be having intercourse with these women and risking bringing home various diseases. I decided to confess but assured her l had never actually fucked any of them, but had often paid for a blow job or a hand job.

I was expecting her to explode, thinking our marriage would fall apart. She was quiet for a while, then said that she would accept my need for sex while l was away on condition that l always took precautions and that l told her all about it when l was home.

This was then the pattern of our lives, l would go away and on returning would tell her all about any encounters l had had, usually while we were fucking. Our sex life was great, we often took men's magazines and would read the letters section for inspiration to introduce new ideas. Basically, anything two people can do together we have tried, spanking and bondage have been regular for many years and with the advent of porn on the internet we have taken that many stages further, Sue loving having her large nipples clamped and twisted, we regularly use canes and whips both on her and on me, and we have a collection of dildos and vibrators of various sizes plus some strap-ons of different sizes that we both use. Yes, she does fuck my arse quite often, especially if l have a particularly dirty story to tell.

We have been naturists for many years and have taken many naturist holidays both home and abroad, we are under no illusions about the sexual attractions of naturism and we will often make remarks to each and other about some man's cock or a woman's tits. Many times we have happened across two men fucking or a woman on her knees with a group of men waiting to have their cocks sucked. We have watched and used the ideas later when fucking, me telling Sue how l want to see gangs of men spunking into her mouth and her saying she wants to watch me getting fucked both ends.

When dogging started getting popular about 15 years ago Sue was keen to hear all the details as many dogging locations were in areas where lorries would park up for the night, l took part of in many dogging activities, usually either getting sucked off or wanking over tits. In recent years there have been more women prepared to fuck and anal has now become very common.

Sue has been taking me in her bum for years, either my cock or a dildo, but she loves hearing how l have done it to some slut. I would love to take her dogging but she says she is too old to be attractive and that anyway she doesn't want another man. In fact her interest in sex completely has been getting less over the last year however, we have only recently started reading the posts on this site and there has been a marked change recently, especially when l told her l recognised one of the women in the stories, she was keen to hear all about it and we had the best fuck we have had for a while, she even sat on my face after so l could lick out my cum and suck her clit to another orgasm. Looks like she has turned back on again so thanks for all these sexy posts, keep them coming.