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Dogging in Glasgow

"The week before a gangbang"

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Quite a few years ago, my fuck buddy Jane and I ventured up to the car park at Cathkin Braes that looks out over Glasgow. It was a Saturday night before midnight and there was a lot of cars about.

Jane had a small denim mini skirt on with no pants and a low cotton top with no bra. She had a lovely figure back then, 5' 6" tall, short blonde hair, 40E tits with big brown nipples, a nice shaven pussy, lovely long legs and a pert arse. I'm 5' 11", muscular build, bald, and a thick 8" cock.

We sat for a while talking, and kissed each other, my hand occasionally groping one of her tits or feeling her thigh, stopping short of her pussy to get her worked up. We decided to drive upto one of the back roads and get really dirty. Once we had parked in a little layby I lent over and lifted her top up and over her beautiful big tits. We started snogging, tonguing each other. I slipped my hand between her legs and found her wet fanny, my fingers entered her hole easily and we were really enjoying ourselves when I happened to open my eyes and see an older man standing next to the window. He was obviously enjoying himself.

We stopped playing and sat back in our sears, Jane still had her boobs out and her nipples were rock hard. I put the passenger side window down so we could talk to our voyeur. He seemed like a nice guy and he told us he often came up here for fun. He said that he was bi if we were into that sort of thing. I jokingly said, ok, why don't you wank me off over Jane's tits. Jane looked at me and said, "are you serious?" Sure, why not I said. I pulled my trousers and pants down and my rock hard cock popped up. I got my self up in the seat and leaned over across Jane's tits. Our voyeur put his arm through the open window and grabbed my cock. He wanked it gently at first and then sped up, I was loving it and I think Jane was too as she was frigging her clit and making moaning sounds as the voyeur wanked me and rubbed my bell end on her nipples.

After a few minutes of this I felt my cum rising up through my cock and let them both know that I was about blow my load. The voyeur sped up his wanking of my cock and I spurted 5 or 6 streams of spunk across her tits and nipples. It was a fantastic release. Some of my juice had covered his hand. I suggested we rub the spunk into her tits. Both of us spreading it about her jugs. Jane had had a little orgasm too and we all relaxed and kept chatting.

I then saw another car pull up ahead of us and a young guy got out and walked towards our car. He was grabbing his cock through his jeans to let us know he was here to play and not to worry.

He stood next to our voyeur number one and started chatting. He was really taken by Jane's massive tits which were still on shoe. I had to explain that we had just had some fun and were about to leave. He was really disappointed. Jane being a tease asked to see his cock, which he happily pulled out, it was maybe 6" and thin but totally rigid. He asked if he could feel Jane's tits. Jane told him yes and he put both hands into the car and grabbed her boobs and immediately realised that there was spunk on them, he recoiled whilst the rest of us laughed and I shouted it's only spunk! He relaxed a bit and saw the funny side.

It was then that Jane said she wanted to go. Much to the disappointment of our voyeurs. Before we drove away Jane told them that if they were good boys and came back at the same time next week maybe they get a lot more. Their faces lit up and both nodded and said they'd be back next week.

The next week led to a gang bang with lots of fucking sucking and cumming. I'll write about that session later. I hope you enjoyed this little story though and hope it got you horny. Let me know what you think. Thanks everyone.

Written by Mortal1

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