Written by Rosemary

30 Dec 2015

I discovered Swinging Heaven earlier this year. I was actually searching for “swinging kitchen doors” but started typing swinging, and the predictive thing came up with a list of possibles. Swinging Heaven was near the top, obviously a more popular search than doors. Out of curiosity I clicked on it, found the stories and have been an avid reader ever since.

My name is Rosemary, I'm fifty three years old, only 5' 2” tall, slim and petite. My 32b boobs are still firm and pert with little pink upturned nipples. My hair is cut in a short fashionable style, coloured a dark red to hide the grey. Although I'm in my early fifties, I think I'm “well preserved” and my friends tell me that I look younger. I was told by the girls I work with that the guys had a vote and I was deemed to have the best bum in the store. I suppose it was a complement, that's how I took it and anyway it's the only competition I've ever won.

I suppose you could say I've made a mess of my life. I went to University but went a bit wild, preferring, partying and shagging to studying and dropped out before completing my degree. I had a short lived marriage to a guy I met on holiday in Spain. A second marriage lasted seven years before he dumped me. My current partner is seven years older than me. We've been together for ten years and though he was fun when we first got together and had sex regularly, he's turned into a fat, grumpy, boring old fart. He shows little interest in anything other than TV, stuffing his face with chocolate, crisps and whatever food I put in front of him. Why don't I leave? I would if I could but I'm on the minimum wage and can't afford to move out and live by myself.

I can't recall the last time we fucked, other than it hasn't been since I moved into the spare bedroom over a year ago when I couldn't stand his snoring any longer. If there's one thing I do miss it's sex. Hence my excitement when I discovered the stories on here. I noticed the Dogging section, looked at the lists of local spots, with interest. I was surprised to see some places I knew well, which I'd only ever been to during the day, were listed as dogging locations at night. Others I googled, to find out where they were. I visited SH almost every day, hoping for new stories to read. If I found one I liked I would take off my clothes, and lie naked on my bed, masturbating whilst reading it.

Imagining that I was the woman being fucked by the man or men, I would bring myself to orgasm. At first I just used my fingers until I bought a couple of vibrators which I kept hidden in my knicker drawer. He showed no inclination to get in my knickers when I was wearing them so was even less likely to go near them there. At about the same time I bought a vibrator I started shaving my pussy. Although no one would see it, it made me feel sexy. I liked the smoothness under my fingers and being able to see my hairless cunt in the mirror at the end of the bed when I played with myself.

Over the next three or four months I was increasingly drawn back to the dogging section, going through the lists, wishing I could visit them. Most Saturdays I borrow my partners car to visit my elderly mother, who lives about fifty miles away, usually returning late, after my partner is in bed. It occurred to me that it would mean only a minor detour to visit some of the places. It took me several weeks before I plucked up the courage to make the detour but wasn't brave enough to actually enter a supposed dogging site, instead turning back at the entrance and going home. It took three attempts before I succeeded.

I pulled into the first, deserted. It was an anti-climax after building myself to go and I drove on to another. The second there were two cars, parked well apart. I drove slowly passed but couldn't even be sure if there was anyone in either, let alone if they were doing anything. Feeling disappointed I drove on to a third. This one looked more promising, three or four empty cars parked to one side. As I drove on the road curved and my headlights briefly illuminated a woman, wearing nothing but stockings, talking to several men. They turned to look, I remembered reading somewhere about lights and turned mine off, parking about fifty or sixty yards away.

Windows closed, doors locked, interior lights off, everyone ignored my car. Fixated, I sat watching as the woman sucked two of the mens cocks, had sex with two others, followed by a third guy fucking her while she gave a blow job to another. I'm not sure when I unfastened my trousers, but long before they finished I had my hand inside my panties, feverishly masturbating. I only stopped for a couple of minutes after I'd cum, before resuming fingering myself, having three more orgasms by the time the last man had fucked her. I drove off, my panties drenched, pussy juices soaking them and my trousers, leaving a damp patch on the drivers seat which I had to clean the next day in case it left a stain.

Almost every weekend for the next six or seven weeks I returned to the same location. Sometimes, particularly if it was dry and mild, I was lucky and saw some action. I dared to park a bit closer, but always kept the doors locked and windows closed. Each time I saw a woman, or sometimes women, having sex with strangers, or performing other sex acts, I'd masturbate. I'd sit with my seat slightly reclined, wishing it was me being watched, doing what they were doing. The thought of being watched fucking excited me, but as a lone woman I thought it was to risky to get out of the car. The next best thing was to let guys see me naked, watching me masturbate through the car window.

I had seen several women being fucked or sucking guys cocks. Sometimes the action was taking place inside a car, men crowded around. I could only guess at what they were watching, to nervous to go over and look. I couldn't be certain but I think one woman was there almost every time. I decided the next time I visited I would turn the interior light on to attract guys to watch me. Everything was going well until I reached to switch the light on. I lost my nerve, couldn't do it. Angry with myself I drove home, my eyes watering with tears of frustration.

My failure only served to make me more determined. It was two weeks before I could return. It was still relatively warm for the time of year. This time I'd planned and prepared. Before I left my mothers house, I went to the bathroom, took off my bra and knickers, and re-buttoned my shirt dress. Driving through town then out into the countryside, I was feeling excited and aroused, out and about without any underwear. I turned onto the lane leading to the parking area in the woods. Rounding the curve I noticed several cars already there, glimpsing several guys next to a car before I turned off my headlights. I drove slowly closer, parking only about 25 yards from them. I lowered the passenger side window about 2 inches then moved over into the passenger seat, opened the glove box and removed the vibrator I'd put there earlier, placing it on the drivers seat.

I sat watching with the lights off, catching snatches of what was being said. A woman got out of the car wearing an unfastened coat. Standing in front of the car, lit up by the side lights, revealed she was almost naked, her large tits swaying when she bent over to pull her panties down and step out of them. Wearing just stockings and suspenders under the coat, sitting against the front of the car, legs apart she began fingering her hairless pussy. From where I was I could see she was wet, her cunt glistening with her juices. They watched for a few minutes then she squatted in front of three men and began sucking their cocks in turn. A fourth guy joined in, crouching next to her, his hand between her legs, fingering her sopping cunt from behind. I unfastened the buttons down the front of my dress one by one, pulling it open when I undid the last one. I touched my tits, pinched my nipples until they were hard, moved my hands lower, rubbed my clitoris, opened my legs a little, feeling my wet hole.

I began to masturbate, watching as one of the men appeared to cum in the womans mouth. She swallowed then concentrated on the other two. One of them came in her mouth, she gulped his spunk down. Just as she turned her head to take the third guy in her mouth he came. Most of his spunk splashed on her tits. She laughed and rubbed it onto her skin as she stood. A couple of guys were close to her stroking their erections, she reached for one, stroking him with her spunk smeared hand. She invited him to fuck her, then bent over the car bonnet.

Resting her hands on the bonnet, she moved her legs apart. The guy got behind her and slid his cock into her waiting cunt. I grabbed my vibrator off the seat, switched it on an as he began fucking her. I held the tip against my clitoris, the vibrations rapidly increasing my arousal. Another car arrived, the lights momentarily swept over me before they were turned off and they parked next to me. Three men climbed out, looking directly at my car. One stopped, staring at where I was sitting. I must have been illuminated long enough for them to have seen me there alone. Tingling all over I decided it was now or never. Shaking with excitement, my fingers found the interior light button and I switched it on.

With the interior light on I could hardly see out. I could see the top half of my body reflected, tits rising and falling with each breath, pink nipples proudly erect. I continued masturbating, wondering where they'd gone, almost jumped out of my skin when a face appeared directly in front of me watching through the windscreen. Moments later another head appeared looking through the window right next to me. In a panic I pushed most of the vibrator into my cunt, clamped my thighs together, concealing my pussy with my hands, partly covering my tits with my arms. They thought I was playing a game, pretending to be coy. “Don't cover it. Show us your Cunt” the guy said through the gap in the window.

Looking over his shoulder was the third guy. Stimulated by being almost naked, watched by three men, I felt hornier. I relaxed, felt calmer though my heart was thumping. I moved one hand, uncovering my smooth pussy. The other hand still holding the end of the buzzing vibrator inside my cunt. I opened my legs and began to masturbate sliding the vibe in and out, pressing it against my clit. Performing the intimate sex act in front of three strangers was like an aphrodisiac. I put my feet up on the dashboard, spread my legs wide, listening to their lewd comments whilst unrestrainedly masturbating. The one by my window, asked if I was going to get out and let them fuck me. I shook my head. He asked me to lower the window and allow him to finger my cunt. I said I wasn't prepared to do that either. “Lower it enough so I can touch your tits” he suggested.

I was sure I could do that without him being able to reach the button to unlock the doors and said I'd do that if they got their cocks out and wanked. Two got their cocks out and began wanking, I lowered the window far enough for them to reach in. The third wondered off to join the other group. The two who remained took turns to play with my tits while I brought myself to orgasm, fucking my pussy with the vibe, frigging my clit at the same time. I climaxed, moaning loudly. They both asked me again to let them fuck me or at least suck their cocks. I was sorely tempted, having watched all the fun the other woman had. Somehow I managed to resist, told them that was it, show over. They went to try their luck with the other group whilst I fastened my dress and drove off a few minutes later.

I felt guilty about what I'd done for the following few days and swore I wouldn't do it again. My self control lasted three weeks, driving home from visiting my mother, the lure of exposing myself, being watched was to strong and I detoured to the woods. Once again I parked, this time stripping completely naked before switching on the light, flashing my headlights and starting to masturbate. Four guys came over to watch, wanking outside the car, one of them shooting his load on the side window. It was probably as frustrating for them as it was for me. I needed to find a guy to accompany me, fuck me in front of the doggers and may be more.

This years company Christmas party was two weeks away and that gave me an idea. After last year when my partner made it obvious to everyone that he'd rather be anywhere but there I hadn't bothered to ask if he wanted to attend, when it was organised, just told him I was going. As you can imagine I don't earn much money, but wanted to look nice and feel sexy. The discount stores sell inexpensive clothing and lingerie, I bought a pretty lace cami with attached suspenders and matching string. A Jacquard Shift Dress in gold which had been reduced, chosen because I had a pair of high heels and a clutch bag that would go with it. A pair of barely black,10 denier stockings, completed my outfit for less than £40.

I spent some time getting ready, showering, washing my hair, shaved my legs and pussy. I played with myself in the shower and although I climaxed I still felt horny as I sat in front of the mirror, drying my hair, applying my make up and getting dressed. He was downstairs watching his TV when the lift I'd arranged arrived. I told him I was off and reminded him I'd be late home. I was rewarded with a grunt and an instruction not to make to much noise or wake him when I got home, in reply.

Gavin who I work with was waiting outside in his transit van. Like me he wasn't taking anyone and had offered to pick me up after I dropped a few flirty, suggestive hints. He's hit on me once or twice, but he's twenty six years old and I'd laughed him off at the time. It wasn't that I didn't find him attractive. He's a fitness fanatic, mainly surfing, doesn't drink. I'd heard that he'd fucked several of single the girls in the supermarket and rumour had it that he'd had sex with two or three of the married women. I'd decided that it was my turn and tonight would be his lucky night if all went well. A van isn't the most glamorous of transport nor the easiest to get into with out showing a lot of leg. Climbing in my skirt rode high enough to reveal my stocking tops and I almost flashed my thong. Gavin grinned and commented “Nice legs” I tugged my skirt back down, telling him to behave himself, inside I was secretly pleased.

It was a good party in a local football clubs function room. A buffet, plenty to drink, a disco. I danced with a lot of the guys, but mostly with Gavin. As the evening progressed the dances got smoochier. A few drinks, relaxed, enjoying myself dancing with him, feeling smug because, several of the other younger women were watching jealously. Holding me close he had his hands on my bum, I had my arms around his neck. Moving against him I realised I could feel his cock pressing against my body. I tried to move back a little but he held me close, continued dancing. I felt his cock stiffening, instead of trying to move away, I began to sway against him sensually. I felt his cock getting harder, fully erect, it seemed quite large and I couldn't help wondering what it would feel like to have it inside.

He began to fondle my bum just as the track ended. I didn't want to embarrass him by going back to the table and revealing his hard on so continued rubbing myself against him and dancing to the next song. His cock pressing against me, his hands squeezing my bum was turning me on. I felt moist between my legs, my nipples hard. His hands had explored my bum, fingers traced the outline of my suspenders. He leaned closer, mouth close to my ear. “Are you wearing knickers? I can't feel any” he whispered. “Cheeky sod. Wouldn't you just like to find out” I replied laughing. “Yes. I would” he replied, looking me in the eye.

I laughed again, but didn't say anything, pleased that things were going so well. The fact that I hadn't immediately told him no chance encouraged him to try his luck. Holding me close, he started dancing towards the side exit which led to the smokers shelter. He manoeuvred me passed the other guests, out into the corridor, then outside. It was deserted, holding my arm he led me out of the lighted area, to the end of the decking which was in shadow. We started kissing, tongues in mouth, holding each other tightly. His cock felt big, very hard, pressing against my belly. He gripped my dress, rucking the back up, as far as my stocking tops. We were pressed tight against each other preventing my dress going higher. He moved slightly away from me. His young fit body against me, his roaming hands were arousing me more. When he continued pulling my dress up, I move to make it easier.

In moments my dress was up around my waist, his hands clutching my bare buttocks. “You've got a fucking lovely arse. I knew you weren't wearing any knickers” he said. “I'm wearing a string” I told him. He was kneading my bum, he found the string elastic around my waist. His hands moved and he hooked his thumbs in the sides, stretched the elastic and eased the string over my hips to the top of my thighs. He stooped slightly, pulling my string down, the gusset had slipped into my sticky pussy. Without thinking I reached between us and pulled it free. My fingers touched my cunt, I was unbelievably wet. Gavin crouched in front of me and for a moment I could feel his warm breath on my pussy. I felt the string around my ankles, lifted one foot then the other while he removed it. He stood up holding my string, “I love the smell of pussy” he told me, then held it to his nose, sniffing, before putting it in his pocket. One hand on my bum, he leant closer, he slipped his other hand between us, began to rub my clitty. I hadn't been touched by a man for over a year, “Oh. That feels soooo nice” I sighed.

He slid a couple of fingers into my pussy, whispering that he wanted to fuck me. I was about to say Yes, but suggest going somewhere else, when the door to the smoking area opened and two guys came out and lit up. They didn't notice us in the shadows. I pulled my dress back down and we quietly waited for them to finish. They left after a few minutes and I told Gavin he couldn't fuck me there. I told him obviously I couldn't take him home, he lived with his Mum, who I vaguely knew. That left his van and I told him I knew somewhere we could go. It must have been close to midnight by the time I'd fetched my bag, coat, said my goodbyes and joined him outside in his van.

I climbed into the van, again my dress rode up, this time uncovering my stockings and exposing my pussy. I swung my legs in, leaving the dress as it was, high up my thighs only just concealing my pussy when I sat. Looking at my legs he asked where I wanted to go. I was feeling horny, desperate to continue what we'd started. I had drunk enough to lower my inhibitions and was excited by the possibility that we might be watched. Sliding onto the centre seat I began to rub his cock through his trousers. He was still semi erect and immediately began to get hard again. I leant against him, nuzzling his neck. I felt his hand on my thigh, opened my legs for him. Feeing confident that a guy with a hard cock was unlikely to refuse the chance of a fuck I whispered in his ear that I wanted to go dogging, naming the place. He gave me a look, then a huge grin and said he'd heard of the woods and was up for it.

It took about 20 minutes to get there. As we turned into the car park I wondered if anyone would be there so close to Christmas. At first I thought it was empty but suddenly some headlights flashed, briefly illuminating several other cars and several people. In that moment I saw a woman being spitroasted. Gavin slowed, parked near the car that had flashed its lights, the interior light came on and I could see four or five people around it more silhouetted between it and the other car.

Gavin asked if I wanted to get out and watch. I told him that wasn't why we were there. I turned my back to him, asked him to unzip my dress. He obliged and I pulled the dress over my head and draped it over the seat, noticing a mattress in the back of the van. I lifted my tits out of the cami bra cups and sat back with my legs open. In the gloom I could see Gavin had got his cock out and was wanking. I began to play with myself, got my pussy well lubricated. I told Gavin I wanted to be watched sucking his cock and asked him to switch on the interior light. He flicked a couple of switches. The cab light came on as well as two much brighter lamps in the back of the van. Backlit we were easily seen, several guys turned to look and walked over.

They had a much better view of me in the van, the seats higher than a car. I knelt with one knee on the seat, a foot on the floor, displaying pussy to the watching men. I started sucking Gavins lovely young cock, bobbing my head up and down, taking his pole in my mouth. I heard the sound of him lowering his window, a guy outside asking if they could touch me. Another guy said he'd watched me wanking and using a vibrator but that I never played. That was about to change. I stopped sucking Gavins cock and said they could touch my tits and pussy. I was thinking through the windows, but Gavin unlocked the doors.

The door behind me opened and one of them got in and immediately began to finger my cunt. I felt a rush of excitement and bent down to continue sucking Gavins cock. I'd only just taken it back into my mouth when the side door slid open and the other three guys climbed in the back. They began to touch me, fondling my bum, spreading my buttocks, touching my tight puckered bum hole. Hands reached under me to squeeze my tits, pull my sensitive little nipples. One of them put his hands between my legs, pushing two fingers into my cunt, joining the three or four that were being shoved in and out from behind. I was loving it and knew that I wouldn't be able to stop myself going further than I'd originally intended,.

I stopped sucking Gavin again. It only seemed fair that he should fuck me first. I say first because I'd already decided that the opportunity was to good to miss and I was going to let them all fuck me if they wanted to. I asked him if he wanted to have me first. He did and told me to go in the back and get on the mattress. The easiest way was to follow Gavin out the drivers door. I wriggled free of the hands touching me and got out. It was remarkably mild for December, one of the warmest on record apparently, which was fortunate because I was practically naked. I could see I was being watched and stood by the door, before slowly walking around the front of the van.

The guy who'd been in the front had climbed over the seat. They hadn't wasted any time, they'd all got their cocks out and were wanking. Three were of average size, about six inches, Gavins was a bit larger, the fourth guys cock was impressive to say the least. It was easily the largest I'd ever seen, outside porn films. A good 10 inches in length and thick to match. I shivered with lust at the prospect of feeling that monster in my tight pussy. I decided to save him for last. I didn't want him stretching my hole first, I wanted to be able to feel the other guys cocks inside my cunt when they fucked me.

I climbed in with them, looked back through the door, gratified to see that four or five men and a woman were behind Gavin, crowding around to watch him fuck me. I lay on the mattress and opened my legs. The guys knelt either side, two by my shoulders, two by my feet. One by my shoulders began fingering my pussy, the other playing with my tits. Gavin got between my legs, stroking his fully erect cock with one hand, said he was ready. Two guys moved their hands to my arms and held them as Gavin got on top. The other two joined in grabbed my ankles and spread my legs wide as he slid his cock into my cunt and began to fuck me.

It was incredibly erotic, four guys holding me spread-eagled, while I was being fucked, with half a dozen people watching. I asked the guys holding my arms to release then so I could reach their cocks and play with them. A cock in each hand, Gavin ramming my pussy, voices from outside urging me to suck some cock. I suppose he fucked me for three or four minutes before he jerked, groaned and ejaculated inside me. He pulled out, the guys holding my legs let go and rolled me onto my front. One got behind, grabbed hold of me by the waist, lifting me onto my knees, pushed my legs apart and guided his cock into my spunk dripping cunt.

Now on my knees, the guys by my head took advantage of the extra space, offering their cocks to my mouth. Eager to put on a good performance, not to mention increase my own pleasure, I greedily began to gobble them in turn. I'd never previously felt so highly sexually charged. A hot flush radiating out, centred on my cunt. I felt the first flutters, knew an orgasm was imminent, sucked voraciously on the cock that happened to be in my mouth at that moment. I felt it pulse a moment later, flooding my mouth with his semen. I swallowed , gulping it down, spitting his cock from my mouth as I climaxed. Between moans and gasps I begged the guy fucking me to cum inside me. He obliged, fucking me harder for a few strokes before pumping his spunk in me to mix with Gavins in my fuck hole.

His softening cock slipped from my hole, followed by what seemed like a torrent of creamy spunk, some dripping from my pussy onto the mattress, more trickling down my thighs, soaking my stockings. The guy with the 10 inch cock wanted to have me next. I quietly told him I wanted him last. I heard murmurs from the people watching, comments that I couldn't take his cock. The other guy moved into position, penetrated me quickly, his cock sliding into my spunk lubricated cunt. He came far to fast for my liking, after only a few strokes. I let him pump in and out for a while longer to save him embarrassment, before sliding off his cock and turning to the last guy. I licked my lips hungrily, crawled over the mattress to where he was sitting, languidly wanking his impressive prick.

With my bum towards the sliding side door, I lowered my head, opened my mouth, straining to suck it between my lips. He held my head and pushed two or three inches into my mouth, all I could take, and began to in effect fuck my mouth. I felt hands on my bum, spreading my buttocks, a tongue licking my pussy, lips sucking the spunk from my hole, before continuing it wet journey along my bum crack. I could see Gavin and the other guys, realised someone else had joined in, his tongue circling, licking, the tip probing my anus. I'd never had that done to me before but it felt deliciously debauched and I saw no reason to stop him.

I had my bum and pussy licked for another few minutes until the guy I was sucking released my head. I was almost shaking with excitement, wanted to show off and been seen. I didn't want to be fucked on my back or from behind, but on top, facing the group which had now grown to ten. I got up, turned around, straddled the guy. Lewdly I held my cunt open as I lowered myself onto his throbbing ten inch cock. I wouldn't say it was something I'd particularly fantasised about, but I had sometimes wondered what it would be like to have sex with a really well endowed man.

Awesome doesn't even get close to describing how amazing it felt. His bulbous helmet slid between my fingers, touching my pussy. I sank lower, pulling my hole open as he entered me. My spunk lubricated cunt stretched to take him, tightly encircling his shaft as he raised his hips forcing his cock into my pussy. I could feel it inside me going in deeper and deeper, until he'd fully penetrated me. I moved my hands away, proudly displaying my cock filled cunt to the onlookers. Lifting myself up, his cock slid out and he began to fuck me while I frigged my clitoris.

I might not have the greatest of bodies but being almost naked, the centre of attention, fucked in front of an audience was such a turn on that I had an orgasm remarkably quickly. That would have satisfied me normally, but the sensation of being so stretched and deeply penetrated, by his large prick made me lose all inhibitions and control. I rode him, grinding my cunt against him, urging and demanding him to fuck me hard. I noticed Gavin was holding his phone up videoing me. I should have been concerned, and asked him to stop, instead I grabbed the nearest guy and began to suck him off, while looking directly at the lens.

His blow job didn't last long. I started to orgasm again, squeezing the guys cock with my cunt muscles, when he rammed it deep inside me pulsing as he ejaculated. The guy I'd been sucking tossed himself off shooting his spunk all over my tits.

That was it. Most of the guys watching asked if they could fuck me or suck their cocks. Though I was tempted felt I'd had enough, apart from the possible disappointment after being fucked by a much larger cock than any of them probably had to offer.

I think it was the best Christmas present ever. I hope it wasn't just a one off and Gavin will take me again. If not I'll have to find someone else. Maybe I'll find some willing volunteers on here if needs be?