Written by Darvid

24 Sep 2018

So this is part 3 but this time from the view of the wife!

All fact .... enjoy

The night I had my ex!!

A bit about my back ground. I’m very happily married to my amazing husband and have been for 13 yrs. We’ve always had great sex, he’s kinky and I’m naughty. My husbands thing is Cuckold, my thing is dogging. Years ago I used to go dogging with my ex, we’ll call him H. We were both in our 20’s and used to go to Wisley. I loved it. The whole thought of men wanking whilst watching US putting on a live porn show for them is fucking hot!!!! And is def my thing. My ex was bang into it to and had the confidence to do it. I’d spoken to my husband about going but he was always worried about security and I wasn’t comfortable going with someone who couldn’t take the reigns so to speak, so we never went. I wasn’t too bothered by this, cause In the mean time we started swinging and was having lots of sexy fun.

Then one night my hubby and I were having sex talk, like you do and I said do you know what my ultimate would be......... to go dogging with you and H and you be made to watch us. I could see the torment in my hubby’s eyes!!! He knew it was the ultimate for him as well !!! Years before hand he had been a bit envious of H, so the thought of watching him fucking his wife would be the ultimate in Cuckold humiliation for him but it’s his precious wife and H !!!! Needless to say he said yes!!!! From that minute onwards my mind was in overdrive!!!! Fucking hell i’m actually going to be allowed to go dogging with H and what’s more, my husband is going to watch!!!! Fuck my pussy was already pulsating just at the thought.

So I message H, he said yes and that was it we were on.

So the night in question arrives. I’m at home thinking ( as any of you ladies reading will know ) right I’ve got to make sure I look shit hot tonight, so I go about getting myself ready. I wear black lace body, black stockings and the best come fuck me boots you have ever seen. I even put a thong on underneath so I have some nice juices knickers in case I need them later. I like a classy look, nothing too slutty. I know I look good and it’s not just the looking good, I’ve got the confidence to pull it off, after all, it’s one night, it’s my husband and it’s H. I’m feeling uber confident. I know my hubby is massively turned on watching me getting ready for H and I know that H was always naughty and would def be looking forward to having my pussy again after all these years.

I put on a skirt ( easy access) and a nice classy black top. Bring it on I say!!!

So we arrive at the carpark, I ask my hubby to take some photos of me, I want to send them to H so he can see exactly what he is turning up to. Hubby obliged and I send the pics, just as I send them I see the headlights. Shit shit this is really going to happen. I give my hubby one last kiss and tell him how much I love him. H pulls his car up along side ours. Perfect, we can open both back doors, we can be in one car, my hubby is the other watching. H gets out and we both have a beaming smile on our faces, he says how

Amazing I look ( this really gets me going and boosts my confidence). I start to kiss him there and then with my hubby looking on!! Already I’m thinking god I’m so turned on by this whole situation. I push my hubby into H’s car,get the sex bag out that we’ve bought and go about tying him up, he tried to protest but there is no way I’m turning back now. I tie his hands really tight ( the tighter the better for my hubby ) all the time I’m doing this I’m bending into the back of H’s car, he is touching my tits telling my hubby how good it feels to be holding my breasts in HIS hands again, I can feel his hands going down to my pussy, he’s touching me, it feel like electricity is pumping through my body, he finds my clit and I can feeling he’s finger slowing rubbing it, pinching it between his fingers, fuck I can’t tell you how good it felt, he’s fingers slowly entering my pussy, my pussy is so wet and I’m so excited. I’m really trying to concentrate on my hubby but H is talking filth to me, I can’t actually concentrate properly. I finish tying my husband all the time telling him how good it feels to have H’s fingers groping my body again, H’s is pushing his fingers deeper into my pussy, I can hear myself crying out in pleasure, I look in my husbands eyes and tell him to watch my face as H’s enters me, I want him to see the pleasure!!!! Before we get a chance

H tells me to lie on my back seat of my car, he lays me down and spreads my legs, my pussy is on full display and I love it, H is talking to my hubby, saying look at your wife’s pussy, I’m trying to keep my legs as wide open

As I can to give H and my hubby a good look at the juices I can feel flowing out of me, H kneels down and starts to lick my clit, it was sensational, that tongue on my clit again after all these years, it was bringing it all back, the feel of his tongue,the way he pushed his fingers into me and most of all the filth talk. We always used to talk filthy when we had fun all those years ago but this was stepping it up a bit, he kept looking back at my hubby saying can you see this, can you see me licking your wife’s pussy, can you hear the pleasure, I just kept thinking fuck whatever you do don’t cum yet!!! This has to stop I’m seriously on the brink, I keep telling my husband fuck it’s cuming baby he is going to make me cum, I can’t control it, all the time H’s is flicking my clit, biting it, sucking it!!! He’s fingers are going deeper and deeper and faster and faster, I can hear my wet pussy as he is doing this!!!! I have to get up or I’m going to cum, so I ask H’s to stop, and I get out the car. My husband is protesting about this and that but I’m not really listening all I can think of is sucking H’s cock. I need it and I need it now!!!! I go over to my husband, I look in his eyes and Say baby look, I put my hand to my pussy, i push my fingers in and I’m soaking, I go over to my husband and tell him to suck all my juicies off my finger, I want him to suck all the juices off that H has made. My hubby does, fuck that’s horny, it gets me going so much!!!! I tell my hubby that once I’ve been fucked, there’s going to be lots more that I want him to be sucking out of me, he protests a bit too much this time so I grab my knickers, wipe my pussy with them and push them into his mouth!!!! I get the gaffer tape and tape them in. All the time H is on me, my tits, my pussy, my arse, he just can’t leave me alone and I love it. I turn round and take H’s cock. I make sure we are stood side on,between the cars I want my hubby to have the best view. I take H’s cock and slowly run my tongue up and down, not taking it all in yet, just gently up and down with my tongue, I’d pay close attention to the most sensitive parts on the helmet, I run my tongue in little circles, just as H had just done on-my pussy. I say baby look, and as he does I takethe whole cock in my mouth, I can feel it pulsating, I tell my hubby, H’s is saying how good it feels, my poor hubby’s face, he looks so disappointed, but then I feel his cock, he’s so hard, as I’m sucking H, I keep feeling my hubby’s cock, he keeps wriggling saying no babe I’ll cum he’s feet are lashing out at me. I decide to tie his feet as well so set about doing that. H is telling my hubby how good it feels to have his cock in my mouth again, how good it feels when I’m sucking it, how he can’t wait to push it into my pussy. Ok feet tied, let’s get that cock in me!!!! I bend into the car so my face is now very near to my hubby, who is sitting with his legs up on the back seats of H’s car. I keep looking at him and saying baby I’m going to be fucked by H, I want you to look at me all the time, if you take your eyes off me, it can only be to see the pleasure in H’s eyes. I can feel the tip of his cock, it’s right by the entrance to my pussy and it’s rock hard, I hold onto it and start rubbing the helmet on my clit, H is definitely enjoying it, I can feel

Him keep trying to push it into me but I hold my ground, I don’t want to rush this. I explain to my hubby what I’m doing, I tell him that feeling H’s rock hard helmet rubbing my clit is making me want to cum, H has had enough and decides he’s fucking me he can’t wait any longer and with that he removes my Hand from his helmet and pushes his cock straight in as deep and it can go, I scream out in pleasure, I can’t Help it, it feels fucking AMAZING!!!! I just want more and more of it, I don’t want it to stop, the feeling is so intense. It’s everything, the fact we are outside, anyone could be watching, it’s my ex, and it’s in front of my hubby and my ex happens to have a nice big cock!!! He’s pounding me, I’m crying out, every time he goes deep, I can feel his cock on my Gspot,

The pleasure is unreal, I tell my hubby, I tell him it all, every tiny detail of what’s happening, H is telling him too, how wet my pussy is, how good it feels after all these years. We fuck for ages!!! This way, that way, anyway we can and all the time we tell my hubby everything. I feel for my hubby he’s little face looks so shocked, I start to get his cock out, he starts wriggling trying to say no!!! I can kind Of hear him saying no don’t I’ll cum, but im not listening. I want to be sucking his cock, whilst H is fucking me. I tell my hubby not to dare cum or it will show he is enjoying watching my ex fuck me!!! How could he do such a thing!!!! Seriously I haven’t even got his cock in my hand properly when he cums!!!! Fucking useless I say and go back to having fun with H, we have so much sex I Can’t tell you, sucking, fucking, filth talk the whole lot. I’m laying in the back of the car again now, ( I wish I could untie my hubby and make him hold my legs open for H, I want him to tell H to fuck me with his tongue whilst my hubby watches the whole lot) I’m enjoying the tongue teasing so much I don’t want to stop, ( next time my hubby will hold my legs open for H, I tell myself) H is going for it again, fuck he hasn’t forgotten, even after all these years he hasn’t forgotten how I like it. He’s bringing me to the brink again and this time there’s no holding back and tell them both how I’m cuming and how good it feels, H wants more of my

Pussy so gets me out the car and fucks me again and again, all different positions, and each one of them Felt fucking amazing . We seemed to be at it for quite a while, but god knows how long. I keeping asking my hubby if he is enjoying watching us, he says no!!! Blooming cheek I thought, H and I have mad a lot of effort for my husband !!!! I decide he needs a little punishment so drag him to the front of the seat, tell him to Open his mouth and suck H’s cock, my hubby starts with a Silly little suck but I want to

Watch the whole lot, I want to

Watch him suck my juices off H’s cock!!!! It’s so hot. H is loving it, my hubby is

Saying he isn’t enjoying it but he’s cock is rock

Hard so I think he is lying. I bend down so I can have a closer

Look of my hubby sucking on a cock!!!! It’s so horny!!!!

H has hes fingers up my pussy again, this is turning me on even more and I start pushing my

Hubby’s mouth down on H’s cock, I don’t care if he doesn’t like it, I want to see his eyes water, I tell him to suck it nicely, like I Suck his, to my amazement my hubby gets into it, he’s enjoying it, I can tell, and H is

Def enjoying it because the faster my hubby sucks the faster those fingers are in my pussy, I keep telling my hubby, suck it harder, harder baby harder, I want H’s fingers deep deep inside me and the harder you suck Him the more pleasure I get. My hubby will do anything for me so really goes for it. Yes that better baby, I’m being proper finger fucked now, good and hard just how I like it. I want more Cock I need it in me, I tell

h to Fuck me again, I love it, that cock, that feeling!!!!!! I need it I need more!!!! And boy does he give me more.

In my head I’m already thinking of the next time, what’s going to happen, what other boundaries can we

Push? Who knows but one thing is for sure, we are definitely doing it

Again. Right I’m off For a little play, this has right

Got my Pussy wet!!!!