Written by Sara1969

11 Apr 2019

At the end of March Gary and I went to Doncaster races with some friends stopping over at the Hotel on the course. It was a boozy day followed by a trip to the nearest pub which was packed. After a few more drinks Gary went back to the hotel as he was off to London on the Sunday and I stayed out and headed into town with the others.

About 9 ish we were in a packed bar and I was getting chatted up by a very cute 28 year old by the name of James. I was pretty drunk as you can imagine and split from the group and enjoyed him flirting with me and casually placing his hand on my ass where he felt for my knickers which were very small as my dress was so tight. After an hour or so he invited me back to his and I snuck away with him.

We were barely inside before he had his tongue down my throat and i was soon straddling him as he sat on the couch with my dress round my waist. As we kissed deep he kept running his hands over my near naked ass before unzipping my dress and pulling it down and taking my bra off. I let him nuzzle my boobs for a while then slid to the floor and took out his very hard cock sucking him for a bit. He immediately grabbed my hair and pushed me down which I love when I'm in the mood - and I'm drunk is just the mood!

Then he stood me up knelt me on the couch facing the back of it and slid my string over sliding straight into me. He then started fucking me with nice long deep strokes occasionally slapping my ass and pulling on my hair. We had been going at it for about 5 or 10 minutes when his house mate suddenly walked in. We hadn't heard him come in. I jumped when he said "fucking hell James not again" James just laughed and hardly missed a beat nit stopping and telling me not to move. I was pissed enough to obey and his mate stood and just watched us for a couple of minutes before saying he was off to bed. James then started slapping my ass harder. Presumably so his mate could hear.

I reached down and started to rub my clit and he eased my g string over and slid a finger into my ass and after a couple of minutes of that i was cumming. I'm not normally that loud but guessed he would want his mate to hear so I made sure he did. I was still cumming when he pulled out and shot all over my ass and gstring.

I slipped my gstring off and cleaned myself up quickly and he ordered me a cab after we had swapped numbers.

15 minutes later I was in ours room where I woke Gary up and sat on his cock while I told him all about it. He didn't take long to cum filling me up before I passed out asleep.

The next day James messaged and suggested I go visit him and that his mate had said his mate enjoyed the show and wouldn't have minded joining in. I jokingly said he could have and now I have an invite for a 3sum. Who knows I might take it up in the next few weeks!