1 Dec 2017

In my story Sam’s Cuckold, it told of my cleaner Sam a quirky sexy good looking woman with a fab body of me fucking her and her cuckolding her husband Pete.

We had moved forward with our sexing and fucking in a regular basis, sometimes in front of Pete but also on our own. She’d turned into quite the slut, the lingerie she wore for me and the things we did in front of her husband and on our own, anal,atm,sex toys, she even made Pete stick a butt plug up his ass while I fucked her ass (her idea).

One day when we were cuckolding Pete I had a naughty idea and went with it. Sam has a cracking slim body and loads of tattoos, she’s fare skin and blonde shoulder length hair she’s a real girly loves having her nails painted, and slight mound of hair above her pussy and wears sexy lingerie with either hold ups or stockings as a given whenever we have sex.

I decided to order her a dark brown (black cock) dildo as I thought it would be a nice contrast to her pale skin. I also fantasised as she was my slut what it would be like if I could whore her out to a black man and fuck him in front of me or me and Pete. I have been cuckolded by my wife before and enjoyed being a cuckold, in this relationship I am the bull and Alpha Male and enjoy the other side of cuckolding.

I got to their house and Sam was wearing her usual sexy attire I asked her to wear white or nude stockings, she chose nude with a sexy seam. Pete was sat down I told her I have a surprise for her, the black cock was very realistic and I had it wrapped. Sam unwrapped her present and took the 9inch Black cock out of its packaging, she giggled then turned to me with a sexy grin and kissed me passionately.

“Do you like it?” I said.

“I love it, it’s naughty I’ve never had black before”. She said.

Pete just looked on surprised a little.

We got to the bedroom and Sam dropped to her knees to suck my cock, Pete got in position beside her to alternate her sucking my dick with snogging and tasting my cock on her mouth. I pulled my dick from them and ordered her on the bed, I got the black dildo and put it in her wet pussy. She gasped and I could see her juices coat the black shaft already, she was mega turned on. At first she only took about 5-6 inches and I could see it stretch her hole, shortly after she was taking the entire 9 inches and the balls were slapping her bum hole.

“Ohh fuck me with that black cock I fucking love it” she said as she got carried away.

“You love the black cock Sam don’t you?” I said.

“Ohh boy yes” as her eyes rolled back and I could see her toes curl.

“I bet you wish this was a real black cock don’t you”

“Yes I wish it was”

“You are a fucking black cock slut aren’t you, what are you?”

“A fucking black cock slut”

“You’re a black cock whore aren’t you”


“Fucking slut” said Pete.

I did this as I always wanted my wife to fuck a black guy but she wouldn’t, she had a regular lover an old boss that used to shag her in front of me but for some reason black cock wasn’t for her.

This little slut looked as if it were right up her street, or right up her cunt or ass.

I told Pete to keep working the black dildo in his wife’s pussy, I began to lube my cock and her ass, the fucking slut was gagging for it in her pussy and ass. An artificial DP. I put my cock in her butt hole and fucked it slow but made sure she took the whole length, I could feel the realistic black dildo going in and out her cunt.

Sam has pierced nipples and tattoos above each of them real sexy.

“Pinch her nipples Pete” I ordered.

He did this and with the other hand kept fucking her with the dildo. I gently pulled my cock out from her ass and eased the head of my cock out slowly, and gaped her hole.m, it was a sexy sight.

I told Pete to take the black dildo from her pussy and told Sam to suck on the black cock. Pete knew what to do as he tasted his wife’s ass from the blow job on my cock, he was a good little cock sucker. Wifey had a black cock dildo in her mouth, hubby had my cock in his mouth flavoured with wifey’s ass, result.

“You would love a black cock in your mouth Sam wouldn’t you, you black cock sucking slut”

“Hmm aagh yeah I would” she said.

“Fuck me where the fuck did I get you from you fucking whore?” said Pete.

I then put my chick in Sams pussy and fucked her hard and fast. It didn’t take us long as we both came as we were both talking stinking to one another.

“You fucking black cock whore what are you?”

“ A black cock whore, dump your cum in me black master” she said.

“Where do you want black master to cum slut?”

“In my pussy”

“No Sam, where bit pussy where what else to we call it cmon you cum slut”

“In my cunt”

With that I dumped 2 loads of sperm into her wanting hole, Pete cleaned her up.

When we came off our erotic high she apologised saying it was only in the heat of it all and that she wouldn’t do that.

I told her she had nothing to apologise for but wondered if given the opportunity would she?

A) Fuck a black man

B) In front of me

C) Cuckold the Cuckolder

A few days later back at work I was in my office with a Sales Rep from a large block manufacturer who I have dealt with for a few years. Marcus is in his late twenties and he’s a black man, he resembles for those of you into your porn Omar Williams. He was a sharp good looking guy, really good at his job and we often went out when he was down as he’d book a hotel and as I got along with him would meet for a few beers and a meal.

Sam came into the office and asked if we wanted a drink, “Two teas please Sam” said Marcus.

A couple of minutes later and Sam came in with a tray with two mugs of tea and some biscuits. She put them down and bent over in front of Marcus I could see his eyes looking at her arse, he made an O with his mouth at me for approval of what he saw. Sam was wearing skin tight jean leggings that showed off her perfect ass and shapely legs, with a skin tight top. She made conversation with Marcus and got in a lot of small talk with him, the way she spoke and played with her hair and hand gestures I could tell was quite flirtatious, I could also tell her nipples were hard they were poking through her top almost piercing the material. She said she had to carry on with her work but just before she left my office she looked at me about Marcus and raised her eyebrows and bit her lip. I think she was telling me that she fancied him. Perhaps she was ready for her first black cock. She then left.

Marcus said to me l

“Fuck for a cleaning lady she’s hot as fuck, she’s lovely and what a body, I’d love to fuck her”.

“I’m fucking her Marcus, I have been for some time, I’ve even fucked her in front of her cuckold husband and anally too” I said.

“Fucking little slut, I wonder if she’s ever had a black cock” he said

“No only a black dildo I used in her and she fucking loved it, how would you like to fuck her? Would you fuck her in front of me?”

“I’d fucking love to” he said

“ Try to get her out with us tonight and come back to my hotel room” said Marcus.

“I will but I don’t think this little slut will need much persuading” I said.