Written by MrBawdy

16 Apr 2018

20+ years ago I was working nights on the reception of a 5* hotel on the Mediterranean coast...I also had a morning shift in the health club, long hours but I made very good money for the time and place, and there were "Guests with benefits" who I took at every chance...One if these was a blonde Swiss-German girl called Sondra, she was staying with another girl who although dark and beautiful had an attitude problem....Sondra was about 5ft 3inches tall, nice curvy but not fat body and big tits for her size, we chatted when they came to the health club and she told me she was living with a guy but had the "look" of a girl wanting fun (she was 26, I was 36), they came in one night at about 1am and Sondra asked if I had found her bikini top in the changing rooms as she thought she had left it there, I had a few bits and pieces there so said I think so, she quickly asked if she could come down and get it there and then, , her friend said something in German and went to the lift, I told my colleague I'd be 10 mins "Take your time" he said with a smile, and Sondra and I went down to the gym, it was glass walled and near the pool, all the lights were off but it was lit up from the pool and garden lights, as soon as we went into my little office Sondra grabbed me and we started kissing, deep French kisses started in seconds and our hands were all over each other, then as I was undoing my shirt and tie she was yanking on my belt, in another few seconds she was on her knees pulling my foreskin back and licking the head of my cock, we were a bit too visible so I somehow flopped into my chair and sat down, she was now slurpily sucking my cock like it was her last meal, it was amazing, after a bit I got up, pulled her up and sat her on my desk against the wall, she immediately lifted up and pulled her panties off, bought her knees up then opened her legs very wide, I pulled my trousers up a bit, sat back down and shifted the chair so I could comfortably lick out her wide open cunt, it was sweet, I soon had 2, then 3 fingers up her while sucking on alternatively her large clit and lips, she freaked out and almost scalped me with her long finger nails, I pushed her back and just lightly licked her asshole...she lost it and came in a cacophony of German with a few "fuck"s and "Yes"s thrown in, I licked her out as deeply as I could get my tongue inside her, I stood up and we kissed, she licked her cum from my lips and chin, I pushed her back on the desk, pulled her around so she could lay flat and slid my cock right into her, I thought I would cum quick but she was quicker, bringing her legs around me and sort of hanging under me and pushing her cunt hard against me, I stopped while she came down, she again said something in German and then quietly said "Can I suck you again?..."Of course" I replied, she stood up and said "Please lay here", I layed longways on my desk and she licked my cock completely clean of her cum, as she started to suck me I asked her to take her bra off, she did and her tits were gorgeous, dark small nipples that she ensured were rubbing all over my stomach and groin area, I came pretty quickly, I don't think anybody has ever milked the spunk out of me as Sondra did, her hands were holding my balls and forcing every bit of cum into her mouth, she swallowed everything, licked her lips and said "Ve must do dis again"....We did, on my days off we hit the beaches and fucked under a para glider raft , on my nights off we clubbed and fucked on the beaches before going home to my place, and of course when I was working we went to the gym and even had a quickie in her room when her friend was in the restaurant, Sondra came on holiday 2 more times that summer, told her live in boyfriend she was staying in crap apartments with no phones, and we fucked our brains out...