Written by Andkia

8 May 2018

Travelling along a motorway can be one of the most boring thinks to do on a hot bank holiday weekend so what could possibly relieve the boredom. Sitting alongside in the front passenger seat is my wife of close on 30 years who still has a body that I still lust and fantasise for. I know lets see how far she will go with obeying my instructions! I hesitate about making my first command thinking she'll probably laugh it off and say yeah right but then as I approach a certain point in the journey I decide that I must have made my first instruction by this point. She is wearing a denim skirt with bare legs and cotton print top. Here goes " take off your knickers now!" Without any hesitation she obeys the instruction and stuffs them into her handbag. She resumes her position and continues listening to the music with her legs crossed thinking that's the end of that. "Uncross you legs and open them, let the air circulate." She promptly carries out the instruction much to my satisfaction. She openly admits having herself exposed and vulnerable with the fresh air circulating around her sex has made her feel more comfortable on the journey. Right lets go for broke and give the final instruction, "ease up your skirt and pleasure yourself!" She duly does this bringing herself to orgasm.

Sometimes fantasys do come true. You just have to make them.