Written by Wizzard

3 Aug 2019

This takes place in the 90s in a coastal town on the east coast . My wife , in her 40s , just 5ft tall , slim , 34c breasts, loved to dance . We would go out on Saturday nights to a pub in town near the beach with a disco . She always hit the dance floor. I just watched as I was never a dancer . She often danced with guys , sometimes getting very close, which always got me excited.

This progressed to her snogging on the dance floor several times with guys usually in their 20s .

One night she was getting very close to one guy , the type she liked , tall and fit . After dancing and snogging for some time they headed for the exit .

They were gone for about 20 minutes before they reappeared .

She told me that he took her round the back of the pub and sat her on a wall there and undid her top , then unhooked her bra , exposing her great tits . He sucked them while sliding his hand up her leg and fingering her . She was loving it .

He said that he wanted to fuck her . She asked if he had a condom which he quickly got out.

He then slid down her panties, slipped it on and then pushed his nice sized cock straight up her wet hole . She was loving this young fit guy banging her hard . He fucked her for a good 10 minutes and she came twice and then told her he was coming. They both orgasmed together tidied up and came back into the pub and she came back to me .

This happened for several weeks after this with the same guy whose name she never new before things moved on .

More to follow if people like this .