Written by Wizzard

5 Aug 2019

This is a follow on from the first story.

My wife Liz , 45 , had been having sex around the back of the bar every Saturday with a young mid 20s guy for a few weeks. He got himself a girlfriend so it stopped. Fortunately for Liz there were lots of guys to dance with at the disco . Soon a regular pattern started . She would dance with several guys during the evening , choose the one she liked best , usually 20s tall and fit , wrap herself round him during the slow dances then take him round the back . She made sure that he had a condom . They would go out and she always got a good hard fuck.

One guy , she met , only 19 , was there most weeks and she always danced with him though she said that he was too young for her. After several weeks Liz eventually decided on him one Saturday . They went outside , round the back but there was already someone there . “It’s only my mate” Adam said , “you don’t mind do you “ . She was gobsmacked but really horny and said nothing as both got their cocks out . She started to kiss Adam with his tongue down her throat as he unbuttoned her top revealing her 34c tits in a lacy black bra. She was now rubbing both cocks as her top and bra were slid off . She was then bent over so that she could suck Adams mates cock as Adam got behind her , slid his hands up her skirt and tugged her knickers down . She never sucks cock but was doing a great job on his mate . Adam soon had a condom on and was rubbing his cock in between her legs . She was so wet he had no trouble sliding straight in . She said he had a fairly large cock . He began fucking her slowly making her pull off his mate as she began to moan loudly . He picked up speed and began ramming into her hard . She was responding as well as she could and soon she came. He continued at a fast pace for about 5 minutes and let out a large groan as he shot his load .

“My turn” said his mate as he turned her round . He had also put a condom on . He sat her on a wall so that his cock was aligned with her cunt and shoved it straight up her . She started to moan again as he fucked her really hard . He only lasted for a couple of minutes before he too shot his load , making her come again . They both tidied up and left her there . She quickly dressed and came back to the bar where she related the event to me . We had great sex when we got home .

More to come .....