Written by ladylovely

3 May 2011

Easter weekend was a fab sunny time and meant I could wear some lovely light summer dresses. I was invited to my friends house for a small party. I knew it would be a 'fun' night as she was always with different guys and really knew how to enjoy herself. I dressed in a very sheer loose bright orange sundress with just a very small thong. My boobs are very pert so didnt need a bra. You could see through the dress almost very subtle.

My highests heels and being a petite size 8 blonde I knew I was up for some fun! Drinks flowed and lots of chatting and flirting. A polish guy was talking to me and we were touching. we stood cloose in the dining room and he put his hand up my dress feeling my bottom and thong. I opened my legs slightly and we kissed. His fingers pulled aside my thong and he slipped a couple of fingers inside me.Pulling aside my lips and pushing deep.His thumb was pressing against my clit. I was very wet and he pushed his tongue in my mouth. I didnt pay attention to anyone else around but they could all see as some guys commeted as they came past asking how many fingers he could get in me.

Then another guy tall and black came up behind me and kissed and bit the side of my neck, which Ilove and really gets me going and pushed his hands up the sides of my dress lifting it up showing my arse and start playing with my tits.Pulling at my nippled and squeezing them hard . My hand went back to his cock and I rubbed it thorugh his jeans. the first guy removed his fingers and shoved them in my mouth all sticky from my pussy I licked them clean and started kissing the black guy. We all decided we needed to move to the sofa. People were quite drunk by this time and my mate had retired to the bedroom with someone and there was a couple giving it large in a chair and another couple in the bathroom. My dress was removed along with my thong and I got on my knees and sucked the black guys cock while the other guy licked my pussy. People were drinking and watching and this made me very horny and i became very vocal asking for more 'fuck me' I was saying loudly. they were laughing and I got pushed to the floor and the black guy fucked me hard from behind. He was quite large and I was cumming and screaming i lost all control, fingering my own clit to come more. The first guy was shoving his cock into my mouth much to cheers of a few other people. soon the black guy came shuddering into me pushing hard to squeese the last drops into my pussy. He slapped my arse and got off. The second guy then wanked himself into my mouth and I licked his cock clean licking my lips being egged on by the other part goers. Some guys got me another drink and said I was great. A few gropes and rude comments about showing them my pussy and arsehole which of course I did. Still with the black guys creaming running out of me and me pushing my fingers in my pussy and taking the cream out and sucking it from my fingers to the delight of the fellas. I got a few telephone numbers! couple of guys asked me home and I decided I would go back with two fellas i met. Once back at their flat I was feeling very drunk and knickerless I never found my thong and ended up having sex in the shower with another guy who fucked me up my arse up against the wall. When he finished his mate got in the shower and I sucked him off for a while. We ended up in bed. But I dont remember much more as I passed out!