Written by Tuls

12 May 2018

A last minute week in the Eastern Algarve allowed me to continue with my sexual adventures on vacation. My husband and I both had holidays to take so we trawled the budget airlines and found that flights to Faro were the cheapest and most flexible, we booked and then looked for a decent hotel, finding a 4 star Adults Only in the Eastern Algarve at a reasonable price.

After my sex in the disabled bathroom in Tenerife I had told my husband all about it the following night when we were messing about in the bedroom, the bets of it was he did not believe me and though I was just making up fantasy stories to add excitement to our sex. It certainly seemed to do as he suggested with his cock growing harder inside me as I was telling him how I had been bent over the sink and fucked hard, he orgasmed very quickly and I have to say the reminiscence sparked up my arousal and I came hard at the same time. He asked me on a couple of other occasions whether it was true and saying 'well how dare you fuck someone else when I was not there to watch and join in, you know how much it turns me on to think of you in ecstasy'. He then usually ends by laughing and says 'you are just winding me up, you could not have done'.

We transferred from Faro to the hotel and unpacked and went straight to the pool, arriving there just in time for a light bite and a glass of wine for lunch. After lunch we went to the sunbeds that were facing the Sun and stretched out, the hotel was quite quiet with only a mother and daughter and an older couple around the pool. We had been up early so we both took a nap, I had decided to go topless and my husband always compliments my boobs and nipples, and encouraging me to go topless when ever we are abroad and its permissible.

When I woke up, there were a lot more people around the pool, mainly young to middle aged me and I caught a few looking at my breasts, one in particular who decided to amble right past my bed and turn around and come directly back, I smiled to myself, and my husband remained asleep. I reached the conclusion having seen some posters about golf that they were probably golfers in the Algarve for some early season golf on dry greens.

When my husband woke he said well, a lot more people around and mainly men, plenty opportunity to get fixed up her and laughed putting his head back down, I teasingly agreed.

The reminder of the day was uneventful and we went back to the room and enjoyed a relaxed sex session, with me cumming twice with my Rabbit before my husband fucked me doggy style giving me a deep creampie.

We decided to go to the rooftop bar for an appetiser before going out for dinner. It was heaving and understandable when we saw the twilight views over the Rio de Formosa. you could see for miles and the Gin selection was top notch. We both chose a G n T and sat looking out from inside.

A group of 4 younger men, probably in the early 30s were sat beside us talking and laughing. One smiled as we sat down and after a few moments opened the conversation by asking what we thought of the hotel and the views. The conversation rolled and was such a laugh we decided to have a second G n T. I mainly spoke with the two men nearest who introduced themselves as Kev and John and I asked what they were doing here and right enough they were golfing, I flirted a bit and asked how they got away from their wives as they were both married and they laughed saying they were probably glad to see the back of them for a few days.

We explained we were going for something to eat but intended to come back for a nightcap, Kev and John said they were staying there as they had eaten and would probably catch us later. we went into town and enjoyed food in a fish restaurant had a bottle of wine and chatted, My hubby opened the conversation about the men, smiling and asking if they were fuckable then? I smiled and said, not bad, are we going back and I can flirt a bit for you, he agreed, and we did just that.

When e got back to the bar there was only Kev and John left of the group so we sat in the settee opposite them and I could flash my thighs with my short dress. I noticed both of them looking as I crossed and uncrossed my legs, they possibly caught sight of my white thong but I could not be sure. We chatted for a while and I flirted a bit, and they were clearly interested and seemed genuinely nice guys. I said, how do you fancy going to our room for a cheaper G n T as we brought a Hendricks from the Airport and have tonic, we just need some ice. All three men smiled and said sounds like a good idea, we collected some ice from the bar and wend down in the lift.

Once in the room, I pored the drinks, John and Kev sat ion the settee and we sat on the bed, I kicked my shoes off and pulled my dress up my thighs and bent my legs, watching both of them stare directly at my legs. My husband realsied what I was doing and said why not make yourself more comfortable with a big smile, I am sure John and Kev wont mind, will you chaps, they both looked a bit shocked but immediately agreed that it would be fine with them.

I said thats a good idea, will you loosen my zip please to my husband, which he duly obliged and I let my dress fall to the floor, facing John and Kev, standing in my white lacy bra and thong, they were both smiling now and staring at my curvy body. My husband said 'why don,t you sit beside the lads, gesturing with his hand, it was my turn to oblige so I went towards them and eased myself in between the two men. Kev was the first to react and he put his hand on my naked thigh and started running it up and down the inside, John soon caught up and started to do the same with my other thigh, I could feel myself getting wet with excitement and it did not help that my husband was smiling with encouragement. John's hand was the first to reach my fanny and he eased his fingers inside my thong stroking my clit, I think I moaned quietly but I was taken over by the moment. I soon had my thong off standing up and was undoing their belts and unzipping their shorts. John had about an 8 inch cock and quite thick but Kev was certainly longer but not as thick, I was soon wanking them both and my husband was kneeling behind me wanking my clit. It did not take long for me to cum, a shuddering orgasm causing my cut to pulsate. I needed to have a cock inside of me so turned towards Kev with my cunt towards John, he got the idea and was soon pushing his large cock into me, once in he stated to hammer away, he felt so big and at times I had to put my hand back onto his thigh to push him back as it was painful. I tried to suck Kev but I was gasping too much so gave up to wanking is cock. My husband was talking to us all oft the time saying how horny it was and urging John and Kev on to use my body. John only lasted about three minutes and shot his load deep inside of me, i then told Kev to lie on the bed and I mounted him riding to a further orgasm on his cock which felt just as good as John's, mu juices were mixed with John's semen and it made a squelching noise as i rode up and down. Kev lasted slightly longer but was soon shooting his load with a loud groan. My husband was wanking as I was been fucked and as soon as I got off Kev he pushed me over the bed and fucked me from behind, cumming in about 5 or 6 strokes and pushing me over the edge again with a further orgasm.

I fucked with both John and Kev again later that night and had a fantastic night of wild sex, a night I will never forget and I bet neither will John , Kev or indeed my husband. I asked him the following morning whether he believed me about Tenerife now and he smiled and said 'not yet, I need more convincing like last night'.

We did not see John, Kev or the their friend for the rest of our time in the Algarve but we certainly used the occasion to its maximum arousal potential during some wonderful fucks while we were there and at home since our return.