Written by Bloo

26 Jul 2010

We pulled up in the cinema car park with me in the driver’s seat, after a day of texts building each other up. Not able to keep our hands off each other my boyfriend slid his hand up the inside of my thigh as he realised I had no knickers on he slowly rubbed my clit I could tell he was hard and I wanted it He loves how I taste and begged for me to finger feed him the cum dripping from my pussy..the more he stroked my clit the more I wanted his hard cock in my mouth he pulled down his trousers and I licked the length of his cock before taking him deep in my mouth, I sucked his length slowly up and down before starting to speed up until he was throbbing and begging to lick and suck my pussy, as he spread my legs apart and positioned himself between them teasing my clit with his tongue to the stage where I was almost dripping He then hungrily began tonguing me deep craving the taste of my cum in his mouth, he lapped up everything I gave him and was eager for more. As we went in to the cinema both very turned on, I was still very wet with no knickers on and a sexy short dress. As we tried watching the film we kept giving each other this look like we had to have each other I put my hand on his lap and knew he was hard which turned me on even more I could feel myself getting more excited I put one leg over his lap and he slowly made his way down between my thighs to find a very wet pussy, he began running his finger up and down the outside of my lips feeling how wet I was which was making him extremely hard as he slipped a finger in he then whispered 'feed me'..Which I knew straight away meant that he wanted to feed him my juices. I rubbed my fingers between my wet pussy he watched waiting for me to feed it to him I could hear him quietly moan and he was still rock hard as he sucked my juices off my fingers straight away asking for more He lapped up every drop in seconds and was craving more of my cum, I could feel his cock throbbing in his pants and knew straight away he wanted to fuck me..as soon as the film ended we rushed back to the car where.... I had to put my lips around his hard throbbing cock he was so hard I could feel the tip hitting off the back of my throat I just wanted him to fuck me we left the car park and headed to our usual spot which is a dogging hotspot as soon as we pulled in he was all over me and quickly had me sitting back in the driver’s seat with my legs wide open exposing my soaking wet pussy to him ready for him to lap up every ounce of my juices..... we climbed into the back where he continued to suck and lick my soaking wet pussy I continued having lots of mini orgasms by this stage my pussy was aching for his hard cock deep inside me, all I could think about was how hard he was once on the back seat he spread my legs open and slowly inserted his hard cock into my wet pussy whilst there was people in cars driving in and out of our location.. A car pulled up beside us there was a lot of noise around the car but we didn’t care who was about I couldn’t keep quiet he was so hard and was thrusting so deep inside me hitting my G spot. My legs spread open against the roof as he pounded me he continued to fuck me until the car was rocking, my legs were wide open and I had my feet touching the roof of the car as he pulled in and out over and over again until I felt him swell up and could tell he was about to cum... I rubbed my clit still panting and moaning as I could feel myself ready to cum again the thrusts got deeper, harder and faster both screaming in pleasure as the car rocked we both cum so hard he came hard inside my pussy leaving a thick sticky load inside me as he wiped the sweat off his forehead......