19 Apr 2017

We both laid there for at least 10 mins not saying anything, i was close to drawing a line over the whole episode to save Mary from embarrassment when she quietly said she wasn`t sure what had come over her ( i thought, i know as i saw it lol)

I said take your time, what happened when you went to look at the bracelets/anklets? It wasn`t the beginning of it then darling, it was last night in bed when you told me the fantasy of the 3 young guys taking me to their room and using me like a slut, i laughed and said i thought you enjoyed that story... She snapped, be quiet!! I didn`t really hear a word you said as i was in my own little zone, i was in Javad`s shop on the rugs with my legs open and him pounding me, the other 3 were waiting impatiently for their turns, as soon as Javad was done with me the brothers took me together, then it ended with the father, that is when i screamed out, nothing to do with the 3 English lads.

BLOODY HELL i muttered, again she said please be quiet, i want to get it all out. When you said at dinner you didn`t fancy going past Javad`s shop my heart sank. That 1st visit to the shop when they kept you occupied in the back room, Javad was flirting with me, he had told me he wanted to put the anklet on me but i had got scared as i told him you had bought me one but i had never worn it. He laughed and it made me feel a little bit silly, with that he pushed past me to reach over and get the anklet that i have been wearing, i could feel a very big hard cock pushing against my bottom, he never said a word but we remained like that for what felt like 10 mins but must of been a matter of seconds. It was you coming back that interrupted the moment , i was sure you would of seen my flushed face!

It was then that i knew i wanted to go back to the shop and every afternoon or evening we had sex i imagined it was Javad fucking me. When you paid for the anklet and i held my hand out, you never saw Javad wink at me as he bent down and put it on my ankle, i thought i was going to orgasm as i felt his hand on my leg, i couldn`t look at you but glanced over and saw you staring at him putting it on my ankle.

As i got read tonight, you were in the shower and i quickly put a few outfits on the bed to decide what would be best, nothing too obvious, the new dress although fairly basic would be good because of the buttoned up front, i knew i wasn`t going to wear a bra, the pink panties were chosen because i knew any tiny glimpse would get noticed. I knew i`d chosen right when you held my chair after dinner and you got an eyeful of vibrant pink, she giggled which was a relief as she seemed a lot more relaxed now.

My heart sank as we walked towards the shop as he wasn`t there, all week my fantasies had been getting wilder and wilder, eventually ending up with them all fucking me but you know i would never do anything like that. I genuinely thought i just wanted to tease Javad and give him a flash of my new panties. Sat in that small room on the rugs, i knew my panties were on display & i needed to get up to cover myself, that`s why i asked to see some more anklets.

I knew they would keep you occupied as on the 1st day, Javad joked that his brothers would keep me occupied as they knew he would be flirting with the lovely white married lady. Javad showed me a few anklets and then again reached over pushing his cock against me but this time i could feel myself pushing my arse onto him. He grabbed me roughly, turned me to him and kissed me, his tongue searching every corner of my mouth, i gently bit his tongue which turned him on even more, he popped the buttons open on my dress and hungrily sucked and bit my breasts, i had to bite his neck to stop crying out, with one strong swift action, he ripped my pink panties off me and threw them behind the counter, ilooked down as he was licking my pussy and he had done this to my breasts... She pulled the sheet down and i saw several bruised love bites on her breasts, one had teeth marks around it, i couldn`t help myself and fell on it with my mouth as Mary continued her story.

I was afraid someone would come into the shop but he told me that one of his brothers had put the lock on after we had entered. Now get what you came for slut white woman he told me, i was in his spell darling, i must admit i couldn`t of cared less if you had all come out of the room and caught me, i was living the fantasies i had had all week, his cock was so thick, i had to open my mouth really wide to suck him, as i did i was fingering myself and my pussy was dripping wet, he pulled me up urgently, saying quick i must fuck you before your husband comes back, i let him bend me over and put that huge cock into me, normally i would never have been able to take it like that but my pussy was streaming down my legs.

He was pumping like mad and all of a sudden the realization of the moment hit me, i pulled away leaving him gasping you Bitch, i said i`m sorry Javad but i can`t risk you cumming inside me, we heard noises from the back that sounded like someone was going to come out of the room, so i quickly buttoned up the dress and Javad escorted me back but on the way he whispered we aren`t finished yet.

Sitting down in the room i knew you had noticed that my panties had gone as did all the other men, i was so embarrassed but also horny as fuck, i could still feel my juices dripping onto my legs. I desperately wanted to get out and was glad when we all got up thinking i could bluff my way out of the no panties thing. My heart raced when i noticed the brothers and father ushering you out of the room, Javad said we have unfinished business but we have to be quick, on your knees and open your dress, i said please no Javad it was a moment of madness but he looked at me and said do it, i unbuttoned my dress once more thinking he was going to want to fuck me but he ordered me onto my knees, he stood in front of me wanking his hard and what looked like even bigger cock telling me to lick the end of it as he did, i was so tense as knew that any second you could come back looking for me so i verbally encourage Javad to cum in my mouth, saying things like please Master give me your sperm, i want it all aand licking his cock shaft and handling his balls, the quicker he cum the quicker i could be out of this mad situation, i think i got carried away again as the next thing i knew my mouth was full of his cum and he was still sprting over my face and chin which was dripping onto my breasts, it was only then i looked up and saw that you had all witnessed it.

Panic set in and i ran out not caring if anyone else in the street noticed me holding my dress together, i panicked at the door because it was on the latch but i was soon through it into the warm night air, when i saw you darling i was mortified what i had let happen.

I grabbed Mary`s hand and put it on my hard cock, i said i want you to be my slut now, i wnet to try to fuck her but she said you can`t i`m too sore from Javad`s big cock, she slid under the bed sheet , took me in her mouth and sucked but then came up and looked me in the eye and said.... I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT, she finished just in time to take my full load but nothing like her Arab lovers down her neck, she slid back up and kissed me with a mouth full of cum, she then pushed it all into my mouth and whispered in my ear, i never cleaned my teeth tonight yet, swallow his cum for me darling!!!

Back in the UK i have a very different more liberated wife now. She has asked me never to bring the Egypt thing up again but has taken to sharing her fantasies with me as we fuck, at the moment she has a black lover called Patrick who is going to take her to a black man/ white wives party, i know it`s only fantasy but i have a feeling it could lead to more, the short skirts and dresses have been worn in the UK and gets a lot of attention when we go out for a drink.