Written by Alan

24 Jan 2008

Thanks Husky for the comment on my earlier story, Emma, Pete, Julie and me. I had to finish it off early as I had some work to do, but just want to add a wee bit more.

After the frantic pleasure that we had all experienced, Julie and I were shown our en suite room for the night. After putting on robes which Pete gave us we both went downstairs to join him and Emma. I sat with Emm whilst Julie sat on the large settee resting her feet on Pete\'s groin. Pete and Emma also had robes on, and we talked about what we had just done. Emma got us all a glass and produced a nice bottle of wine. As we drank we opened up about past experiences and fantasies.

Emma said that she had always been bi-sexual, which suited Pete in their marriage as he had often been involved in 3-somes with Emma\'s girlfriends. Emma said that she enjoyed eating pussy whilst being fucked from behind, and would like to do that later with Julie and have us boys shag her one at a time. Julie parted her legs, closed her eyes and started to play with her pussy. Emma said that Julie had lovely lips and would like to help her cum.

taking a sip of white wine Emma moved over between Julie\'s legs and released some of the liquid onto Julie\'s fingers and cunt. Emma moved her bum into the air as she lapped at Julie\'s quim. I raised Emma\'s robe exposing her large bottom and then licked and spat on her bum hole. Pete moved to position himself at Julie\'s mouth and Julie wanked and licked his prick asking him to cum over her tits. I slipped a couple of fingers into Emma\'s wet cunts and could still feel the remains of some of Pete\'s earlier cum in her. Taking my robe off I entered Emm from behind, spanking her cheeks red as I pumped her. I could see that the blood was rushing to Julie\'s head and her neck was reddened with her lust and excitement. Julie came hard squeezing Pete\'s prick as she did so. Emma lapped at the jucies as they freed themselves from Julie\'s cunt. Satisfied Emma licked her lips and moved to suck Pete\'s cock as Julie started again to wank him.

At this point I stopped screwing Emma and moved around to suck on Pete\'s cock. Pete didn\'t object and Julie fed me his monster, but as sexy as it looked it was not for me, it was not right, it was sexy but wrong. Instead I held Pete\'s shaft and wanked him into Julie\'s mouth, still tugging at him as he shot into her open mouth. I then lay on the floor trying to compose myself but Emma sat astride me and fucked me with pelvic thrusts until I came deep inside of her.

In the morning we had some light fucking, both Pete and me sharing the girls and giving their tits plenty of attention.

We have arranged to meet up again this Saturday. If it is any good I will let you know.

I have told Julie that I have posted our stories on the Swingingheaven site, and I am sure when she comes home tonight I will get a little treat. We have discussed dogging in the past, but either the weather or our nerves have got to both of us.

I would welcome any ideas for 1st time doggers in the Glasgow area. Thanks for reading.