Written by treecreeper

14 Jun 2014

May I thank your readers who left their sexy comments for the upshot is that Babs has realised how good start is when we met and during our early days together I made it clear I was interested she likes my descriptions of her adventures and wants me to reveal a few of her very interesting meetings she has had with me and number of other men. Some are married so their names have altered but the events remain the facts.

We are in the early eighties with all the dodgy fashion of the day. Babs was separated from her husband and had a toddler to cope with. She worked in a pub in York and lived in a flat not far from the centre.

Her knowledge of my promise not to be jealous if she met somebody she fancied encouraged her to allow one of the regulars to try his luck one lunchtime. She had been fucked by a couple of the residents when taking morning tea to their rooms. This was the first attempt by a regular to get her stripped for action. It was a Wednesday, the day the landlord and his wife had the day off and Babs was in charge of doing the beds, breakfast, cleaning and lunches as well as serving behind the bar after two until closing at three, remember the old days?

This day there were two of them, partners in a fruit delivery business, the van parked outside, a delivery taken by Babs amid banter. The pub was empty apart from her and the two guys so a bit of risqué suggestive talk was going on. I got a call from her to tell me she had two guys coming on to her, I asked if she fancied some fun and I was asked again, would I mind? I said I had a hard on stuck in my trousers that was not going to go down until I heard she had been fucked. She said she felt scared but excited. I told her I loved and would even more if she did this for me, but I would rather she did it for herself. The phone went dead as she whispered she loved me and hoped I would not be mad after.

What happened next was, I sat looking out of the window, a sunny day, hot, June and my mind suddenly in a trance. Here I was pushing my lovely twenty four year old sexy woman to let two guys have their hands and cocks all over her, the picture was incredibly vivid but oh so sexy and taunting, flashes of her sucking an alien cock, naked between two guys and being fucked in the bar area where we had done it a few times on similar empty Wednesdays. Babs was back with them, making the right answers to their suggestive talk. It was three and time to close. She said she was just going to lock up, but suggested they stay back a bit. Broad grins on their faces, she locked up front and back and returned to the bar, pouring a top up for both guys and getting one for herself, she then went round to the drinkers side of the bar and sat on a stool exposing stocking tops to them both. They were close now, both guys hovering with expectation and anticipation, an arm round her waist and then a kiss and a fumble of her breasts over her bra, the black blouse opened slowly at the buttons and the waist pulled free from its tuck in her skirt. Her top fell away and the tension racked up, her nipples were on red alert, hard as bullets and kissing grew heavier.

Her bra was soon on the floor next to the blouse and her breasts were given a lot of attention from mouths and hands while they busied themselves helping her lose her skirt and panties. Her clothing was all black, the panties lacy fronted and brief and very wet. They got her off the bar stool and slipped her skirt and panties off, complementing her on her sexy body. She undid one set of trousers and the other partner whipped off his clothes so she was then confronted by two nicely hardened cocks. Babs was wearing her standard stockings and suspenders, always more comfortable for her to work in, so now presented a very sexy image ready for fucking

They all hugged and explored each other, kissing and she was laid on a table in the sunlight flowing through a window above eye level, she felt the warmth and then the feel of a tongue exploring her wet cunt whilst the other cock was presented close to her lips, she turned and licked and tickled it, tasting and eventually sucking it, making him moan slowly and deeply to her how good she was.

The tongue was working overtime on her sexy lips of her then unshaved sex. Her cunt was desperate for cock and between sucking the cock in her mouth, she begged for her cunt to be filled. This was almost on the eve of Aids being discovered as the scourge it became and as she was on the pill, contraception was at the back of her mind, a long way back as she loved bareback sex.

Before she got a cock in her she was led to the open carpet, one of them laid down on his back, pointing his cock towards her open lips. He suggested she sat astride him and got him in her and then his mate would move his cock up her as well. Babs was not expecting this but thought it sounded very interesting so assumed the position and his prick slipped in a couple of inches. His mate was now behind her and fingering her to make her wetter. This was not necessary, she was very wet. The second cock tip slipped past her lips and joined his mate's throbbing muscle. Both guys very slowly screwed her, getting deeper by the stroke. Babs was in heaven, being fucked by a different cock(s) for the first time with my blessing, (no insistence) and loving it. They writhed together for a fair time before the intimate excitement grew beyond control and they finished in a whole mess of spunk and her come.

Babs told me they stayed naked ad finished up draining their drinks and gently fondling each other until the doorbell rang and they hurriedly dressed before she opened the door to the night chef who was needing to prep early for a party from the factory nearby. He said nothing as the two guys passed them in the corridor on their way out.

Babs related her tale and got her third helping of come of the afternoon courtesy of me. Our adventure had begun