17 Sep 2018

I’m often asked in the chat rooms what is possible with hypnosis. To save repeating myself I thought I would write about some experiences and direct the curious here.

Back in the 1980s I was helping a mature lady who I will call Wendy with her weight management. After about her third session we were having a coffee and the conversation turned to stage hypnosis and whether the people on stage believed they were Elvis etc. I offered Wendy a demonstration and she chose driving a race car. Within a few minutes she was holding an imaginary steering wheel, changing gear and leaning in to the corners. She won the race and afterwards commented how real it felt and how she was actually afraid of crashing.

The following week Wendy again mentioned trance experiences and asked for another. I asked what she wanted to try and was amazed when this very prim lady asked if it was ethical to include sexual content. This was something new to me so I asked what she had in mind. She explained that she had always been faithful but enjoyed having men admiring her and wanted to know how it would feel to take it further.

Soon she was lying in the sun in a peaceful spot with not a soul in sight. I told her a good looking guy was walking past and was admiring her body, not much reaction. Next time he walked past I said he was trying to look up her skirt, again not much reaction. When I said he was coming back she changed her position to give a clear view to her admirer. I pointed out that her tights were spoiling his view. Imagine my amazement when she rapidly removed her tights and knickers to display a beautiful shaved pussy. When I told her that the guy had stopped and was admiring her charms and stroking a growing bulge in his trousers her hand went between her legs and she began playing with her clit. At this point I told her that she would have to tell the guy what she wanted. She told him to come closer and to get his cock out so that she could watch him wank. Next she said that she wanted him to “fuck her brains out” , it was rather shocking to hear her use this sort of language. I described how he was entering her and slowly starting to fuck her and she began to move in time with him. Soon she was coming out with phrases such as “fuck me harder” and “ come on you bastard make me come “ as she bucked under him. Needless to say her orgasm was not long coming and she was not quiet with more dirty language. After her orgasm she just said “ I’ve cum so you can fuck off now” , a little ungrateful I thought.

When she came out of trance Wendy said the experience was amazing and that she had just experienced the best fuck and orgasm of her life. As she tidied herself up she said she had lots of other things she wanted to try and maybe we should change to two sessions a week. This lady went on to become a complete slut but that’s another story.