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"She posed so sweetly"

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After my wank session with Sam and Paul we agreed that I would pop round the following Sat. I refrained from wanking that week hoping she might give me another one on Sat. I was horny all week and constantly trying to get my cock to go limp.

The day arrived and the time of 7pm seemed to take a life time to arrive, I had a little wave from her as she left the house early, she look divine her her tight jeans over her ass, black heels and a flimsy blouse, fuck me she was a dirty girl as Paul had said.

I was at the back door prompt at 7 my mind running wild. Paul answered the door, come in bud as I entered he wrapped his arm round my shoulder, drink? he asked, yea lager please I replied. she will be down in a bit he said, we sat in the lounge chatting as Paul told me how good it was to find gen guy who was able to help them both, you see I am ok sexually but as an older man I cannot keep up with Sam's needs to be satisfied, we hope you can help us and be genuine enough not to spread it around. I won't do that I told him, and blow what may be on the cards for me, mums the word Paul, and you have a very beautiful wife. the two wanks I have had have been so horny, I do hope I get more I replied, Paul leaned forward in his chair, Gareth that's just the tip of the iceberg from what she's been saying, so chill and let her take control, oh I will for sure I replied. Good man here she comes he said

Sam came in to the lounge, my jaw must have hit the ground, hello Gareth how's you sweetie, I'm ok thanks and you look amazing, why ty she replied. Paul passed her a drink and she sat next to me on the sofa. You like my outfit then Gar, oh yes I do, such a privilege to see you in it. ( from her feet up, Very tall high heels, black nets stockings, a tight white blouse. her hair up) my mind racing to know what else she had on under it.

SO! she exclaimed, i think you enjoyed my pics in the mag Gareth, oh I did and still am I replied, good man said Paul, well today she said is a pic shoot and I will send another set to another mag, what do you both think she ask. We both immediately blurted a OH YES, Right Paul get a camera, where do you get them developed I asked, oh Paul as a lady friend who works in a photographic shop in town and I think she likes my boobs too hehe so she develops any we might take. Now that's handy I replied.

The camera appeared and Sam straightened her clothes, you take them Gareth, Paul said handing my the camera. The first few Sam teased us flashing her bum and her lovely cleavage. I could see now there was a red bra beneath the blouse, her flirting was making my cock hard and I see Paul rubbing his through his trousers. Get that blouse open sweet he said. you want me to show my tits again Paul she quipped, yes I want ur blouse open, I snapped away knowing my hard on must be showing, the blouse was open and I saw that divine cleavage again. Snapping her as she posed, she pulled the straps down on the bra but left her tits in the cups. Why don't you both lose your trousers let me see ur cocks she said. We removed all we were wearing, it was the first time I had seen Pauls cock and he was wanking it. I was right you really are dirty bastards she giggled.

I watched as her hands gripped the clasp at the front of the bra. snapping away, the clip popped open and she opened the bra. I was so hard as I took her pics. she cupped her big tits, I want this one in the mag. I took a whole 36 exposure film of her till the camera had no more shots. I think we can pick a few from that film Paul said.

Sam sat on the sofa, now boys let me have a feel of what I have made hard. She took our cocks in her hands. Wanking us. Her head dipped to Paul sucking him deep in to her mouth, I hoped mine was next, she continued sucking him as I watched, she cupped his balls, I heard him moan, fucking hell Sam I am cumming, I watched as he pushed forward unloading in to her mouth, with cum dribbling from the corner of her mouth and Pauls cock empty she turned to me.

Now how's my new stiff cock doing she said' I was so hard for her, she cupped my balls and run her fingers constantly over my tip, are you going to cream my tits again Gareth, oh PLEASE I muttered as she wanked hard on my cock, that's a good boy, finish it well I push my tits together, I knew my load would be a good one having not cum for a week. It took seconds of her looking up at me for me to unload, I watched as my cum shot on to her tits and run in to her cleavage, mmmmmmm nice load Gareth, she was rubbing her tits together as more cum dripped on to them. She kissed my tip then got up and disappeared. Fuck Gareth was that good or what asked Paul. I fucking love it I replied

Written by Gareth100

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