Written by kevoak69

13 Jul 2013

My girlfriend sue and a couple(dave & anne) she knew were going to eurodisney , but at the last minute dave had to pull out of going. we travelled to the park dumped our gear at the hotel, and went onto the park, spent all day there then went back to the room this is where the fun started.

when we got back sue decided that she wanted a shower, I shut my eyes for a quick snooze, then I heard some rustling, I opened my eyes and laying next to me on the bed was a naked anne, how about it then big boy she said I've been wanting you all day, she pulled down my trackie bottoms and started sucking for all she was worth, I spurted my cum all over her face, but she didn't stop apart from turning over so that I could fuck her from behind, I knew we had a bit of time as sue likes a long shower. As I was bonking away I grabbed anne's breasts not big but firm with nipples like bullets, boy could she last, if anything she started to move faster , after 10 minutes I shot my load again just after that she came, I flipped her over and we did 69 to tidy each other up. sue asked if I could pass a towel in, as I did I gave her fanny a quick rub and said there will be more later, then I had a shower .

I had a quick shower as I walked out sue and anne where lying on the bed, what have you to been up to I asked, nothing they replied, anne when off to the bathroom

Right I said now that's anne has disappeared time to make good on my promise, as I let the towel drop to the floor and pulled sue's towel off her, as I went down to lick her shaven cunt I noticed that is was all puffy, anyway I managed to stick my tongue in to all the right places and she orgasmed straight away, after that I moved in for the main event I jumped on to her as was giving her the hardest fuck , I was I heaven, she started screaming out, just then I looked up and watching us was anne , she walked up and sat on sue's face facing me and started kissing me this was all too much for me , and I fired off another load into sue.

After we had all calmed down I found out that what they had discussed whilst I was in the shower, was that anne was missing dave and would I mind filling in sue had agreed that I could for this weekend only . I thought this weekend was going to be sex free how wrong I was............