21 Jan 2016

This is a short but true story that I think about from time to time. I was reminded of it just this week so thought it about time I shared it.

Around 3 years ago I had a bit of a worry with my balls and at an age when it was important to have them checked. 'Twas a bit embarrassing to be honest so I attended the docs with another ailment thinking I would ask some questions after discussing my first medical issue (which was nothing more than tennis elbow or something)

On arrival, I discovered that the doctor was not on duty that day and a locum had stepped in. She turned out to be a well refined lady in her late 50's early 60's I'd say with a lovely posh accent wearing tweed and a pearl necklace would you believe. You will have a good idea of her appearance. She would have been a looker many years ago.

We discussed the first time.....go and see elbow doctor then I gingerly brought up the 'balls' subject. After no time at all she offered to have a look for me and see if she could feel anything abnormal. So, trousers and boxers down to my knees and shirt pulled up left me on display.

She was facing away from me at the time and began to roll one of my balls around with her fingers. Very very soft and gentle, the opposite of what I had read about. This went on for a longer amount of time than I thought it would. There was also the occasional brush against my cock that was starting to come to life.

She moved around the bed/table to my left side but this time facing me to repeat the process. I noticed by looking up at her that her neck had gone scarlet and her chest area below the necklace was also flushed. She began again with the next ball after using her other hand to move my semi hard cock out the way. Whilst looking directly at my groin area she asked if what she was doing was ok. She was sliding her thumb and forefinger around my balls while her other fingers were resting below my ball sack. This again went on for a lot longer than it should have and, needless to say my cock became rock hard.

As soon as it became fully hard she stopped moving and started telling me that she could feel nothing untoward. Whilst talking her left hand was still resting on my balls and her right hand gently on my hip and with my cock twitching I kept touching the hand, not the other way round. I thanked her for checking and apologised for the erection to which she gently smiled saying don't worry about, these things happen down there.

Deep inside I was longing for her to touch me and finish me off but no, that was her, examination over. Was that an examination or was she touching me? I've never figured it out, eager to see, eager to check and feel and all lasted a length of time till my cock was bursting. I could never ever accuse her of anything as it was all legit but, was it deliberate?

I'll never know but a great experience nonetheless