Written by Nick

6 Jun 2010

I have always enjoyed showing myself, and yesterday's hot sunshine provided an excellent opportunity to show all to a gorgeous girl in Brighton.

For those from outside the UK, Brighton is a holiday resort on the South Coast, around 70 miles south of London. It has always had a reputation as being a bit of a wild place, and this was added to in the late 1970s with it getting the UK's first legal nude beach, and that was the reason for my visit.

I arrived at around 10am, and probabally didn't get ot the nude part of the beach until around 11. However, Brighton is a young persons town and I really enjoyed admiring all the topless girls until I found the beach. Brighton nudist beach is an exhibitionists delight - because it is so famous and so close to the centre of town, plenty of people go just to have a look and even take photos.

Anyway, I arrived, stipped off and enjoyed the feeling of the sun on my naked body for a couple of hours or so before I decided to get something to drink from a nearby stand. To get to it, I had to walk for maybe 200 yards through the clothed part of the beach. Becasue I have always been more of an exhibitionist than naturist (if that makes sense!) I had clothing just for this situation, and put on a tiny posing pouch (that barely covered my balls and prick) and a long shirt which I left open.

As I crossed the beach I was excited as many people started to look at me.

I got to the food and drink stall, and joined the queue, with people continuing to look at me. Excited, my penis was getting semi erect, meaning that a lot of the top was exposed over the top of my pouch.

As I got to the front of the queue and placed my order, I noticed an absolutely gorgeous girl walking behind me to the beach. 20 or so years old, she was not much smaller than me (I'm 6'3), long blond hair, tanned and wearing a black t shirt and black mini skirt that showed off her long legs to perfection. I didn't notice if she saw me, but I felt my dick get just a little longer at the sight of her.

I paid for my drink and turned towards the beach. AS I did so, I noticed that she was maybe 10 yards or so in front, and walking down towards the sea. I knew that I had to follow, and did so. As I walked onto the beach, I was really turned on and decided it was time to loose my shirt, meaning that I was naked but for my posing pouch. This was now virtually redundant - there was no coverage at the back, and at the front I was now so erect as to provide little coverage.

I kept the girl in view as she walked along the front of the beach between most of the bathers and the sea. After a while, and about 1/2way to the nudist section she stopped and put her bag down. I realised that she was going to be parking herself for the day there, so I slowed my walking to a minimum to watch her undress. I was also enjoying being virtually naked in front of so many people - despite the occaisional topless girl (maybe 10% of the total) everyone else was wearing swimsuits.

After taking a couple of minutes to arrange her towel, she sat down. Her t-shirt came off first to reveal a black lacy bra, and then she set to work with removing her skirt, to reveal white bikini bottoms. And then, the moment I had waited for - her hands went behind her back and off came the bra to reveal two perfectly tanned tits. They were not large, but with the tan they looked fantastic.

She was still between me and the nudist section, but I knew that I had to let her see me in my glory. I walked forward so that I was just the other side of her and so that she had a fine view of my bum. She was still sitting up, resting on her hands, with her long legs played out in front of her.

I could see that she was looking at me and, with my penis straining the front of my pouch, inadvertantly pulled my pouch to one side, letting my dong bounce free in the sun giving the girl and eveyone else on the beach a fine view of my erect penis. I was so turned on at this point that I removed my pouch entirely with the girl continuing to look at me, and returned, naked, to the nude beach.