Written by Mrbodget

26 Sep 2016

As you will know from part 1 on how we had rekindled our friendship which led to us being on the bed.

Sue had pushed me down on the bed and had taken my cock in to her mouth loving tender kisses up the side of my cock. I'm of average size so its nothing fantastic but Sue was kissing and murmuring with delight as she played with me. She stopped to take off her top and bra and then resumed paying attention to my cock. The way she knelt gave me just enough reach to play with her tits.She had developed at an early age which kind of caught my attention in school days. Although we are both knocking on the door of 50 she had filled out in her figure in a nice way not fat not skinny enough body to run hands over and to cuddle too.

She started to go all the way down on me to the base of my cock and slowly pull back up and down again.Her hand would occasionally brush over my balls and tease them with her finger nails. As she would pull back up on my cock she would dribble a lot of saliva over myself before going back down.There was no rush from her to get this over with which I was fine with. She then stopped and said stay there a second I'll be back and then she moves off me and walks across her place and I hear a fridge open and the sound of ice cubes. Sue comes back in with a glass with a ice cube in it she takes it and rubs it over the head of my cock, Thats cold I call out in surprise she laughs and says do you need warming up again and then resumes to kissing and sucking on me. I feel the warmth return then she pops the cube in her mouth and continues to suck on me the cold of the ice mixed with the enjoyment from her attention. as it melts I can feel water trickling down over my balls and towards my ass.

Sues fingers follow the line down to my ass and in to my ass crack with a finger she gently massages me hole using the water from the ice cube to act as a lubricant she slowly apply s more pressure until it goes in gently in to my ass. Its like a mild electric shock as she enters me with a finger and I feel my cock twitch in her mouth. With her mouth full she giggles and looks into my eyes after the shock and look of pleasure passes over me and she returns to sucking me. she gradually increases her pace on me and I feel the sensation of my cum ready to shoot. I tell her I'm going to cum and she lets go off my cock but wanks me off with her face directly over me. Her finger in my ass is touching my prostate and then I cum and cover her face in my cum. She then goes back on to my cock and cleans the remainder away. She lays back on the bed and cleans the cum off her face using her hand and fingers. When she is done she rolls over to me and cuddles up in to me and we share another close kiss.

As we lay there cuddling after our fun she again starts to cry. I shouldn't have done that she said but I've missed you over the years but your married. I am but and I tell her more of my sad sex life at home.

I tell her that I love my wife and that I have never stopped thinking of you either and I'm happy your back in my life. I say to her that we can be friends with benefits to each other. I said it doesn't have to be sex I'm your friend and always have been and I'm your shoulder to cry on. Well I did like your cock and I wouldn't mind feeling that inside me soon.

We have become that and she has even met my wife in person but for now all she knows is Sue is my old friend from school. She was my first love but that was then this is now.