Written by Steve

8 Apr 2016

My wife of 14 years and I were watching a porn clip where 3 guys gave a girl a facial. She said she would love to have that done to her. I was shocked as I thought it was kind of degrading to a woman.

I had never even cum on her face myself. I had to admit she loved to suck my cock and does it often and swallows. If any escapes onto her lips she licks them. She has always said she likes the taste.

She would suck me even more but she likes to be fucked and knows she would have to wait for me to recover.

Anyway after watching the clip a few times I stood over her and masturbated and shot right into her face. I did a good job and got some in her eyes and on her lips.

She licked and wiped with her fingers and sucked them as well and cleaned herself up. She went on how it made her feel good.

I wanted to give something back so I stripped her and went down on her and licked her till she came a few times. I was hard again by then and we fucked. A good night.

We used to do that fairly often then a few months later she said she wondered what it would be like if 3 guys did it to her like the porn clip.

I didn’t know what to do, where would you get 2 other guys willing to do just that and not want to go further. I don’t want anyone else to fuck her and neither does she.

I looked on dating sex sites and contact magazine but it didn’t seem right.

We then went for a week to Lake Tahoe and stayed in a hotel. There were 2 young guys staying next door and they were riding dirt bikes. Each day they would ride up into the hills. For 2 nights we shared a few drinks with them before my wife and I went out to dinner.

She got on with them well and they talked freely to her. She had asked them about girlfriends back where they lived in Oregon. One did and the other had broken up with his.

So I thought I would just ask them. When my wife went inside our room to get another drink I asked them if they would like to make a fantasy for my wife come true. The look on their faces told of their interest.

I explained what she wanted and they quickly said yes.

When she came back out of the room I told her that they had agreed to give her a facial. She went bright red and was lost for words so I stood up and cuddled her and said let’s do it. She just nodded.

I took her inside and said to the guys to follow. I pulled off my shirt and dropped my jeans. My cock was not quite hard but ready to be stroked. The guys followed my lead and got undressed.

I beckoned my wife to the centre of the room and asked her to go down on her knees.

She did and lay back on her heals and looked up. I positioned myself at one side and started to rub myself. We all did that for about 5 minutes and I kept saying how good she looked and how she was going to get 3 loads. She kept smiling and licking her lips.

Then the guy directly in front of her said he was going to cum. He shot right on her nose and one eye socket nearly filled right up and cum landed on her lips. Her tongue came straight out and licked it inside. The other guy and I then came nearly at the same time and we flooded her face. She looked a mess but a beautiful mess.

Some of it ran or fell down on her top she was wearing as well. She was licking her lips and then started to wipe it out of her eyes with her fingers and then suck the mixture off them. She cleaned her whole face and wiped it off her top and swallowed everything she could.

It was amazing. I thanked the guys as did she and I said we would like some private time. The guys were really good and got back into their clothes and left the room and went to their own.

I then pulled her clothes off and got her on the bed. As soon as I could we fucked her and kissed her. I could taste the mixture of cum still on her face and lips. I told her how good she had looked. She came big and it was a great fuck.

We showered and then went to dinner.

The next evening when the 2 guys came back on their bikes they cleaned up and came out for a drink. We only had time for one before we went into our room for a repeat of the previous evening.

This time my wife said she was taking her top off so as not to get cum on her clothes. She removed her bra as well.

She kept her skirt on but her bare boobs looked fantastic. We set about doing the same as before but this time her hands gently massaged and pulled our balls.

When we had all cum on her face she gave each cock a lick and a kiss, doing mine last.

She and I fucked again when the guys left.

The next night was the guys last night and we did it again.

We said good bye to the guys next morning and one of them gave me his number and they left to go back to Oregon.

My wife knows I have the number but we haven’t called them. We live back in LA so it would be a lot of travelling.

We talk about it a lot and I still cum on her face when she wants me too. Neither of us wants to go further but it was a fantastic few nights