Written by Gerri :-)

28 Feb 2015

This happened last month during my flight back from Singapore, after a short business trip I was booked for a return flight back to London and as my presentation was a success my boss upgraded me to business class.

It's nice to get a upgrade , like most girls I like to get pampered and when flying long haul you they go the extra mile to make your business flight a experience you won't forget.

Anyway back to my story, the business section wasn't full when I found my seat I was pleased to be sitting next to middle aged stylish lady, we said hi and a few minutes later we were offered a glass of champagne.

During the early part of the flight and during the meal we chattered about everything and after a few more glasses of champers our conversation got a little bit saucy, maybe it was the alcohol we were both opening up to what our ideal man was , the normal names reared their heads , Cloney, Brad, Richard Gere but then my new friend said that she also liked women, this got me intrigued she said that she had had a few female affairs with more and more drinks I asked her for more details which I have to be honest was turning me on, apart from a teenage kiss from a friend I have always been a bit Bi curious.

As the flight continued she became a bit touchy feely, I was getting very wet I had to visit the toilet to freshen up.

On return I told my friend how big the toilets were which was answered with a cheeky innuendo that maybe later we should both have a look.

This thought was sending me thinking , the flight wasn't full so there wasn't need for a stewardess at the snack area.

Because it was a night flight it wasn't long after our meal when the lights were turned off, I said I was going to get another glass of champers and try a few snacks I asked if she wanted to stretch her legs .

We poured a drink each I responded to her body touches and I kissed her , gently kissing her lips with a little dart of her tongue my heart was racing.

I needed to go further and with the quiet cabin I took her hand and we both went into the toilet, we couldn't keep our hands off each other her breasts were bigger than mine , she undid my blouse and freed my tits , her mouth went for my nipples which were rock hard , I pulled up her skirt she was wearing stay up stockings , when I touched her pussy through her panties they were so wet .

She pulled away and pulled her skirt up and pulled her panties to one side ordering me to lick her , she tasted so sweet , she put her hands on my head forcing my mouth into her pussy.

It wasn't long before she was coming I moved up and she tasted her pussy from my mouth with gentle kisses and licks ....she smiled and said my turn , I couldn't wait I stood up and she was on her knees pushing up my skirt she pulled down my thong and then her tongue went straight for my clit , my heart was pounding with her left hand she was finger fucking me as she was licking , first with one finger then 2 I was ready to come, the build up was slow but after a great bit of oral licking from my new lover I cum .......and with the extra licking it was like little electric sparks of pleasure.

We finished off with a hot passionate kiss , we made our selves respectable and left one at a time.

In the cabin it was still quiet and no one would of known what we had just done , I felt so naughty that I had joined the mile high club .....but not the way it is suppose to be joined.

After a glass of champagne each we returned to our seats , the rest of the flight was a mixture of chatting and sleeping.

After a bit of inflight breakfast we exchanged phone number and we promised to take our inflight fun to the next level ....with a bit more room.

That is booked for next weekend 7th March .........I can't wait