Written by The manager

21 Jul 2013

I posted a story on here a few weeks ago (20th June) about the new temp in my office, this is the next installment of what may be a long saga.

The other week, we decided that we needed to spend sometime in a hotel - so I booked the day off and booked the room. I told my wife that I was attending a conference miles away and would be away for the day. Sarah (the temp) told her boyfriend that she was at several meetings all day.

The day came, I picked her up near her home as planned and we drove to the hotel. She was wearing a very tight black dress that showed off her figure completely, she joked in the car that she had prepared for 'quick access', when I asked her what she meant she took my hand run it up her legs under her skirt to her uncovered pussy. She wasn't waering any knickers - although I did discover that she was wearing hold-up stockings.

My fingers stayed on her pussy for a few moments, while they did she squirmed in her seat until her dress was a bit looser, allowing my fingers better access. I pushed my fingers into her pussy - it was already wet, her juices coveing my fingers. I fingered her for a few minutes as we drove (luck we were on the motorway and I didnt need to change gear!).

We arrived at the hotel, checked in and went to our room. As soon as the door was closed, she was on me like a woman possessed - kissing me hard, pushing her tongue into my mouth. 'I want you' she moaned. I unzipped her dress, slipped it off her shoulders and it fell to the floor - she wasn't wearing anything underneath. She fell to her knees, unzipped my trousers and freed my already hard cock, taking it in her mouth and sucking me for all she was worth.

I stood her up, took her to the bed and pushed her onto the bed, as she lay there I knelt between her legs and started to lick at her very wet pussy. She laid back on the bad and was moaning and almost on the edge of an orgasm, 'I fucking want you to fuck me' she demanded. I took off my shirt and stripped, then slowly climbed her body until my cock found its target. Just as I was about to pentrate her she said 'open my bag, there's something I want you to do to me'.

Puzzled, I climbed off her, found her bag, opened it and pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

She lay there with her hands holding the brass headboard - 'cuff me to the bed and fuck me' she insisted.

What could I do? There I was in a hotel room with a very slim, naked girl, who was 18 years younger than me, wanting me to handcuff her and fuck her! I did want she asked.

I cuffed her, she then said 'blindfold and fuck me'. I did what she asked.

We spent all day fucking, licking and sucking each other - her requests getting more kinky as the day went on!

We plan to spend anyother day in a hotel, but she said that next time she has a big surprise for me!