Written by Cumslut

23 Nov 2012

We have been married over 40 years and I have tried repeatedly

to get the wife interested in having another guy fuck her.

She has always refused saying she did t need any more

prick than mine as she always got full satisfaction.

Unfortunately, due to heart medication my erections became

unsustainable for her to be totally satiated and this is when

the change in her began.

She started bringing up the past conversations we had had about

me swing her take another mans cock up her cunt.

I encouraged her and we began to search on line for a suitable person.

What a delight this turned into.

We found out about local dogging sites through on line co versations and decided

this may be the best way of getting full sexual satisfaction for both of us.

We began just by going and observing what activities took place and watched

a few couples putting on shows.

She became more excited the more we went, until one evening this summer

she dressed like a complete slut with a very high sit skirt, gypsy style very thin see through top

3" heels, no knickers or bra and heavy fuck me make up.

She told me this was the night for her turn to be the cum it and she was going to take

every cock load of spunk offered this night.

There were several cars there when we arrived just after 10.00 pm so everyone was there for sex.

She got out of the car and walked around all the cars the we t and sat at

a pic Nic table.

She was very quickly joined by 3 men who began to fondle her.

Her top was off and her tits were coming infor lots of attention.

Her skirt soon joined her top and she was bent over the table where a big stiff

cock was Introduced to her wet hot cunt.

She was turned a d a 2nd cock was in her mouth. she was moaning and jerking as the guy behi d her thrust

in and out. He began to speed up and pumped his load of spunk deep into

her belly.

When he withdrew, the 3rd guy took his place and began to fuck her, the guy she was gobbling

groaned and thrust and came in her mouth. She swallowed the lot.

Quite soon after the guy fucking her shot in her wet cunt.

We had t noticed but 3 other men had turned up to watch.

They wanted to fuck her but she had had enough.

We gave them email contact details to set up a future meet.

She can't wait but has said she wants to sample some black cock.

She is now a complete slut and we are looking forward to a black gangbang

if we manage to arrange one